Sixty Five

We check out of Casa Tequila, drive to a different airport a couple hundred miles east. Zero books a flight to St. Martin and an ocean view suite with a short walk to the beach. We’ve been before, which is why she chose it. This is a vacation, not a discovery tour, no search for new experiences, why would we need them?
We don’t get in until after sundown, Zero spoke to the concierge, there is wine, Champagne and Russian Standard in the refrigerator, a tray of cold seafood, shrimp, lump crab and ceviche to enjoy while we sip Champagne.
Showers first, long day and airplane air, even private the recycled air is hardly a fresh ocean breeze.
Then it’s park on the balcony, Zero pours, I haul the tray of eats out and place it on a patio table. Hint of salt in the breeze, it feels fresh, crisp, and the Gosset is perfectly chilled. 
‘You don’t need to carry money, just sign and add suite number. If you want a beer or wine, bring it from the suite in a plastic cup, obviously no bottles on the beach. Zero will arrange a spot to park with umbrellas and chairs. And remember, the sun shines hard here.’
CC, ‘I’ll keep us slathered in sunscreen, we brought hats with big floppy brims, nobody wants a burn.’
We’d shipped the gun case to our corporate mailbox. Zero buys clothes, electronics, and books from Amazon. We never have anything shipped to the house.
Fresh morning in the Caribbean, ‘I made coffee and tea, when you’re ready we’ll have breakfast at the hotel restaurant.’
We don’t click on the TV, no online news, whatever’s happening out there we don’t need to clutter our minds.
Caffeinated, we head to the restaurant. Beach Queens are adorable in their near nothing bikinis, wraps, floppy hats, and sunglasses. I, on the other hand, stick with lightweight tan slacks and white linen shirt. My place will be under the umbrellas.
The first three days move along in languid luxury, girls walk the beach, we generally skip lunch I favor of a full breakfast and dinner delivered from the hotel. 
Mid afternoon is time to be in the suite, or the veranda, I nap a little. I think, don’t know, the girls get up to sex play rather than zone out. No idea if the twins are involved. What do I know? Maybe they just give each other manicures, nails and toes always look shiny polished.
The fourth night Zero comes to my room, ‘CC is being ravaged by the twins, I’m in the mood for the fun stick. Lay back, between porn videos and CC’s guidance I know just what to do and when to do it.’
She begins by straddling my head, hardly have to guess what she wants, I take full advantage. 
When she’s satisfied, she slides down and reciprocates until I roll her off and mount up, I like missionary, not much for trapezes, getting tied up, or complicated positions. Zero appears to love missionary, she squeals, groans, quivers, and shudders through the finale.
​I don’t keep score, I think she had three, one when I licked, then two more.
‘Z, you are magnificent, gorgeous, sensationally sensual, that was splendid.’
‘I rather enjoyed it myself, Studley. I need hydration.’
She goes to find us bottles of water, we sit on the bed cross legged.
‘Check on CC?’
‘No, she may be senseless by now. Once the twins discovered intimacy, they are insatiable. Last night I had one straddling my head, the other’s face between my legs while CC applied tongue to her tush. I think it was Nikita, but in the dark it’s impossible to tell. Then it was a round robin of shifting partners. As I left tonight, the twins were working CC’s endless legs, I’m certain everything else got worked, CC likes to be thorough. Besides fingers and tongues we have toys, it sounds like a beehive when we really get going.’
Life’s a bitch, unless you’re me.
Day five dawns, not that we see the dawn, we stay up later than usual here. The evenings are gorgeous, the temperatures moderate, even cool in the later hours.
When we get moving, we head over to the restaurant for breakfast. Loads of fresh fruit, the usual offerings of omelets and sides.
‘What’s up with girls today? Anything different?’
Zero, ‘We thought about going to town, but a little research showed it’s full of seniors off mega cruise boats, and the shops sell overpriced junk and vastly overpriced jewelry. We’re happy to have today look like yesterday and the day before.’
No argument from me, doing my bit under an umbrella in the sea breeze half reading a book and half watching one hot girl after another stroll by is better entertainment than slogging through town dodging the ancients. I can be smug about it, in ten years most of them will be dead, I’ll still be twenty nine.
I’d say there’s no justice in the world, but that’s been obvious since Cain slew Able. One man’s justice is another’s injustice. Like spreading peace and democracy with bullets and bombs. As I learned during my time in the army, that level of hypocrisy is without measure. My idea of justice is simple, anyone who runs for elected office is executed.
Alternatively, anyone who votes is executed. What if you had an election and nobody cast a ballot, or everyone wrote in their own name? Real revolution, not by elections, guns, or gurus, rather by refusing to participate. All governments are corrupt, there is no such thing as good government, if you join in the process, you are automatically complicit.
The girls are happy to display their assets by strolling up and down the shoreline, beautiful scenery enhanced by their presence.
Reverie interrupted, I hear a woman clearly in panic, not good. I turn to look, a small crowd surrounds her, I’m too far to catch details but it sounds like a kid’s gone missing.
Zero and the others come up, ‘Problem Commandant, I saw a Shadow, it took a moment to register, he was holding a small girl’s hand and walking from the beach towards the street down the side of the main building. I was slow to react, the girl didn’t appear distressed, Shadow didn’t cross my mind, I didn’t focus on the aura until they got into a car.’
‘What kind of car?’
‘Didn’t catch the make, black, a sedan like we see on TV, usually one or another Senator getting in or out.’
‘Likely a Lincoln Toady. It’s a small island, can’t go far, well, assuming he’s not taking her to his yacht or a private flight. You sure about Shadow?’
‘What was he wearing?’
‘A hat, what do they…Panama, a Panama hat, tan pants similar to yours, baggy pullover shirt with a collar. I think sandals, not sure on that, I caught a glimpse of his bare ankle, not the shoe itself.’
‘Which way was the car pointed?’
‘Left, to the west.’
‘What was the girl wearing?’
‘Bikini, more bikini than ours, bottom covered, not Brazilian style, only saw from the rear, her top wasn’t a bikini top, more like a tank style sports bra.’
‘Five or six, not older.’
‘Hair color?’
‘Light brown, shoulder length ponytail.’
‘The four of you go over and see what’s what. Just listen, be invisible, put on your wraps and hats, sunglasses. You attract too much attention in bikinis. I’m going out front, find me when you have something.’
A crowd has gathered, various discussions about the incident, generally concluding not much. I think the speculation is right on one point, it isn’t a family thing, divorced father with custody issues spiriting off a child. It doesn’t appear that anyone else registered a man walking her from the beach.
Bellman interviewed, busy with arrivals and departures, didn’t notice a man and a girl. Guests busy checking if all the baggage is accounted for, that kids haven’t run off, excited to see the ocean and play. 
The girls come out, Zero, ‘Nothing new, mom described the girl, it was the girl I saw.’
‘We should probably have you talk to the cops, the problem is twofold.’
Zero, ‘Yeah, have to cough up detail about myself, they’ll ask who I’m with. We could dance around that I presume.’
‘You passport is in order, as are the others, as is mine. They have nowhere to go with that and wouldn’t anyway, they’re focused on the missing kid. I’d still rather not have us interviewed.’
‘The more important problem with involving cops is the Shadow. If they find him, cops will get lies and believe them. If he’s talented, he might even get one cop to shoot another, or anyone, create a major distraction and disappear.’
‘I called for the car, there it is, hang on, the police are going to check cars. You guys walk down the road a bit, I’ll pick you up in a minute or two.’
Sure enough, a cop looks inside, it’s an SUV, no trunk to hide a kid, he pokes around the rental, it’s empty. He nods to the valet.
Walk up and hand the valet my ticket, keys are in the car, I give him a five, get in and pull away. The girls are fifty yards down the road, they get in, we proceed west.
As noted, it’s a small island, maybe the size of Manhattan without the gridlock. I could circle the whole thing in twenty minutes.
‘We’re going to every hotel. He’s got the child in a room by now, assuming he’s not leaving the island. We’re looking for the car.’
Three hotels, nothing, we keep moving.
Four and five equally nothing, then I circle the lot on number six.
Nikita, ‘Car ees over there, see, to the right.’
‘Good catch Nikita, now to find out what room he’s in.’
The hotel isn’t as big as ours, it’s more standard, not spread along the beach with separate villas adjoining. It is on the ocean, all the places are, but two stories, I’m guessing thirty rooms.
‘CC, go with the twins and walk the downstairs, Zero and I will go up. The rooms up there have balconies, I doubt he’s got the kid outside.’
Downstairs rooms have patios with dividers for a bit of privacy, only small shrubbery between the patio and the beach so as not to obstruct the view. 
Zero and I take the stairs, walk along the interior hallway, nothing jumps out, we walk the hallway twice, lean into doors to pick up any conversation. Sometimes there’s a TV on, otherwise quiet; it’s still early, tourists are more likely to be outside.
We stop at the stairwell, elevator door opens and a mom, dad, and kid come out, head down the hall and into a room. Door bangs shut, I wonder why hotels have to have doors slam like they do. I know they want them to close automatically, but it’s the twenty first century, can’t engineers figure out how to do it with less bang and more click?
A door midway down the hall opens, man comes out carrying an ice bucket.
Zero, ‘That’s him, room twenty six.’
CC and the twins come up the steps, ‘Anything?’
‘He’s getting ice from the machine.’
Without comment, the twins walk towards him, pull off the wraps they’re wearing and drape them around their necks.
CC, ‘That’s slick, they’ll get his attention.’
He turns towards his room, spots the twins, stutter steps, they have his attention alright. Turn to each other, embrace and kiss, not a peck.
He nearly drops the bucket, stands there staring. The twins start, a small jerk of the heads.
CC, ‘He’s taking their minds, we need to intervene.’
Zero, ‘Hold up, the dumb bastard thinks he’s got them, it’s an act.’
He says something we can’t quite catch, then leads them to twenty six, sticks his key card in the slot, opens the door and holds it for them to go in. The door closes.
We move down the hall, something thumps, then again. I’m deciding whether to kick the thing open when it opens.
Nikita, ‘He ees dead Shadowy peerson. Girl ees on bed naked, awake but does not respond.’
The Shadow is on the floor, blood runs from his ears and mouth, I’d say he’s definitely dead.
‘Zero, take the girl downstairs, if she can walk on her own good, if not, carry her.’
Zero, ‘Nikita, Natasha, go to the car, be as invisible as possible. Commandant, you and CC wait outside the door, I want to see what she knows.’
A few minutes pass, Zero comes out with her.
‘Got her dressed, she’s functional but blank, residual influence of the Shadow. That works for us, she won’t remember anything until it wears off. Right now, she simply obeys instructions. I’ll park her in the lobby.’
‘How long is she zombied?’
‘Can’t tell, she’ll get her head clear soon and we don’t want to be around when she does. I’ll stay in the vicinity, but not in her line of sight, just monitor. By now all the hotels are on alert, someone will spot her and call security or the cops.’
‘Nikita, you guys touch anything inside?’
‘Nyet, besides, ees hotel, one million fingerprints.’
‘Good job.’
She blinks up at me, ‘Da, sisters are gud Shadow keelers.’

Sixty Six

I may be wrong, but I’m never in doubt.
Why would I be? If I doubt, nothing happens.
There’s only one way to find out I’m wrong.

Of course the girl is spotted, the whole island is looking for her.
Zero, ‘Manager came, called the police, acted like he personally saved her. Cops had to be cops, tried to question the kid before bringing her to mom. Her answers were the same, I don’t know, repeat, repeat. Mom and dad showed up, royally pissed that their abducted daughter was being questioned before they got there. I almost laughed, woman got into the detective’s face, do you have children, is this what you’d want your kids to face after being stolen, fucking asshole she called him, more than once.
‘And the girl?’
‘She was recovering, the Shadow’s influence dissipating. She remembered two things, a man came up to her on the beach and angels rescued her, nothing in-between.’
Nikita, ‘We are keeling anjuls, for money, for abuser peerson, for Shadow.’
‘Speaking of, what happened in the room?’ 
‘Sister made heart explode, she ees number one Shadow keeler.’
Zero, ‘What do you mean, made heart explode?’
‘Shadow man tries to take mind, she does not respond, he tries more, angry that she ees not obey. Then fast breath, red face, dead.’
Zero giggles, ‘Succinct as always,’ leans over and kisses one soft cheek, then the other, repeats for Natasha.
CC, ‘Anjuls are awesome, tonight you may have me, as a reward.’
Nikita, ‘Reward ees saving young girl, sisters will anyway fuck you.’
Zero laughs, ‘Looks like you get the reward.’
CC, ‘And I am so deserving.’
Zero rolls her eyes, ‘Your humility is exceeded only by your colossal ego.’
CC cocks her head, ‘What do I have to be humble about? I’m scorching hot, can speak Russian…sort of, fluent in French, make girls wish they were me, make grown women cry, make men wish they could make me, have I left anything out?’
‘You put too much in.’
CC giggles, ‘Being outrageous is a calling.’
‘I suggest we move from self admiration to food. We’re out and have the car, find us a restaurant.’
We relax over grilled fish, lobster and shrimp, and take our time doing it. When we finish it’s half past two.
Nikita, ‘We do not haf anyway to wait until tonight, we will go to suite and haf sex. Commandant will make us cocktail vodka first.’
Zero, ‘That’s a plan, let’s go.’
In the suite, I don’t make anything, just pour shots of ice cold vodka into chilled glasses. 
They toss them down Russian style, gulp!
Go to their room to shower and play, I go to mine to shower and fantasize. Turns out to be unnecessary, when I come out to the main room, nude girls are having a second round…in a most fascinating way. One pours Champagne slowly over the tummy, another licks it up when it gets to the sweet spot. They swap places and go again.
I move out to the patio before I lose my mind. Didn’t go deaf though, giggles, moans, gasps flow out the open door. Psychopaths at play. Be happy they’re salaciously occupied and not thinking about who to kill next.
I decide to walk over to the bar, see if I can pick up any news on the girl. Bartenders hear things, people on the customer side of the bar must think they’re deaf, they aren’t.
A casual inquiry about a lost and found girl is enough to open his verbal spigot.
‘Yeah, she was found in a hotel down the way. In the lobby. A dead guy they think was the abductor was in one of the rooms, they don’t know how he died apparently, the girl didn’t remember anything except a man on the beach, then angels. Angels, go figure.’
‘A little kid, who knows how her mind works, she was traumatized, could have been anything, a bright light in her eyes for instance. What about the guy?’
‘Arrived day before, our housekeepers know their housekeepers, it’s a small island.
They said he was just another tourist, room wasn’t junked like some guests, kept to himself the little they saw of him. ID said he was British, cops are looking into him, you know, job, any family. My sister’s boyfriend is a policeman, the man’s passport was busy, had been to three other countries before coming here, Greece, Italy and the states, Florida to be exact. All places with ocean and beaches.’
‘Missing girls in any of them?’
‘Always missing girls, usually teens. In this case, cops are still investigating, maybe part of a child abduction ring, or a solo perv. My sister said they think he must have hypnotized her, or something to drink that messed with her head. No idea if the parents will allow her to be drug tested.’
‘Suppose it doesn’t matter, he got her to go along somehow.’
‘Yeah, and somebody knows more about it, have to, they find him with the girl, he mysteriously dies, girl groggy but uninjured, physically anyway. One damn lucky kid…not that being abducted is lucky.’
‘I know what you mean.’
No more information here, I finish the beer and return to the suite. Girls are done playing, the toys put away, girls in slinky t-shirts nested on the couch, Zero and CC on opposite ends, Natasha with her head in Zero’s lap, Nikita using CC’s leg for a pillow. No tablets, no books, TV off, just being together.
Zero, ‘Fun has to end sometime, it’s sometime. Let’s get to the airport, seems like we’ve been away from home for a month, not ten days.’
Flight is, as usual, delightful, we deplane, load up the SUV. I traded the Frisson, for a Mercedes Bankruptor, even the tires have sensors, not just for air pressure, for tread wear as well. The owner’s manual looks like a huge doorstop, five hundred pages of automotive arcania. Zero will figure it out.
CC, ‘Damn it’s always better at home, sometimes I wonder why we leave.’
‘Travel teaches us to appreciate what we have.’
‘Ah, never thought of it that way, where are we going next?’
CC logic is comprehensible by only a few, none of whom I’ve ever met. She’s like reading Wittgenstein, you think you must be incredibly dense, but the joke’s on philosophy, Witt just made up shit and pretended it was insight and logic, leaving a million philosophy graduates skating on the thin ice of their own minds.
Zero, ‘You’re going to the laundry room, Commandant and I are going to the market, be back in an hour.’
Zero finds whopper filets, we pick up a container of gorgonzola, she wants to stuff the steak with cheese. I collect basics, fresh milk, heavy cream, yogurt, spinach for creamed spinach, she said potatoes are overkill considering the size of the steaks. More eggs, can’t remember where we are on coffee, I get that, fresh bread for sandwiches, deli meats for future lunches.
Zero’s phone dings, a message from CC to pass by the mail box, Zero ordered things for the growing twins.
On the drive home I ask, ‘Twins decide on a date, or an age I should say.’
‘Fourteen, in that neighborhood anyway, a couple of years from now.’
‘They know what to do?’
‘Already started.’
What she means is, essentially nothing, keep the intention foremost in mind, no effort, just intention. Zero does the rest.
What’s the rest? Good question, I have no idea, she decides, things happen, like collecting me and our three hot assassins.
Nikita voices Natasha’s unspoken curiosity, ‘Sisters are eentending, what does Zero do, to make things happen just from only eetention?’
‘Zero has to handle that one.’
Zero, ‘We are all pure consciousness, some call it awareness, and only consciousness knows consciousness. We only know experiences which, like waves, arise and fall in the ocean of consciousness. The wave is not separate from the ocean, it’s just a temporary wiggle on the surface. Thoughts, for instance, are like those waves, thoughts, experiences, feelings, all part of the ocean of consciousness. The depths are unmoved by the happenings on the surface, but those happenings wouldn’t happen if there were no depths.
Natasha, ‘You can have an ocean without waves, but no waves without an ocean.’
CC, ‘I’m not connecting intention, Zero’s influence and descriptions of consciousness. I thought consciousness is part of the activity of the brain.’
‘That’s the general conclusion, but is it correct?’
Natasha must be hearing something meaningful to her. She almost never verbalizes, content to run her thoughts through Nikita, who has no trouble talking.
Natasha, ‘The brain cannot create consciousness out of neurons and hormones.’
‘No, and it explains why science has such trouble explaining consciousness. Science cannot know consciousness, no matter how many MRIs it performs, only consciousness can know itself.’
Natasha, ‘They look the wrong way, the brain is in consciousness, consciousness is not in the brain.’
CC, ‘Okay, then what do we do with it?’
‘We don’t do anything, we can only understand, and what is understood is that we, and all things, are a product of consciousness. Consciousness does not act, it allows actions to happen.’
Natasha, ‘But it has no interest in what those actions are.’
‘One could say so, the example has been made that it is like a screen in a movie theater, the screen allows the film to unfold, but it doesn’t care what’s shown on it. It doesn’t affect the movie, it makes the movie possible.’

Sixty Seven

Heady discussion for twelve year olds, but you’re an insider, you know two of the girls are more like fourteen or fifteen in years on Earth. The twins are twelve and have decided to get closer to fourteen or fifteen. 
Nikita, ‘We will be tall girls but not if we stop to age now. Sister haf decide to wait, she says if we do, we will be five ten or eleven, maybe even six feet. It will be good for beezness to be taller, handle bad man, shoot over Zero’s head, or maybe use head to rest gun.’
Zero, ‘Very funny, Molotov.’
CC giggles, ‘I have a vision.’
Zero, ‘It is pretty funny, and it might even come in handy, strong girls with speed and endurance, like Russian tennis pros.’
‘Da, we will be hot girl, like Sharapova, except she will get old, we will still be young and beautiful.’
CC, ‘I look forward to jumping your six feet, twelve between you and Natasha. Think of it, my sizzle surrounded by six foot marvels. You could grill steaks on us Z.’
‘Right after you lick Champagne off my precious.’
‘It worked out well last time.’
‘I’m thinking sparkling wine this evening.’
Nikita, ‘Sisters will leek sparking off Zero and CC, you will feel gud wiz fizzy puss.’
They laugh, hands to mouths, the four deadly treasures sparkle with or without wine.
Zero reads my thought, ‘How sweet Commandant. Next time I come to tease the fun stick, you can drizzle wine down the shaft into my mouth.’
‘Pure genius.’
‘I am.’
Nikita, ‘Sex genius anyway, Zero always think of best nasty for sisters.’
‘Before we explode from hormonal excess, perhaps discuss dinner. Any preferences?’
CC, ‘I’m thinking sparkling wine.’
‘Hold that thought for your playtime, for now, what do you guys want? We’ve talked past cooking, quick and easy is either pizza or Chinese.’
Zero, ‘We get Chinese most of the time, maybe pizza, good for the rest of you?’
‘Da, sisters are for pizza.’
CC, ‘Fine, but I’m fixated, open Champagne Commandant, I’ll call the order in.’
Zero and I go to fetch, I’m letting her drive the NSX, she beams like halogen.
‘I love this car, so responsive, sleek and sure footed, like CC.’
‘Can’t disagree.’
‘Do we, um, engage with you enough, sexually?’
‘Yes. Part of my difficulty with former partners was too much availability. I found I prefer time between encounters, they thought I lost interest, which in some cases was true. When I didn’t call or text ten times a day, or invite them out every Saturday, they lost interest. I was happier when I switched to escorts, date on my schedule as it were. Now, I have no need even for that. If you and CC decide to go exclusive girl, I understand, I can call a service if I feel the need.’
‘You won’t feel the need, CC and I like teasing you, build up the anticipation until one of us shows up to be serviced. You service delightfully.’
‘Your pleasure is only exceeded by mine.’
She grins, we pick up pizzas, she shoots us back home, Champagne at the ready.
Nikita, ‘We haf also movie, La Femme Nikita, about girl assassin. Moovey was made before Nikita and Natasha were born but looks anyway gud.’
‘I recall a TV series that was popular.’
‘This was original, French, another was made wiz Bridget Fonda, Point of No Return, identical plot to French one I read in Wiki. They say original was best anyway.’
‘I saw both versions of Girl with the Dragon Tattoo, the Swedish version struck me as better, maybe because I saw it first.’
As the movie plays, I realize I’ve seen it but it was before I went in the Army. It was good as a second dose, only a little dated, nobody has a cell phone.
CC gets a sparkling wine from the booze refrigerator, we don’t keep our wines at sixty five, like a cellar, more like forty.
‘Come along girls, I have the foreplay,’ she holds up the bottle.
They trek up the spiral staircase, I decline to think about the event, get another vodka and settle in with cheesy pulp fiction. Guy cop gets handed girl cop as partner, either she or he has issues, sometimes alcohol or drugs. They fight, play maybe this and maybe that, the inevitable speculative scenarios that infest every cop/detective novel on the planet. Eventually one of them saves the other, usually from being shot, then jump in bed, or the kitchen counter, or the couch, or the floor, the dumbest ones are up against a wall, girl with her dress hiked up, guy still has his pants on. Yawn.
Finish my drink, do bathroom things, slide under cool clean sheets. Proud of myself, didn’t fantasize about what’s going on upstairs. I sleep the sleep of the amoral.
I wake, no nocturnal visits from hormonal girls, either I’m slipping or they played hard.
Coffee, click on the website for conflict resolution, one inquiry testing the water. I reply, follow the directions and I’ll get back to you. I need a profile, whoever inquired was like most contacts, tentative. It can take a couple of back and forth’s to get them trusting. Not sure why it’s such a big deal, the site is encrypted, invisible, I don’t ask who the contact is, or anything that would relate them to the target. Point is, neither of us knows the other, it’s safe, with an encrypted privacy wall between us.
I move on to the abuse site. Someone got through a half message then disappeared. Cold feet, or someone interrupted the inquirer and they clicked off.
Zero comes down the stairs, so lithe and lovely, feeling show-offy, wearing zip, her best outfit.
‘Morning angel, sleep well, or sleep at all?’
‘We were done by midnight, I swear, there’s no amount of attention enough for CC. She may be the most sexually responsive female on the planet. It was heavenly.’
‘Twins hang?’
‘Flipping twins led the parade, you’ve never seen them doing each other have you?’
‘Nope, not sure I could stand the pressure.’
She giggles, crosses one glass slick lovely over the other. When I look up, up because I was studying the territory, she’s grinning.
‘CC’s not the only girl who likes to be appreciated, even objectified. I have no problem being objectified, a body is an object.’
‘And you are a collector’s dream.’
‘Good boy.’
‘There’s an inquiry, half-hearted, about a resolution, but most of them start that way. And one on the abuse site that stopped in midsentence. I assume an interruption, but it may have been a simple change of mind.’
‘If they changed their mind, they’d delete the message. Hope she got gone before she got found out, particularly if it was her abuser.’
‘No way to tell. If she, if it’s a she, got off clean we’ll hear from her again.’
‘Isn’t it always a she?’
‘Has been so far, but just because the message mentions boyfriend doesn’t make the inquirer a she, could be a gay thing.’
‘Gay abuse, it must happen but I don’t recall any news stories about it, not like the perpetual ones of mom’s pouring scalding water on her kid, or sitting them on a red hot kitchen stove. Or a woman getting her face mangled by her husband, boyfriend, whatever loser shitheel she thought she was in love with.’
‘You know, that’s a territory we haven’t explored much. We’ve had a couple of cases where mom reports the man beating the crap out of her kids, or other forms of debasing punishment, locked in a cellar, raped or made to do disgusting crap.’
‘Let me think over what to add to the site, we just said abusers, not who they abuse. We thought that would be plain when they contacted us, maybe a faulty assumption.’
‘One way to find out, list examples, obviously some of those will be abuse of children.’
‘I’ll get on it after breakfast, girls will need calories, I know I do.’

Sixty Eight

CC comes down with the twins trailing, they’re dressed in home casual, which means a slinky t-shirt and socks. Only Zero has gone fabric free. Not in vain, she draws friendly hands over smooth parts, which is every part. I don’t know regimen specifics, but whatever they buff, exfoliate, or lotion, it works. Not a mark on any of them, no moles, no blemishes of any kind. None have freckles, but sometimes a spray of freckles is rather alluring.
CC kisses me, ‘You were the sole of discretion last night.’
‘You expect me to peep?’
‘It wouldn’t change our lascivious behavior, but you have the sense to wait on an invitation. All girls was nice, we bonded, rebonded and re-rebonded. We may be bound together by nuclear force, or gravity, or Gorilla Glue.’
Nikita, ‘Sisters make CC talk to herself een French, baise moi encore mes ange.’
CC giggles, ‘And they did, twice, we had to change batteries on Nikita’s strap-on, Natasha’s were fresh. Is that too much information?’
‘No such thing when it comes to your sexcapades, I’m willing to listen to summaries or details, as you wish.’
Zero, ‘Enough for now, Commandant and I need to drop pancakes, poached eggs sound right?’
CC, ‘Bacon?’
‘Of course, does anyone want potatoes?’
Consensus is pancakes are filling enough. Zero and I get busy, the others remain around the island flipping through the news on tablets. The girls have no interest in social media, celebrity gossip, or politics. There is a world aside from what one or another political putz did recently, celebrity gossip is particularly idiotic, reserved for the lesser classes who find Jerry Springer or the Kardashians entertaining.
I put a platter of cakes on the counter, give each girl a separate small bowl with two poached, stack of crispy bacon on another platter. Refill coffee or tea, our Russians drink Assam, a deadly rich black tea that appeals to their taste for dark matter.
After breakfast, I thought of exploring Zero’s comments from yesterday, consciousness and whatnot, but it’s too early for philosophy. Some might say spirituality, but I don’t care for the term, too vague, philosophy in general is vague enough. It can wait for afternoon tea. Instead I check the websites, got a more detailed reply from the conflict inquiry, nothing from the abuse site, just the half completed message from yesterday.
CC and the twins go upstairs, Zero and I sit for another cup of coffee, ‘Do you think the girls will want to go? It’s one target, a woman at that, we don’t need four girls for one shot. If you aren’t in the mood, I can go with CC, or nobody. You can have the place to yourselves for a couple of days.’
‘Doesn’t change what we’d do, you’re hardly in the way of anything. The twins will never say so, but they find your presence reassuring, their flammable orange aura softens to a more neutral shade. CC has a similar effect, except for streaks of fuchsia, which in their case means sexual energy otherwise known as lust.’
‘Everyone lusts after CC, she’s lovely, but so are you and the twins; it’s that she encourages it.’
‘CC lusts after herself, one day she may wear out the three way mirror.’
‘Nothing wrong with appreciating her own beauty, it gets her charged up. Lucky you and the twins get to dissipate the charge.’
Zero grins, ‘And lucky you get to dissipate her energy on occasion. The girls are headed outside for a bit of sun, I’ve gotten stimulated by the talk, now you have to dissipate my charge.’
‘Excellent, let’s drain both batteries.’
And we do, Zero takes control, I lay on the bed and take it like a man.
​Zero, ‘Sublime performance Commandant, I’m still quivering. Kiss the precious while I come down.’
She wants it gentle, just a whisper of lips lingering on the soft succulence. 
She strokes my hair, now down to my shoulders, ‘You may stand down Commandant, I’m promoting you to High Priest of Puskette.’
I smile, ‘What about your other acolytes?’
‘High Priestesses all.’
The girls come in for water, Zero and I are still nude on the bed.
Nikita, ‘Zero ees glow een dark, Natasha says like embers from bunfire.’
CC, ‘Bonfire, on, not un.’
Nikita ignores her.
Zero, ‘CC converted the twins to the Temple of Lesbos. Natasha is the quiet one, but in matters of sexual stimulation, most clear on her desires, particularly for her sister.’
CC, ‘Twincest gets me steamy.’
‘Looking at yourself in the mirror gets you steamy, our eyes all over you gets you steamy, Commandant’s fun stick gets you steamy, breathing gets you steamy, you could pull a freight train with all that steam.’
CC, ‘I am that I am.’
‘We adore what you am.’

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