Ninety Seven

The girls went in so suddenly the two men had no time to put up a fight. There were no guns, Nikita smashed one with the palm-heel of her hand, practically drove his nose into his brain, he looks like a Pug. He tried to bolt only to get two fat paws in his chest and his throat locked down. Zoe’s Russian command was capture, not kill. Morshchiny performed as ordered. If she had said ubiystvo, his throat would have been crushed, probably torn out entirely. Morshchiny has already destroyed three practice dummies at home.
Number Two was most unfortunate, he got Natasha. When he rose to take her on, he didn’t rise fast enough, earned her knee in his face, she stomped his lower abdomen, back fisted his jaw, grabbed his belt and dragged him out. He’s alive, but will be more feminine than he was before she crushed his nuts, he’ll sucking liquids through a wired jaw for the foreseeable future.
Zero and CC tend to the girl, get her parka on, she’s come around and is bawling into Zero’s shoulder.
Decker, ‘Your girls should get into hostage rescue, that was slick.’
Fedders, ‘I’ve called for assistance, the place will be lit up soon.’
‘Good, we don’t want to drag these two down in the dark, one can’t even stand.’
Decker, ‘Check for ID, see if we can find out who they are. The one can’t talk, he’s near unconscious and his jaw won’t work even if he was alert.’
It takes a while for assistance to show, most of the patrol boats had gone to dock when the light went.
Fedders makes the trip down to guide the new arrivals, Zero and CC have the girl surrounded, listening to her story now that she’s calming down. 
Decker wants to question her, cop mentality, get what you can while you can, the victim’s sensibilities are someone else’s problem. 
‘Decker, let the girls deal, you’ll get a more accurate story than a Mountie officer throwing questions, she’s not going to trust a man anyway, not for a long while.’
Zero comes over and takes Decker and me to the side, ‘The men talked after they settled up here. They were paid to take the girl, then kill her.’
Decker, ‘What! Paid by who?’
‘Her mother is only a step mother, what did you see when you first spoke with them?’
‘Mom is a babe, at least twenty years younger than dad. Made a point of telling us she didn’t want to be stuck in a cabin on the lake, 5th Avenue is more to her taste. Even said if he’d listened to her none of this would have happened. I took that as shock and nerves, casting around for a reason in a traumatic situation.’
Zero, ‘Logical to think that, but wrong. Here’s the short version. Dad is rich, daughter, her name is Cassie, has a trust fund, a big, fat trust fund. Mom signed a prenup, if she divorces for any reason she gets a wave goodbye, nothing else. But if Cassie has a fatal accident, or contracts cancer, or falls off a Ferris wheel, the trust reverts to dad. I’m guessing the rest, but I presume stepmother either kills off dad, or simply waits and enjoys her life of wealth, the odds are he goes before she does. Then she gets the lot.’
Decker, ‘The girl, Cassie, knew this already or…’
‘She knew about the trust fund, vague details only, but stepmother told the men a bit more detail, actually only one of them, he recruited his pal to assist. They abducted Cassie, brought her up here, raped her, then, thinking she was unconscious, talked about their plans, which meant talked about the fun they’d have with a quarter million dollars. They also contemplated selling Cassie rather than killing her, she’d disappear into the world of child prostitution. Before long she’d be dead, just not killed by them. Cassie said they decided that was too complicated, being out here, taking her someplace else and the risks involved. They were going to kill her and let the forest critters take care of the body.’
Decker shakes his head, ‘Seen a lot of stuff in my job, this is the topper. How do they get out though? It’s a long hike to civilization from this side of the lake.’
‘I can only guess that they thought one more boat ride, one with no girl, was safe enough, particularly at night. Didn’t count on anyone finding the boat in only a couple hours. Or they have enough wilderness experience to make the hike, I don’t know. You’ll find out when you question them.’
‘I need your statement, we can take it at the station.’
‘No, I just gave you my statement. And I expect your people to go easy, real easy, on the girl. I gave you enough to get the men to talk, and they will turn on stepmom in a heartbeat.’
I’m getting testy, ‘Decker, we agreed at the outset, we aren’t involved now that the girl is safe. You can try to force it, but we won’t say a word, much less write any. You are free to say you had assistance from concerned parties who happened to have a dog with tracking skills, sheer luck maybe, but you couldn’t turn down the help when a ten year old girl’s life was at stake. How you paint it after that is up to you. The two pukes aren’t going to admit a couple of girls and a dog overwhelmed them.’
Zero, ‘And swab the girl, they didn’t use condoms, they weren’t planning on anyone finding the body, you have them six ways to sunrise. And you get psycho stepmom served up on a platter by the abductors.’
He shrugs, ‘Highly irregular, I’m willing, not sure about the brass.’
‘Fuck the brass, they were having a drink and dinner while you were out here doing your job. You’ll get a promotion, so will Fedders, not that it’s a happy situation, it’s an ugly one, less ugly than if the girl died. If you had waited around for a full complement of rescuers, the girl would be dead and you may never have found her, or the men, stepmom would have walked.’
He looks at me, nods, ‘I’ll take you to your place myself, you said you’ll stay away from the press, right?’
‘We have a couple weeks left, then we’re gone, no press, no TV, no nothing, here or at home.’
‘Where do you live by the way?’
‘A cave in the Himalayas.’
Decker, ‘I surrender, and here comes the cavalry, I’ll have a quick chat, they won’t ask, I won’t tell, other than you are the folks with the dog.’
Good enough, while the backup does whatever they’re going to do, Decker hikes down with us, then a boat ride to our cabin. It’s a police boat, big halogen spot cuts through the dark well enough to see our way.
The girls disembark with Morshchiny, the big girl scurries up to the porch, it’s way past her dinnertime. Zoe will correct that post haste.
Zero and I thank Decker, he says, ‘I’m the one thankful. Like you said, another hour and we get nothing, the girl dead, nobody to identify the rapists.’
‘Their fingerprints will be on the boat, as will Cassie’s, not that you need more evidence.’
‘Already told Fedders, he’s a straight arrow, and diligent. I’ll have to do a bit of talking him down, letting eyewitnesses off the hook, he’ll come around. I got to get back to the scene.’
‘Assume you know how to corner stepmom.’
‘Yeah, we can’t bring the girl to them, she’s going for treatment. Fedders and I will go to the cabin tonight, deliver part of the news and bring them both to the hospital, then we confront the woman. She’s in for a long night and longer days, prison clocks run real slow.’
‘Be interesting to see how good an actress she is when you two show up with the news that Cassie has been found alive.’
Decker smiles, ‘I am truly going to enjoy the performance.’

Ninety Eight

The day before we’re scheduled to leave, Decker calls.
‘Not calling to drag you into anything, the prosecutor pissed and moaned for about a minute until his boss came along and told him if he couldn’t get a conviction with what they had he could look for a new job. Thought you might want an update. The girl is doing okay, not great but not suicidal either. She was physically injured, I’m sure you don’t need an explanation. If the situation wasn’t so sad, the scene with stepmom would have been comical.’
‘She put on a good performance?’
‘Oscar worthy, tears of fake joy that the girl had been found alive, wringing hands and shock at the rape. We waited until the theatrics settled, then arrested her for conspiracy to commit murder, kidnapping, and child abuse. The two men spilled like a sheared ice pack sliding to its ocean grave. The father was…dumbstruck is too mild, appalled maybe. Said the woman had every luxury, came and went as she pleased. He wondered how much is enough?’
‘You and I both know, for some of the rich everything is not enough, they want more everything, and they want it right now.’
‘She’s going to get lots of years learning to be a minimalist. Our prisons aren’t gulags, but there aren’t a load of extras either, and there are mothers in prison who will take strong exception to a plot to murder a ten year old girl. There’s a good possibility she won’t leave prison alive.’
‘Give her to my girls, you won’t find the body.’
Decker is silent for a few, ‘Oh now, I get it, you’re having me on, right?’
I don’t answer.
Decker, ‘Maybe not. You going to your cave soon?’
‘Tomorrow, but we like Canada, the Rockies in particular, we’ll be back. I’ll give you a call, you and Fedders should come by for cocktails and a steak, we’ll even talk hockey if you insist.’
Decker laughs, ‘Cocktails and steak only, I hate hockey, but don’t tell anyone, I’ll be busted back to Constable.’
I relay the message to the girls.
CC, ‘Maybe Cassie isn’t doing well so soon, but it sounds like she’s not going straight to heroin and homeless.’
‘No, and the stepmother virus is gone, maybe daddy will use better judgment if there’s a next time. If he has any sense he’ll hire an escort when he wants a play pal, not the bondage of unholy matrimony. Regardless, he’s got to step up for the girl, be there for the inevitable ups and downs.’
Zero, ‘We’ll never know, but I suspect he remarried because his hot young girlfriend convinced him a woman in Cassie’s life was better. The myth of the two parent family.’
Our flight is on time, we load the cars and retreat to our retreat.
CC, ‘Yay! Home. Morshchiny out for a hike Zoe, she was a total pleasure on the plane, I’m sure she needs to stretch her legs.’
Zero, ‘Let’s get to the store Commandant, need basics and something for dinner.’
Nikita, ‘Sisters will haf tea and snack when you return. Also get laundry started.’
It only takes us an hour to collect milk, eggs, fresh bread for sandwiches and a selection of deli meats. 
CC is brushing Zoe’s hair, Zoe’s giggling about something; Zoe’s spends half the day giggling, the other half smiling. I think she smiles in her sleep.
‘What’s so funny?’
‘CC said the two men were lucky the police were there, if it had been just us they’d be eaten by bears by now, or wolves anyway.’
‘Morshchiny almost ate that jerk’s throat. I wonder where stepmother found them, not shopping on 5th Avenue, her usual hangout.’
Zero, ‘Probably on the dark net. Considering some of the videos we’ve seen, there are plenty of assassins willing to kill a kid, particularly for the kind of money she paid. Some deviants make snuff videos and post them for nothing, just to do it.’
If I had doubts about Zoe’s involvement, I don’t anymore. I’m no shrink, but I don’t think she’s as psychopathic as the rest of us.
Do I think she might be one day? Look who she has for role models. Does this trouble me? Nothing troubles me. It’s not that I don’t care…well, actually it is that I don’t care. Know thyself as they say.
Does that mean I don’t care about the girls? Don’t read it wrong. The girls are part of our family of ‘paths’, sociopath, psychopath, the less threatening diagnosis, antisocial personality disorder…whatever. 
So, you ask, why go out and kill abusers, doesn’t that men we care about the abused?
No, it means we have lots of targets to eliminate and little interest by the cops to track us down, nobody cares what happens to a rapist/stalker/asshole. The girls were all on the ugly side of abuse before they came to my attention. They have more personal connection to the abused than I do. They may not have much feeling for the victims, but they know what abuse feels like. They’re less about saving the abused and more about deleting the abuser.
Looked at differently, you could say that killing abusers is caring about the abused,
compassionate assassins as it were. A book title, The Compassionate Assassin.
The twins have tea prepped, today we park around the kitchen island.
Between bites of cheddar and crackers, Zero says, ‘We have an inquiry on the abuse site. This one came complete, name, home address, car, workplace, and a photo. She turns her tablet so the rest of them can see.
CC, ‘Sheesh, Bruiser the bulldog, that may be the ugliest man I’ve ever seen. Wonder why she hooked up with him in the first place, I’ve seen more attractive road kill.’
Zero, ‘Beauty and the Beast syndrome, like some women are fascinated by men in prison. If she’s attracted to him, or was at one point, she’s like women who have intimacies with their dog.’
Zoe, ‘Eeeewww, do people do that?’
‘If someone can think it up, someone else has already done it. Some women like the dog to lick her puss, others attempt intercourse, men have had sex with animals since forever. Horses are another outlet, although what’s enticing about giving a blow job to a horse escapes me.’
‘Is it legal?’
‘Varies by state, some have laws against, others don’t. Part of our inquirer’s complaint is that he liked watching her daughter get licked by the family mutt. When she discovered videos he made, she kicked him out.’
‘Didn’t the dyke make a video of the same bit?’
‘Yes, maybe it’s a virus going around, more likely coincidence.’
‘How old is the girl?’
‘Eight now, but he kept it secret for at least a year before that.’
‘He do anything else? to the woman I mean.’
‘Shoved her around, slaps, threats of worse, all in plain view of the girl.’
‘The girl do anything?’
‘Yeah, she cheered him on. And he took her and the dog when he left. Like I said, the message was detailed.’
‘Think this is real?’
‘No idea. And a further question is, do we do anything about it?’
CC, ‘What do you mean, it’s…disgusting, weird, and if she’s getting licked, how long before…other stuff?’
‘Good point, even if she’s okay with the first bit, he’s going to want to escalate, get new thrills, have more to share with other kid porn types.’
‘I asked for a photo of her daughter, used the excuse that we want to make sure we rescue the right girl. She sent one of the videos, the girl is standing, legs spread, smiling, dog is busy between her legs.’
‘What if, hypothetically, the girl got started on her own? A scenario like she’s nude, the dog sniffs around, pokes his snout between her legs, a tentative lick, then more. She thinks it’s funny, and it feels good.’
‘Then Bruiser catches her, or maybe she even jokes about it. If she’s six or so when it starts, she doesn’t know any better, thinks it’s all fun.’
‘Frankly I’m not sure it’s any worse than kids who let the dog lick their lips, stick their tongues out and lick back. Adults who do it are just gross.’
Zero, ‘I think we investigate, not because of the dog play, but to see if he’s up to worse.’
‘We don’t need all of us for that.’
CC, ‘I’ll go with Commandant, the rest of you can have a little down time.’
Zero, ‘Good, and Zoe can start trading again, maybe to the gun range for a day, Zoe and I can handle meals in Commandant’s absence.’
It’s decided, our target is two and a half hours by plane, we leave in the morning.

Ninety Nine

Humanity opens its arms to a religion that preaches chastity, to a religion that preaches equality, to a religion that preaches peace. But normal humanity procreates, discriminates, and clashes continuously, and will do so as long as it lasts.
Fernando Pessoa, The Education of a Stoic

Zero drives us to the airport, CC and I board, settle in for a medium length flight. She’s in tiny tight shorts and a tee, socks and sneakers, looks delicious.
CC, ‘I wore these to give you something to do while we’re in the air, I’ll listen to my French program, your job is to admire and lust.’
‘Two of my most developed qualities, fortunately for me, I get a lot of practice.’
‘You do, we like to show our appreciation by letting you appreciate our magnificence. Even the twins like appreciation, although it’s hard to tell. Zero says their auras lighten when we stare and stroke. They give tight an entirely new dimension.’
‘So true, Natasha is a bit more reserved with me, Nikita likes to tease.’
‘Natasha’s reserve disappears when she’s after Zero or me for sex, both sisters are extraordinarily talented….and delightfully demanding. We do everything they demand, on demand.’
She eases the seatback to a more reclined position, opens her French audio and crosses one long elegant over the other. I do my part, those legs are a national treasure. I hear her giggle.
‘Je suis incroyable, oui?’
‘Mes yeux dansent.’
‘Your eyes dance, how sweet, you may get lucky tonight.’
Our car is waiting, a mid size SUV, Hyundai Vapid, remarkable in that there is nothing remarkable, inside or out. The ad says, Feeling Stupid? Drive Vapid. 
CC, ‘We can pass by his place of business, check his car if he’s there.’
‘Where’s he work?’
‘Owns a small…something, Lucky’s Corn Dogs, Auto Parts, and Ammo, who puts that together?’
CC giggles, ‘Idiot.’
I thought she was having me on, turns out no, that’s the name on the sign. There’s a giant American flag hanging on one side.
‘Geez, must be an interesting customer base.’
‘Guys with guts, beer guts, not courage, who own old trucks and believes America needs to be made great again, you know the type.’
As if on cue, one walks out with a bag of whatever, eating a corn dog.
‘I think we’ve crossed into an alternate universe.’
‘Do tell. There’s his car, the black truck with oversized wheels, the one with the Flat Earth bumper sticker on the left and infowars on the right. What’s infowars?’
‘The home of crackpot conspiracy theories and fake news. 9/11 was an inside job, the moon landing was fake, the Sandy Hook slaughter never happened, he got his ass sued big time on that one.’
‘Do people really believe the earth is flat?’
‘Come on CC, lots of people believe there’s a man in the sky that will grant wishes if you grovel appropriately, apparently God likes porn, wants people on their knees. Kneeling is submissive, human stupidity is infinite.’
‘It is so. I’ll tag the truck with the Spark, we can pass by his house and see what’s what.’
I drive to the truck, passenger side next to the tailgate, CC hops out, clicks on the tracker. We head for his home hobby, child bestiality.
CC, ‘Good money in corn dogs.’
The house isn’t a mansion, but it is sizable, two story, must be four beds at least, two car garage.
‘Want to take a peek? Go slow, the girl may be home.’
‘Is school in session? No idea, she may not go to school, considering.’
‘He won’t want her whispering her secret to a friend.’
‘I’ll take a walk, set up the listening thingy, it’s near three, if she’s in school she’ll show up soon.’
CC goes off to get a sense of the place, or not, the front windows are all closed curtained. I set the dish, fire up the device and point it at the house. Nothing.
Five minutes, CC returns, ‘She’s home, outside by the pool working on her skin cancer. Nude, no dog in sight.’
‘And there was no sound, either the dog is elsewhere or you were too quiet for it to pick you up. Might not be kind that barks at every unfamiliar sound.’
A school bus stops at the end of the block, three kids get off, two walk down the cross street, one comes in our direction, looks to be nine or ten. Slim girl, pretty, with a backpack half her size.
She turns in the drive of Bruiser’s place, goes down the side. I fiddle with the controls on the listening device.
‘Hey B, working your tan?’
‘Yeah, let’s go in, I want a shower. Get yourself a Coke or whatever.’
We hear a sliding door open, then slide shut.
‘Where’s Stud?’
‘Probably sleeping, let’s go up.’
Feet on steps, door opens, ‘Take him out for a pee will you?’
‘Come on Stud.’
We hear faint footsteps on stairs, sliding door open, a minute later closes, feet on stairs again.
CC, ‘Is that the shower?’
‘Think so,’ the light static sound quits.
New girl, ‘I need wash off the school stink,’ the white noise starts again.
A few minutes pass, shower off, ‘Feels much better, dry me. School is such a waste, I wish I could home school like you.’
‘Even better, Bruiser doesn’t have rules, as long as I provide his entertainment I can do whatever I want.’
‘You haven’t told him about me.’
‘Of course not, he’d want to make video of you and Stud like he does with me.’
‘I wouldn’t mind, as long as it’s from the neck down.’
‘I can make one if you want, you can check after, no face.’
‘Cool, first you lick me, a warm-up. I know, give me the camera, I’ll video you with your face between my legs.’
CC, ‘The plot thickens.’
It’s quiet, puss lick isn’t a loud sport, unless you believe some of the lesbian porn videos. The bit of gasp and moan comes near the climax.
Gasp, groan, deep breath, ‘Geez B, you do it sooo good.’
‘I love your puss, Clarice, soft and squishy. You want Stud now, or after me?’
‘You first, I’m still tingling from your tongue, nasty girl,’ two giggles.
‘If Bruiser knew I was going down on you every day, he’d want to make movies of that too.’
‘Nope, that stays private, you and me only. Play our porn vid.’
Clarice, ‘Wow, perfect, we could make a fortune, little girl lesbian.’
B, ‘Come here boy, do your thing to my thing,’ more giggles.
‘He really gets after it.’
‘I love how good it feels, and since we bailed on my fake mother, I can do it whenever.’
Clarice has a turn, ‘I like it when he licks my butt, ooohhh, you have him well trained.’
B, ‘Next time, I want to lick your butt.’
We hear what sounds like a sigh.
CC, ‘We going to wait for the guy to get home?’
‘No, there’s nothing here for us, the girl is happier that mom is out of her life, she has a friend to play with, we aren’t killing him for this. If I’m reading it right, she’s in control, not the man.’
‘Tend to agree, let’s find a hotel and dinner, since we don’t have to murder anyone, you can take me out, Italian? 
‘Find a hotel, we’ll check in then look for a restaurant.’
Internet makes these things simple, Third Eye Hotel, we get the Pineal Suite, background music that allegedly aligns our chakras. We shower, dress casual, CC has skinny stretch jeans, she has the figure they were made for. Must be the happiest jeans on the planet, I’m happy just ogling them.
CC, ‘You have admiration down to a science.’
‘Uh huh, come on CC, you know what you’ve got, a blind monk would give a second and third look, then renounce his vows.’
‘Flattery will get you….me.’
We dine at Sleeps with the Fishes, veal marsala, osso buco, Chianti; the Godfather flicks play in a loop, no sound, just subtitles. Makes sense, the wait staff has to be there every night, they’d have the dialogue memorized by now.
‘At least somebody drew the line at Godfather costumes, I have issues with theme restaurants, the dress-up is to distract from the mediocre food. This, however, is excellent.’
CC, ‘And later, I’m gonna make you an offer you can’t refuse.’
The series was long over before CC was born, but certain movie lines refuse to die, they must float in the atmosphere and get breathed in whether you saw the movie or not.
Later, in bed, she doesn’t bother with an offer, just takes over until we’re both near comatose.

One Hundred

CC texts Zero with our arrival time, flying private, we arrive on time.
Zero, ‘Turned out to be nothing then.’
‘Nothing we need to fix. One girl is, what? Pre-lesbian? She is only eight after all, but she knows she’s being posted someplace. We don’t know if she’s able to see the videos he swaps for, I assume it’s more dog stuff, or plain kiddie porn. Since we didn’t barge in and search, he may have no other video, it’s not out of the question that the girl is in charge and he does what he’s told.’
‘What about her friend?’
‘The little we know about the other girl is that she shows up almost every day, she’s into it. There was no mention of other kids, or how the older girl got involved.’
‘Good enough, occasionally we have to walk, not act.’
‘You going to tell the woman anything?’
‘No, and if she contacts us again, I’ll ignore it. You and Commandant drew the same conclusion I would have, there’s no simple way to deconstruct the situation even if we wanted to. Removing Bruiser isn’t going to change the girl’s behavior.’
‘Got any fresh projects? I need to shoot someone.’
‘Yeah, thousands of them, remember, there are nine hundred thousand people on the sex offender registry, lots of them need to be taken off the list, terminally.’
‘Find one, I’ll warm up my Glock.’
Zoe comes from outside, sweaty and smiling.
CC, ‘What have you been doing, Mouse?’
‘Trampoline, after she took Morshchiny on a run around the property.’
Zero, ‘Get a big glass of water, then upstairs for a shower.’
‘CC, wash my hair and brush it, okay?’
‘Sure thing, drink the water and cool down first, and strip off the shorts and shirt, I’ll put them in the laundry pile.’
She does, then CC follows her up the steps for a power wash.
Zero checks the site for conflict resolution, a request pops up.
‘Nikita, there’s an inquiry about a conflict resolution.’
She and Natasha are on the couch, well, Natasha is on the couch, her sister is kneeling on the floor painting toes.
‘Da, I haf seen this morning.’
‘There’s not enough detail.’
‘Waiting for CC and Commandant to return before taking a new project. If you are on site, send message now.’
Zero taps in a reply, leaves the site open to see if the inquiry is serious. After a couple of minutes, she closes it.
‘Check again later, see if it’s for real.’
‘Da, okay…there sister, you haf beautiful toe paint, be still and let it dry.’
Nikita looks at Zero, ‘I haf already polish out, come sit and I will do you.’
Zero grins, ‘You feeling Vietnamese?’
‘Nyet, sisters will not get into nail painting business, we haf no reason to laundry money from creemenal activity.’
Zero plops down on the couch next to Natasha, Nikita starts on the second ten. Natasha shifts position, stretches out, puts a throw pillow on Zero’s lap and lays her head on it.
I watch the cozy scene while sipping coffee, Zero stroking Natasha’s brow, Nikita concentrating on nails and polish. And to think, any of the three would put a bullet in your brain without a second thought.
‘I need to think up dinner, any suggestions?’
Nikita, ‘I haf already steaks marinating, there are potatoes for baking, bag of fresh speenich for creamy speenich.’
‘Perfect, then I’ll do tea, you want cheese and crackers or cookies…never mind, I’ll put out both.’
Zoe and CC come down.
‘Wow Zoe’s hair is gorgeous, luscious auburn, I don’t know much about hairstyles, but hers looks perfect for her.’
CC, ‘I’m totally jealous of those violet eyes, and her features are coming together as I predicted. Zoe is our fashion model, she’s going to be twenty feet tall, most of it legs.’
Zoe giggles, ‘Zoe is chasing CC’s, which are endless.’
Zero, ‘Do you want to model, as maybe a hobby? You have interesting features, a face than can adopt many expressions.’
‘Zoe doesn’t know anything about modeling, besides, she stays pretty busy. Her daily calendar is full enough, she likes the nothing time when CC pampers her, which is not nothing, the best time.’’
‘Maybe in a couple of years, you can decide when to quit aging, either pre or post puberty, you will be twelve next year, at least from our made up birthday.’
CC, ‘Tall is an advantage, I can make her up to look older easily, hard to make her look younger, maybe a diaper and a bow in her hair. I saw a video of two teen girls dressed as babies sitting in a crib, one with a bottle the other with a binky. The point escapes me.’
Zoe, ‘Time to feed Morshchiny,’ she dumps a pile of pebbles in the food bowl, the beast makes short work of it, then laps her water bowl empty, drips across the floor to her downstairs bed and flops with a sigh of satisfaction.
Zoe finds a towel and wipes up the trail of slobber, takes that to the laundry, refills the water bowl.
‘She’s got all her commands down, Zoe goes through them every day when we walk around the property. If there’s a Zombie Apocalypse, she’s ready.’
‘You’re sticking with your third person experiment, any insights?’
Zoe, ‘Nothing remarkable, it does seem like a step away from self, like an entity that is an observer and an entity called Zoe.’
‘Sounds like a way to avoid snap decisions at any rate.’
‘Yes, a pause, a gap in time.’ 
Dinner comes and goes, the girls watch TV for a while, then the twins go up, followed a few minutes later by CC and Zoe. Zero has other matters on her mind.
She strips off her t-shirt and gets in my bed, ‘I have needs Commandant, and you’re the only one in the house with what I’m craving.’
Lucky me.
After her craving is, I hope only temporarily, satisfied, we lay enveloped.
‘You do good sex Commandant.’
‘You inspire me to rise to the occasion.’
‘Guess what Zoe has discovered.’
‘Not much guess involved, she’s enamored with CC.’
‘Can’t blame her, she’s taken with the obvious physical perfection, and that CC makes a production of being enamored with herself, which is part play acting and part fact. Zoe likes that she’s upfront about it.’
‘Do you think CC is really a narcissist?’
Zero coughs a laugh, ‘Oh yeah, when she’s admiring herself in the mirror her aura is the same sparkly violet lust she has when she’s sexing one of us, you, me, the twins, CC is her own attractor.’
‘So you saw the aura when she was going up earlier with Zoe.’
‘And Zoe was lit up like a neon jungle. I imagine things got steamy, CC takes her time. I envision Zoe’s brain sucking in CC’s energy like white dwarf star, then a supernova when CC tingled the tasty.’

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