Forty Five

We’re driving to our target, it’s only four hundred miles, we save the expense of private flying. I rented a nondescript SUV, a brown Toyota Immigrant. A vehicle designed to elude the Border Patrol and, in a pinch, pick strawberries with an optional fruit scraper on the front grill. I got one without.
Zero is in the passenger, CC in the second row, her back leaning on the door, supple legs stretched across the seats almost to the other door. She may have the longest twelve year old legs on the planet.
Zero is tapping on her tablet, ‘We’re in luck, we pass within a few miles of an RSO, we can resolve our employer’s conflict, then take out the perv on the way back.’
CC, ‘I wonder how many people are on the Registered Sex Offender lists across the country?’
Zero, ‘Eight hundred fifty nine thousand five hundred as of 2016.’
Even I’m shocked, ‘You mean there are close to a million RSOs?’
‘Yep, and think of all the ones that weren’t caught or convicted. The total must be triple, maybe more.’
‘I wonder how many are on the list for so-called statutory rape? An of-age male who had sex with a fifteen or sixteen year old? Or a female adult that had sex with a fifteen year old boy?’
‘Good question. A lot of people don’t see the need for registration for an eighteen year old boy who has consensual sex with his sixteen year old girlfriend, as opposed to a fifty year old man violently raping a six year old girl. But many states don’t distinguish one from the other.’
CC, ‘That’s pretty stupid.’
‘It is, and politicians know it, but they’re afraid that they will be seen as indifferent to protecting children, including adolescents.’
‘We aren’t killing anybody who falls under the first example, hormonal teens will do what hormonal teens will do. The six year old is different. Those guys we take off the registry…permanently.’
CC, ‘Even if half fall under the eighteen-sixteen rule, that leaves near half a million. We’re going to need a lot of ammo.’
Zero, ‘To make it even dumber, there’s no evidence that the risk of being on the RSO list prevents any fucker from targeting children. There is evidence that getting put on the registry does keep many of them from doing it again.’
‘Killing them guarantees it.’
The girls giggle.
CC, ‘We won’t be running out of things to do anytime soon, it’s heartwarming, so many pricks to terminate.’
Make two hundred miles, stop for coffee and restroom, back on the road.
Zero, ‘I searched our target, the woman is near invisible, no social media, no arrests, Google her and other women with the same name show up, none is her.’
‘And the sex offender?’
‘He’s got an arrest record, but it’s neither extensive nor serious, nothing violent. A minor drug bust, receiving stolen merchandise, small stuff.’
‘What’s the nature of his offense?’
‘Playing hide the weenie with an eight year old, doesn’t give the kid’s name of course, likely a nephew or cousin. Possession of child porn, including video he made of the boy.’
‘He uploaded the stuff he made in order to get access to more kiddie porn someone else made, show me yours and I’ll show you mine.’
‘I don’t see any recent statistics about the volume of photos and videos, the stuff gets made everywhere in the world, including the US. Then there’s the complication of teens making their own videos, like a fourteen year old girl sends her boyfriend photos or video, which he sends to the known world. And what about the ones that weren’t discovered or forwarded? Must be ten times as many.’
CC, ‘We don’t care if Miss Fourteen sends her sixteen year old boyfriend tit photos. I imagine some girls don’t care where he sends it. If you search for teen porn, there are an unlimited number of girls claiming to be eighteen showing everything from every angle, not to mention actual sex. Thousands of girls don’t mind being filmed with a dick in their mouth, cum on their face, multiple men, other girls. How is it that a sixteen year old girl does it, it’s shocking and illegal, but if she’s eighteen she’s a star getting paid for it.’
There is no answer, other than it has to be illegal at some age, the US picked eighteen, although a man forces a twelve year old marry him so he can fuck her with impunity, because, you know, marriage is sacred. The number one universal character trait is hypocrisy.
Zero, ‘Next exit, take a right.’
I do, then, ‘Four miles, then a left, need to look up the property.’
She’s still searching when I make the left, the oak lined road goes on for a half mile, I stop halfway. A house, strike that, a mansion, looks like a plantation house. Big porch across the front, white columns to second story balcony, a big iron gate and a guardhouse. I stop, reverse, pull away like I made wrong turn.
CC, ‘Is this the address Zero, I don’t see any markers.’
‘Yep, street name is right, either a lot of people live there or someone wants to be left alone.’
‘We need to find a surveillance spot, see who comes and goes.’
We drive down the main road one way, then turn and down the other way.
Zero, ‘What’s that? The big tank?’
‘Water reservoir, like for fires.’
‘We can park on the far side to hide the car, then do a sneaky creep to the edge of the woods to watch the house.’
‘Bearing in mind a guard at the gate and possibly cameras.’
‘The woods end a hundred yards or more from the house, not much point in pointing one at the woods. Better to cover the open ground between the woods and the house, doesn’t mean they don’t do it anyway.’
‘This is nighttime work, our clothes are dark, Zero will need something dark to hide that white hair. And we need face paint, camouflage, that or ski masks, which serves to cover hair and face.’
CC, ‘Then we need to get to a store that stocks them, let me see…’ she taps her tablet, ‘sporting goods, ski equipment,’ she gets directions, it takes us twenty minutes, inside, buy the masks, back in the Immigrant.
‘Be dark in an hour, let’s get a burger or whatever from one of the fasties, then get ourselves set up.’
We get chicken sandwiches and Diet Coke, skip fries as too troublesome to deal with in a car. Return to the water tank and park. 
‘Radio check,’ we plug in earbuds, click on the transmitters, good to go.
‘CC, load the Ruger, get it sighted when you get situated. Find a place a few trees in. Five round magazine ought to do it, and you have the second magazine right?’
I bought her a Ruger Precision, a sniper rifle that uses 300PRC ammunition, comparable to the .30-06. Best used from the prone position, it’s fairly heavy at fifteen pounds.
CC, ‘What are you guys going to do?’
‘We go in as well, one ten or fifteen yards to your left, the other to your right. You have a scope, Zero and I will use binoculars. Zero, bring the dish, I don’t know how much conversation we can pick up, but there’s nothing in the way from the woods to the house. Might get lucky.’
It’s dark as death until we creep to the other side. Exterior of the house is well lit, no spots sweeping the perimeter. The fence is a continuation of the iron railings and wraps the entire property. I’m to CC’s right, I can see a gate in the rear and a narrow gravel road from the gate around to the other side of the house.
‘Separate exit from the rear, based on the growth around the gate, it isn’t used much.’
Zero, ‘Visitors, big SUV just pulled up, must be expected, the guard opened the gate from the guardhouse, didn’t talk to anyone, didn’t get up to look inside the car…hang on, from here I can see who gets out.’
She’s back in our ears, ‘Our target and three guys, two decent sized, one whippet and the woman.’
CC, ‘Whippet like a dog?’
‘No, a scrawny man, big glasses. The woman makes two of him, you’ll need a head shot, it would take armor piercing rounds to get through her gut, and she has tits the size of soccer balls. Got a phone to her ear, maybe I can hear.’
Our listening devices records, but only Zero can hear live. 
The party of four enters the house.
Zero, ‘She’s pissed, something about that belongs to me, fucking blacks took out two of ours, if those negros think…,’ then she went inside and things got garbled. I can hear voices, all in Spanish, but several people are talking.’
‘Keep on it, you’re recording right?’
‘Yes, if we get no shot tonight, we can replay later, maybe get an idea of what’s going on. Whatever it is, they aren’t happy.’
We hang for another hour, two of the men get back in the SUV, Whippet stays inside, they stop at the guard shack. Get out, lean against the car and smoke with the guard.
‘You getting their conversation?’
‘Yeah, sports crap, soccer I think. Let’s go, nothing is happening tonight, she’s locked up tight.’
Pack up, hit a grocery while Zero books a hotel. She gets a suite at the Hotel Bureaucrat, it’s nice and corporate, bland so as not to offend any tender sensibilities, like those in Human Relations, PC Department.
We settle in, I make a drink, Zero and CC off to shower. I open the red we bought, stick the prepackaged sushi in the refrigerator.
Girls come in, cute in their t-shirts and knee socks.
Zero, ‘If CC’s legs get any longer I’m going to need a stepladder to bathe them.’
‘They won’t, I’m done growing.’
I ask Zero, ‘You’re just about twelve, like CC. Are you done too?’
‘Don’t know, where I am suits me, maybe I get another inch or so. We’re both tall for twelve, the average twelve year old girl is five feet, CC is five six, I’m five four.’
‘Start using makeup to appear older. Be hard for you to look twenty one, but you can probably bump it up to eighteen.’
CC, ‘I can make us close to twenty one, fill out bra, something for hips, totally fake but people will see what their brain tells them they see. While we don’t age, we mature mentally. Our voices aren’t adult, a bit too high, but we can drop it a register or two.’
She repeats the last sentence with a deeper voice.
‘You sound older, it just might work. No rush, it may come in handy down the road. If you can get the look close to twenty one, I can get ID that says you are.’
‘So we can go bar hopping?’
I laugh, ‘As if you had any interest in drooling or arrogant twenty somethings. No, this would be to change your appearance enough to fool a target. He sees a twelve year old in the morning, a different girl in the evening.’
CC, ‘Cool, and we can order wine at dinner, no need to sneak sips from yours.’
‘There’s that.’

Forty Six

Fed and watered, we read for a while, then I decide to shower before bed. As I’m stepping out, CC comes in and brushes her teeth. I hang my towel over the rack, crank up the hair dryer. She leans against the vanity next to me, Zero comes in to brush. 
CC wraps her long fingers around my dick, it does what dicks do when fondled. Same long fingers tease the underside.
She looks at Zero, ‘I love watching the dragon rise at my touch.’
They giggle, CC pushes it down, more giggles when it bounces up and waves.
Zero, ‘Come along slut, you have me warm, I need your attention.’
‘You mean your luscious little puss needs my attention.’
‘That’s what I said.’
CC turns to the bedroom, Zero gives the still stiff a gentle squeeze, ‘No couch tonight, come to bed, you can watch us do lesbian things.’
I do, and they do various girl things to each other, including toys and a strap on. They finish with Zero fucking CC to the delight of both, the toy vibrates against Zero while she slow screws her lover.
Zero on one side of me, CC on the other. They hold hands on my chest. No pointless recap, we’re soon asleep.
I wake with one silken thigh over my right leg, another over my left. I don’t want to move….ever.
Zero stirs, her hand is on my chest, ‘You would prefer to lay here and enjoy our wonder.’
‘Of course.’
She kisses my cheek, ‘Well get up anyway, we need to get in gear.’
I stroke CC’s brow, she blinks up at me, ‘Do we have to?’
‘You may miss a chance to shoot someone.’
She sits up, ‘You know how to make a girl happy…in more ways than one,’ sly smile.
Zero, ‘CC wants to be a porn star.’
CC, ‘I am a porn star, just with an exclusive audience. I’ve tasted before, remember I was a high end escort since I was six.’
Early for this conversation, I roll over and straddle CC, kiss both soft cheeks, reluctantly get out of the cozy girl scented bed.
We load up, stop by a fastie and get breakfast at the drive through, coffee, burritos with scrambled and sausage, diet Coke. We eat on the way to the plantation, which isn’t a functioning plantation, no crops, just the trees that surround the property.
We didn’t get around to listening to yesterday’s recording, Zero plays it while we drive. The upshot is that our target, Soccer Tits, is livid about a black gang attempting a territory takeover. She’s run the drug market in the county for a decade, has everyone on payroll, cops don’t chase around her distributors, the trade-off is no drug murders, no drive-bys, no collateral damage. She’s kept her people’s presence low key, and she supplies the regular crowd with heroin and pills. The wealthier customers get home delivery, quality, nothing is cut to useless.
Zero, ‘Almost too bad she’s going to die, once there’s a power void, the shooting begins.’
‘Not our problem. If the government had any sense, they’d give addicts alternative drugs and drive the sellers out of business.’
CC, ‘Why don’t they?’
Zero, ‘Because chasing around drug dealers is an industry. The DEA, courts, cops, rehab clinics that don’t rehab jack, social workers, probation officers, all make a living by keeping drugs illegal. The people who make opioids would lose millions, most of their product is either overprescribed or stolen, which means they make more money replacing it.’
CC, ‘Got it. Doesn’t matter, I don’t care if people die of overdoses, gang wars, or we put a hole in their skull. We make fifty grand when Soccer Tits dies.’
‘No, we make a hundred. I went back to the site and told our employer the target needed special handling, she has lots of protection, making the job more dangerous. Whoever didn’t hesitate, added fifty to the fifty already in the bitcoin lockbox.’
CC, ‘Awesome.’
‘The caveat is on the site, high profile, cops, or people with guards and guns cost more.’
Zero, ‘I suspect we’re taking out the competition for some other drug dealer. A hundred is chump change, particularly if we remove the head, they can take over territory without having to start a more expensive war. It’s a good business strategy.’
We’re behind the water tank, it’s eight thirty, probably too early for much to happen but we aren’t sure about Soccer Tits plans for the day, it didn’t come up in the conversation we recorded.
‘Earbuds in, same positions as yesterday. It’s daytime, stay as far into the woods as you can and still see the house.’
We pull on ski masks, Zero has the listening device, we separate and move through the trees into position. 
‘CC, Zero, you hear?’
Yes and yes.
An hour, nobody in or out, Zero says, ‘I only pick up three voices, the woman, a man, probably Whippet, and a woman who sounds like a cook or housekeeper. They are finishing breakfast. Nothing of plans for the day or their competition problem.’
Another hour, Zero, ‘Phone call, the half I heard sounded like an update on last night’s sales, nothing about any moves on the dealers.’
‘If it’s her competition that hired us, they’ll lay low and wait. No point in starting a war if the woman gets taken out.’
CC, ‘Won’t her second in command just keep doing business?’
‘Sure, he’ll try, but a power vacuum is a problem, likely create internal conflict, who gets to be the boss, that sort of thing. She may not have a second in command, I wouldn’t. It gives the second ideas about being first.’
An SUV approaches the gate, the guard opens it, the car comes down the drive and parks in front. One of gorillas from yesterday goes inside. 
Zero has the listening device tuned in, ‘They spotted our car behind the water tower, they’re trying to figure out if it has anything to do with them.’
‘Then they must have been doing a check around the property, they can’t see the car from the road. I didn’t hear a car, but we’re a hundred yards away, did they check our car, or just saw it?’
Zero, ‘Can’t tell, could have gone down the gravel road just far enough to see it and left to report. Seems like they would call and keep an eye on the Toyota.’
CC, ‘There were two men yesterday, where’s the other one?’ 
‘That’s it, he stayed behind to watch the car. I’m going to take a look, hold your spots.’
I go halfway, stop and wait, listen, nothing moving but birds. Another quarter, move tree to tree. As I approach the clearing around the tower, I spot him. He’s circling the tank, it’s a big one, must be near a hundred yard circumference.
He stops, looks in my direction but I’m on the ground behind a tree, he doesn’t see me. The SUV comes down the gravel road, stops, it’s the first gorilla. They walk towards the Toyota and out of my line of sight.
‘Zero, make your way back, the two are looking over our car, if they decide to walk to the woods, we may need to deal with them. CC, stay put.’
Got it and got it.
The men appear, start walking to the woods, guns drawn.

Forty Seven

They work it smart, separate about ten yards, slow walk into the trees, heads turning this way and that. When they’re in deeper than I am, I inch along stalking the one closest. I lose sight of him for a bit.
Then I hear a voice, ‘You gonna shoot both of us kid?’
I keep moving, Zero has taken off her ski mask, good, the men aren’t much afraid of a girl, even with a gun. She’s pointing at the other man, her guy is pointing his gun at her, my guy is pointing at her as well.
He says, ‘Put down the gun chica, what’s a kid doing out here with a Glock?’
Zero, ‘I’m hunting wabbit, you know, Elmer Fudd, be vewy vewy quiet, we’re hunting wabbit, do you watch the Cartoon Channel?’
They look at each other, first one again, ‘Nobody shoots rabbits with a Glock.’
Zero, ‘Well, see, you’re the wabbit I’m hunting,’ she puts a round in his forehead, small pop, we have suppressors.
I’m behind second, pop! Now we have two dead wabbits.
Zero smiles at me, ‘Good to have backup, what do we do with them?’
‘Leave ‘em, CC you getting this?’
‘Which one of you is Bugs?’
‘Those cartoons were old long before either of you was born, before I was born.’
CC, ‘They’re still around, remember when Bugs sang I dream of Jeanie, she’s a light brown hare?’
‘Any activity at the house?’
‘Not since the first gorilla went to find the second. I imagine he’s regretting that, or would if he wasn’t dead.’
‘Fall back, Soccer Tits isn’t going anywhere until she hears from her men.’
‘Actually, she’s on her roof, it’s flat with a retaining wall, she’s surveying the woods with binoculars…hang on.’
There’s a shot I recognize, the Ruger doesn’t have a suppressor.
CC, ‘Soccer Tits has been deflated, I’m coming.’
‘Grab the listening device, Zero left it where she was.’
Two minutes later CC appears. We get in the Toyota and beat a hasty retreat.
CC, ‘Before you ask, she’s dead, I saw the hole in her forehead through the scope, and the rounds aren’t hollow points, it went clean through, brains and bone flew out the exit wound. I need to get to the range and learn how to do that at a thousand yards, what the Ruger was made for.’
‘We’ll do it, all three of us need more practice with it, you did well girl.’
She smiles, ‘Must be good luck to have sex the night before a kill.’
‘Don’t tell Zero, she’ll want to kill every day.’
‘I already want to kill every day, sex is relaxing, a relaxed shooter is an accurate one.’
Twelve year old girls, amazing. Well, technically CC is fourteen in years on Earth, the mystery of not aging.
Zero, ‘Speaking of murder, we going to track down the RSO? If so, I’ll need to ravish CC again.’
‘You are most considerate.’
‘Compassion is my middle name.’
We laugh, like Zero needs an excuse to jump CC.
‘We should follow the protocol, check out and drive closer to the next target, it’s going to get busy in this town, three dead people and the possibility of a gang war.’
Zero, ‘I’ll find us something, the RSO is halfway home more or less.’
She taps her tablet, ‘Hundred fifty far enough?’
A thought occurs, ‘ Zero, did you overhear anything about our car?’
‘Crap, duh, yes, they know it’s a rental from the sticker, if they took down the plate, I didn’t hear them mention it.’
‘We have to assume they did. It’s rented by one of my shells, if anyone looks, the corporate name leads nowhere. My driver’s license is fake as a politicians promises. Impossible to say what Whippet tells the cops, if anything.’
I noodle on the problem, ‘Okay, lesson learned. If we rent a car, we change the plates, then change them back when we return it. Let’s take a detour, it might add a day, but that’s no big deal. Find us a city to the east, at least two hundred miles and it needs to have the same car rental company. I’ll turn this one in, take a taxi someplace. I don’t want the taxi driver to know I’m going to rent a car after right dropping off one. I’ll get a second taxi to different rental agency.’
‘What do we do?’
‘I’ll drop you at a coffee shop while I shuffle cars. When I get the second car, we’ll make our way towards the RSO’s town.’
While the drive and car shuffle is likely overkill, I have two young girls to consider. We also have three Glocks, a Ruger rifle, and ammo. The ones we just used to kill two men and a woman.
It’s nearly seven when we get to a hotel for the night, but we accomplished the drive, car swap and more drive without incident, good enough.
Pick up an easy dinner, Chinese, simple to reheat in the microwave.
I have my usual vodka, the girls got a bottle of white, we have won ton soup, every Chinese restaurant whether a hole in the wall or a more formal ambiance has shrimp with garlic sauce and chicken in Szechuan sauce. Frankly, I’m hard pressed to tell the difference in sauces, but it always tastes good.
A quiet night, I have a second drink, the girls finish the wine, we read until we’re sleepy. 
Up by seven, coffee, haul the bit of luggage to the car, an Acura Entropy, like everything in the universe, moving from order to disorder. Not an SUV this time, a mud colored mid-size sedan. More coffee and Coke along with breakfast sandwiches from one of the fasties. We get to the target’s town in four hours.
Zero, ‘Find a hotel?’
‘Let’s pass by the target’s place, we have no idea if he’s even home. You have the mug shot?’
‘Yep, he’s fifty, looks like an accountant, maybe an engineer, curly hair, glasses, receding hairline, Mr. Anybody. Probably neater in appearance than the disaster of the mug shot. Cops must use the same cameras as the DMV, a Canon Unflattering, designed to make even runway models look like homeless meth addicts.’
We follow the GPS and find ourselves in a neighborhood of ranch homes as bland as the salad dressing.
Zero, ‘Did you know ranch dressing is the runaway favorite salad dressing?’
She’s been in my mind again, I never know when she’s reading my thoughts, her telepathy doesn’t sound a buzzer in my brain.
CC, ‘Where did that question come from? Oh…you’ve been in Commandant’s head again.’
‘Yours too, Legs, doesn’t take much, very little going on in there.’
‘Uh huh, more like my thoughts are too deep for your spooky ability to access.’
Zero giggles, ‘Deeply superficial, you think about you, checking yourself in the mirror twenty times a day, then about me, sometimes Commandant. All of them pornographic.’
CC laughs, ‘It’s fun in my head, n’est pas?’
‘A nympho wonderland.’
Now I laugh, ‘You’ve been reading about Andy Warhol.’
Zero, ‘Who’s he?’
‘He once said, I am a deeply superficial person, which he probably got from Ava Gardner, who said, deep down, I’m pretty superficial.’
‘Who’s Ava Gardner?’
‘Dead actress from the forties. She made superficiality an art form, married Frank Sinatra, otherwise known as Mr. Obnoxious, Artie Shaw, a band leader, and Mickey Rooney, a small man of limited talent.’
‘Why do you know about them at all?’
‘One of my former employees was a fan of that forties-fifties era. I don’t know why, she just liked it. She was only twenty two, loved to dress in fifties glamour style. Beautiful girl, thought of herself as a performance artist.’
CC, ‘What’s a performance artist? Like theater?’
‘I heard it described as unlike theater, an actor portrays a character, and it is repeated night after night. Performance art is generally a onetime event, and the performer is not playing a role, it is who she is, trying to convey a unique perspective. That exhausts my knowledge of the subject.’
Zero, ‘Interesting, I’ll look up performance art later. Target’s house is third left.’

Forty Eight

Strange, this is the sort of neighborhood with kids, our target is on the RSO list, but they don’t make them post a sign. 
Our boy is home, he comes from around the back pushing a wheelbarrow with gardening tools. 
CC, ‘Maybe he turned to growing plants rather than raping growing kids.’
Zero, ‘Roll down the window, I can shoot him from here.’
She’s not serious, we all know better than to think we can put a bullet in the head at forty yards, not with a Glock, the Ruger would do it, but it’s a sizable gun without a suppressor.
Zero, ‘I have an idea, watch my performance art.’
She strips off her jeans, leaving her in a t-shirt and sneakers. The shirt hangs a couple inches below her bottom and the fiber is soft and clingy. She gets out of the car, nowhere to hide a gun, she isn’t planning on shooting him for the moment. 
We watch her stroll down the street, it occurs to me to turn on the listening device, CC points the dish towards the house.
The man is tossing small gardening tools on the ground in front of a flower bed. There are no flowers, he’s got starter flowers in little containers to create one.
Zero walks up to him, he turns and visibly starts. There’s a young blonde vision with curvy gym legs smiling at him. I can almost feel his cock start to pulsate.
‘You planting flowers? I love flowers, my name is Daisy.’
He bites, he can’t help himself, ‘It’s pretty simple, dig a hole, take the buds from the container,’ he picks one up and eases it out, ‘put it in the hole, tamp the dirt down, not too tight, do the next one. I’ll show you.’
He kneels down next to the plot, uses the small shovel to make a hole, puts in the transferred bud, pats the dirt around.
Zero is standing next to him, he’s kneeling, when he turns to look at her eyes run up the silken legs and stop. His mouth hangs open, I think he might drool, no panties, only Zero in the flesh.
CC, ‘She’s got him, he may have a heart attack.’
We see her raise the hem of the t-shirt, ‘I love to show off my pussy, do you like it?’
‘Um…uh…,’ his head twists left and right, checking to see if anyone else is around.
Both sides of his lawn have shrubbery four feet high, the front is open to the street, but no one is on it. We can only see because the angle of the car puts them just past the shrubbery.
‘My mom takes pictures of me with nothing on, it’s so fun. She puts them on some website.’
‘Oh, well, she’s okay with it then.’
‘It was her idea. I’ll tell you a secret, if you promise not to tell anyone…’
‘Yeah, I promise,’ eager for her revelation.
‘She likes to lick me, it feels so good,’ she giggles.
He’s clearly flustered, ‘We can go inside…if you want to show me more.’
More giggles, ‘Cool.’
‘I’ll go in the front, back door is open, go around and come in that way.’
‘Okay,’ she starts around the side of the place, the target stands, does another survey of the street, goes in the front door.
CC, ‘I’ll take care of it,’ she takes Zero’s jeans and folds them, puts the Glock in the fold and gets out.
I see her head the same way Zero went, can see her head over the shrubbery then disappear. I take the dish and point it to the house. 
‘I like your house, it’s so neat, you aren’t a slob.’
‘No, I like things orderly…and clean.’
‘I keep my pussy sparking, my mother says to keep it sparkling, pristine, I have a pristine pussy. You can kiss it if you want.’
‘Can I put my shirt on the chair, I don’t want to make a mess.’
‘God you’re gorgeous.’
Then a soft pop.
CC shows up a minute later, ‘The house behind his is vacant, drive around the block, Zero will be on that street.’
I pull away, a left then a left, Zero is strolling down the street towards us, she gets in, we’re gone.
Zero screeches, ‘I am truly amazing, bow to my magnificence.’
CC, ‘I thought he might faint, he was so focused on the goody he didn’t hear me come in. Zero leaning against a bookcase, he was on his knees, back to me, face two inches from the prize.’
‘You shot him from the back while Zero was standing in front of him? The bullet isn’t supposed to go through, but there’s no guarantee.’
CC, ‘Don’t be an idiot, I stuck the barrel in his ear and pulled the trigger. It didn’t exit, still, I would never simply trust the load.’
‘Relieved to hear it.’
Her performance over, Zero is back to business, ‘Let’s go home.’
Two hundred fifty miles later, we’re there.
‘A rather eventful trip, hunted by two goons, then Zero’s tease.’
CC, ‘Wonder why he fell for it, considering his RSO status.’
‘She played it well, first, she was right there offering herself to him. His brain went irrational when she pulled up the hem of her shirt. He likely thought about the risk, Zero let him believe she was doing child porn and that her mother was the director.’
Zero, ‘That was the objective, put it out there up front, like I had no idea who he was, desire overwhelmed him, and it was so quick he had no time to wonder if I was for real.’
‘His dream girl was a nightmare.’
‘Sounds like a book title.’
‘It does, doesn’t it?’
Zero, ‘Now I have a second book to write.’
‘Have you started on Buddha with a Bullet?’
‘Yes, a hundred pages, it’s about a Shaolin monk turned assassin.’
CC, ‘I do edits, she writes fairly clean, a few misplaced commas or a forgotten quotation mark. Word checks spelling but she turned off the grammar check, people don’t speak grammatically and all sorts of unwanted corrections started showing up. It was more annoying than helpful.’
They go to the bench to clean guns, I gather luggage and unpack, collect the laundry and start a load. I briefly ponder how the girls are what they are, then drop it as pointless speculation. 

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