Twenty Nine

I turn in the Erratic at eight, Uber back to the hotel, the girls are ready, we go down and toss our stuff in the NSX.
C, ‘This is your ride?’
‘Yes, it doesn’t have but two seats.’
‘Zero and I can swap laps.’
We make good time, home by one, C looks around the place, ‘Zero said one big room, she wasn’t joking, this is neat.’
I’ll talk to Z about sleeping arrangements, maybe a retractable wall, add a bath. One thing I have is room to expand, or even go up, build a room on the roof. We can get into that later, the girl may not want to live here at all, haven’t asked about relatives, I doubt she has any she wants to acknowledge.
Zero, ‘There are filets in the freezer, take three out now they’ll be ready to grill tonight. We’ll need baking potatoes, or I can make mashed, spinach for creamed spinach. We have the ingredients,’ she pokes around in the refrigerator, ‘get more eggs, English muffins, bacon, milk, French bread. Give me your phone, I’ll stick the list in notes.’
‘Put away the guns when you’re done, I’ll get to the market.’
When I return, the girls are sunbathing nude behind the house.
‘You keeping track of time?’
Zero, ‘Half hour front, ten left for back.’
She never goes longer, and she doesn’t do it every day, a bit of color, her skin stays blemish free and everyone needs vitamin D.
I don’t linger, a little privacy allows them to speak freely if there’s anything they want to keep between themselves. Z tells me what’s on her mind, C may prefer to be cautious. She hasn’t met any man she can trust.
The girls come inside, Zero, ‘Enough, going to shower.’
Be interesting to see how soon C catches on to our equal partner relationship. She’s used to a man controlling what she can and can’t do, or even say. 
They appear as I’m laying out a platter sliced cheese and crackers.
‘Zero, did you tell C she isn’t a guest here?’
Z, ‘What he means is, you get what you want from the refrigerator, or the pantry, don’t ask if it’s okay, it’s okay. He does the laundry, most of the cleaning, but if you see something needs dusting, or any other housework, do it if you have time. You’re not a guest, you aren’t the maid either.’
C, ‘Simple enough even for a thousand an hour prostitute to understand.’
We laugh, ‘I don’t think you’re short on brains, and you have the good sense to joke about your former profession.’
‘Wish I could say the money was good, but I never saw any of it until my rescuers showed up. What do I do with that much cash?’
Zero, ‘Anything you want, it’s your money. You won’t need to spend any, he pays for everything and you don’t need to fuck him for it.’
C laughs, ‘What do I do with all my professional experience?’
‘I have a few ideas.’
‘Like last night?’
‘Like that, yeah.’
I don’t ask, they don’t explain. If Zero wants me to know, she’ll tell me.
C, ‘I need to catch up educationally, what do you do?’
‘Online, I read a lot, take any of the books from the shelves, if you want other books, go to Amazon and order them. Um…also clothes, almost all our stuff comes from Amazon, but he’ll take us shopping as well.’
‘I don’t have an Amazon account.’
‘We do, there are Amazon apps on the phones and tablets, shop and buy, have you used Amazon?’
‘I’ll show you after lunch.’
I add, ‘You need a personal banking account. You aren’t old enough to open one, what I’ll do is set up a corporation, it will be exclusively yours. If you wish, I’ll show you how I invest, you can put the money to work, money makes money. You’re twelve, right?’
‘By the time you’re twenty one, you should have a nice pile, all for yourself.’
C smiles, lowers her head, I see her wipe a tear, ‘I’m really free, it feels…’ she swipes another tear.
‘You just demonstrated how it feels.’
A grin, beautiful.
We wrap up lunch, the girls stay at the island and get into Amazon, I go to the couch with a book. Tomorrow I’ll get the corporation set up and papers for C, which makes me think to ask.
‘C, I’ll need a name for you, to set up the account and to get you a birth certificate and a passport. Eventually you’re going to need ID.’
‘I want to stay with C, but double C, CC. Is it okay to have one name, not a last name?’
‘Sure, the birth certificate will say father unknown, I’ll make up your mother’s name, can’t leave it blank.’
‘Hey! That’s it, my last name will be Blank, like Zero is Zero, except it’s her only name. CC Blank, Zero and Blank, it’s destiny.’
They giggle.
‘Why do I need a passport?’
Zero, ‘We’re going to the Caribbean in a couple of months, probably Bermuda, I’m still shopping islands, St. Martin’s looks nice too. We’ll wear bikinis the size of postage stamps and be awesome.’
More giggles, better than cracked ice dropping into my cocktail glass, a sound I relish at the end of the day.
Over the next few weeks, we introduce CC to our workout routines, she takes to Zero’s yoga and tumbling, her flexibility isn’t Zero’s but she’s good. She’s surprised that I can do full front and side splits. I pound my way along on the treadmill while they do their thing. Zero has begun training her in self defense, and they whap the heavy bag every other day.
I offered to install a retractable room divider and add a bed but they decline, we sleep in the super king together, naked as newborns.
Zero told me they began intimacy the first night, the night in the hotel. I was in the fold out, not in bed with them. CC squished against her, head on Zero’s shoulder, then hands roaming the satin sleek. Zero let her fondle for a while, then eased CC to her back and went down on her, first lez experience for both.
When Zero told me, she added, ‘I told her I own her now, that she will learn obedience, just like my other bitch.’
‘What did she say?’
Zero said, ‘She asked me if I was a mind reader. You know the answer, but I didn’t reply, she’ll have to figure it out on her own.’
CC follows her like a puppy, hardly keeps her hands off, Zero soaks it up, not so little anymore brat sylph.


We take CC to the range, like Zero, I start her off with the small Glock. She’s got a calm temperament, good for shooting, picks it up nicely. Zero can bullseye the Ruger at two hundred yards if it’s clear and still, not so well in the wind, the rain.
Zero, ‘I see why you are making me work it, a breeze is okay, howling wind and rain is distracting.’
‘Nobody does well in poor weather without a few thousand rounds under their belt. When it’s rainy and windy, a long shot is a bitch, but you will learn. It’s primarily for practice, I doubt we’ll be taking out targets in a hurricane, or even a thunderstorm.’
CC, ‘You talked about spotters, can I be her spotter?’
‘You want to be her spotter, say so, don’t ask my permission.’
She giggles, ‘Zero tried to tell me, okay, I want to be her spotter.’
‘You can start with the hundred yard target, get a feel for gauging distance, wind speed, use the binoculars to scan the territory. You will also have tools for those things, but at first, learn to do it without them, you will need your instincts if the tools aren’t available. I can tell you, there’s also a fair amount of good information on the web, even YouTube video. Soak it all up. Zero, you need to read and watch as well, make sure you are in synch with each other.’
They’ve had enough for today, we went through a hundred rounds each between the pistols and the rifle. 
‘Police the brass, stick the casings in the trash bag, I can use them to adjust loads for our work.’
CC, ‘Why? Not why get the cartridges, but why do you adjust…what do you call it?’
‘The load is the amount of powder that ignites to propel the bullet. Obviously, less is a less powerful shot.’
‘Don’t you want the bullet to go as fast as possible?’
‘Sometimes, but I prefer the bullet to get inside the target’s head, but not go through the target’s head, that’s messy. What I want is the bullet to pierce the skull, or up through the throat to the brain. A hollow point will mushroom, or break apart causing a lot of internal damage, but without the worry of a through and through. Don’t want the thing to exit the target and hit someone else. For instance if we do the kill outside. Even inside, it can go straight through a wall and maybe hit someone on the other side.’
‘A killer with a conscience?’
‘Not much, I don’t want the problems collateral damage brings. My way is safer for us. I didn’t care about killing the bouncer who had the bad luck to be visiting your pimp. We don’t leave witnesses.’
‘Understood, for what it’s worth, I didn’t care about the bouncer either, I lost my conscience after the first few guys fucked me. Morality was wiped from my hard drive early on.’
Zero, ‘Morality is a fraud, it’s a code word for control.’
I’d rented an SUV the times we drove to the range, the NSX is too small for three of us. Then I bought a used one, Hyundai Frisson a year old and less than twenty thousand miles. Now we have plenty of room for guns, cooler with water, Coke, and nibbles, mostly protein bars.
Home again, ‘Zero, do you want me to clean the guns?’
‘No, I’ll go over it again with CC, then a shower and a nap. I’ll make dinner after, veal lasagna tonight.’
I pull laundry from the dryer, fold and put it away, then to the shower. They come along as I’m drying off.
CC, ‘Left the shooting clothes on the washing machine.’
She’s learning, we’re home, now I’m the housekeeper, not the shooting instructor. 
I go to the laundry room, which isn’t a room, the machines are in the garage. Girl jeans, t-shirts, socks in the washer, CC goes panty free like Zero. I don’t think it’s to save on laundry detergent.
When I go inside, Zero and CC are done, sitting on the couch making out. 
Zero turns to me, ‘Bring us Champagne.’
Pop open a bottle of Gosset, a fine French Champagne Z and I are fond of. I also stock Charles Heidsiek, good time Charlie brought Champagne to America, then to the Brits, did us a favor.
We use acrylic glasses, they stay clear, don’t break if dropped. They make acrylic Champagne flutes but they suck, too small. We serve ours in acrylic wine glasses.
I tote the drinks across the room, hand them to the girls. Zero has seen my cock lots of times, it’s still new to CC, not cock, she was a prostitute after all, but still she eyeballs mine.
CC, ‘If the men who paid me had a body like yours, I might have stayed in the business. And I say you possess a solid eight inches, based on my too vast experience.’
It’s a shade over, but she’s close enough, if I say eight and a half, it sounds pissy. I never measured, one of my formers did. She called me eight ball. It was fun, she was smart and hot, but I moved around a lot, didn’t want kids or a picket fence. We parted friendly, but when I part, I don’t stay in touch. A week later, I can’t recall their names. Part of my psycho charm.
Zero, ‘Do you like how you look now, or do you want to get tits and hips?’
‘Do I have a choice?’
CC, ‘You’re joking of course, but I wish it was true, I don’t want either.’
‘Then you shall not have them. Don’t believe me, wait and see,’ she stands, ‘I need to get lasagna in the over or we’ll starve, they’ll find us comatose with bloated belies and flies in our face, like kids in Africa,’ she crosses to the refrigerator and pulls out a Pyrex dish layered with pasta, sauce, and veal. 
CC, ‘I adore taking orders from her, you guys saved me, I’ll do any damn thing she wants. I’d do anything you want, but I don’t think you want that from me. Or, if I have it right, you will do anything I want, yes?’
‘Yes, Zero read me, I still don’t know how, but she sensed I like a bit of subservience, given orders, not requests. She likes me obedient.’
‘Our blonde, salacious mistress, works for me, obviously works for you.’
‘It’s our play, but only partly, it also has a real side, Zero zeroes in on people, their masked personality. She, like me, has psychopathic tendencies. Part of psychopathy is the ability to manipulate and control. You are as well.’
She smiles, ‘Yes, my tribe found me. Do you believe her? About the age thing?’
‘To the extent I believe anything. She’s been with me over a year, almost two, I haven’t changed at all. She has, gotten taller, more muscle in those curvy legs. She never talked like a kid, acted like a kid, expressed the slightest interest in other kids or making friends. Zero may be what humans will be in a distant future. She reveals herself when she wishes, not until.’
CC lays her head on my shoulder, ‘She’s fucking amazing. And just look at that perfect yoga butt.’

Thirty One

Girls who put out are tramps. Girls who don't are ladies. This is, however, a rather archaic usage of the word. Should one of you boys happen upon a girl who doesn't put out, do not jump to the conclusion that you have found a lady. What you have probably found is a lesbian.
Fran Lebowitz

Zero, ‘We’ve been hired, or I should say, someone wants to hire us.’
CC, ‘Hired? I thought you did rescues, like you did for me.’
Z, ‘We kill for money, our big boy taught me, I introduced him to pro bono, know what that is?’
‘It means public good, usually in terms of free legal representation. In our case it applies, we take out people like Asshat free, abusers, people in the child sex trade, other complete assholes.’
‘Ah, got it. Who is this one?’
‘A lawyer, corporate, partner in a major law firm. The job is across the country, five hour flight.’
‘When do we leave?’
‘He hasn’t accepted yet, the money needs to go in a bitcoin account.’
Next question is what’s bitcoin, Zero explains how it works and that it keeps both sides of the transaction anonymous.
CC, ‘Damn, that’s slick, I had to do ten overnights to earn fifty thousand, and I never got the money, at least not until you rescued me.’
I read the message, ‘Seems simple enough, the message left clear details, name, name of his firm, home address, description of his car and the plate number. Can’t prove it, but this reads like a lawyer wrote it.’
CC, ‘So one of his partners wants him dead?’
‘Perhaps, could be a junior associate pissed about being passed over for partner, a lawyer from a competing firm, or it might be unrelated to work. We don’t care, it’s just a thought, we don’t want to know who hires us, or why they want someone dead.’
‘You going to take it?’
‘Sure, soon as I see fifty in the account.’
​I reply to the message, payment instructions are part of the website, including pricing. We don’t want to be bothered with people that can’t come up with the money.
I reply to the message, payment instructions are included.
That done, Zero is pulling the lasagna from the oven, she lets it sit to cool and come together. 
‘You’re falling down on your job, you’re supposed to prep the ciabatta, butter and warm.’
I get up, CC is cozy, long lean legs attached to a washboard tummy. 
Walk over to Zero, ‘I’ll make drinks, you want wine or Champagne?’
‘Chianti, we’re having Italian, skip the club soda, I want total immersion as they say.’
‘Who says?’
I don’t pursue the illogic of they becoming me.
Time to eat, ‘Zero, this is delicious, snappy al dente pasta, rich sauce, tender veal.’
CC, ‘It really is, you have the touch, la disposition as the say in France.’ 
‘You speak French?’
‘Oui, I learned online. I’m not fluent, I should learn more, like to read a novel in French.’
Zero, ‘You will show me, then we can practice back and forth.’
‘Great! We can delve into the existentialists, Sartre, Camus.’
Zero is ten, CC twelve, both over my head in brainpower. 
Zero, ‘If we all learn enough to communicate on jobs, we can talk and the target won’t know what we’re saying.’
I nod, ‘That’s actually a good idea.’
‘Of course it’s a good idea, it’s my idea.’
CC giggles, ‘Self esteem is not an issue with you is it?’
‘Why on Earth would it be, I’m damn near perfect, at the least flawless.’
‘Agreed, I’ve been over the territory, haven’t found a flaw yet.’
I cut myself another hunk of lasagna, the philosophy girls can read Sartre, I’ll stick with pulp fiction.
Zero, ‘Tonight we go mystery, Hercule Poirot. He’s Belgian, not French, but French is the language of Belgium.’
CC, ‘Who’s Hercule Poirot?’
‘A creation of Agatha Christie, an insanely prolific novelist. She stole ideas from Conan Doyle and his Sherlock Holmes stories, which she freely admitted. She’s dead as Schrödinger’s cat. The stories are set in the thirties, lots of English mansions, butlers, quirky characters. It’s BBC, they do everything well.’
Our evening passes quietly, the girls go across the room to bed, I sit up reading a so-called thriller, which may thrill someone, it doesn’t thrill me.
The house is dark excepting my reading light and a few nightlights. I can just make out the girls, Zero is all over CC, who is responding enthusiastically. A soft groan, then it’s quiet. When I slip under the sheets, Zero is next to me, CC on her other side asleep.
Zero scrunches closer, ‘I can’t stay away from her.’
‘I see her touching and kissing you all day.’
‘That’s her way of getting me worked up so I’ll jump her.’
I stroke her brow, ‘Good of you to step aside from your dominant nature. Besides, she allows your dominance, as much as she claims you own her, the possessor is also the possessed.’
Z sighs, ‘You’ve caught on to my strategy, I’ve been exposed, now what?’
‘Now nothing, only you thought you were being sly and manipulative, we don’t see it that way. Keep doing what you do, your role and ours is a tacit agreement among us, our harmony. Each instrument has a part in the psycho psymphony.’
‘So I’m still Queen Bee?’
‘The pride of our hive.’
She giggles, I kiss her forehead. Silence descends, we fall away content to be what we are.

Thirty Two

Money hit the bitcoin account, we fly off to the target’s town, a megalopolis of some three million tortured souls, one of which we are here to relieve of his tale told by an idiot, his sound and fury, like the rest of the world, signifying nothing, or Zero to rephrase Shakespeare.
Zero reads my mind, ‘Everything is nothing, there’s nothing special about this town, all souls are tortured, primarily by their own thinking.’
CC, ‘What do you mean?’
‘People conform to be accepted, at school, work, in the family. There’s always a hierarchy, a pecking order, fit in to get in. And they conform out of fear. What happens when people are afraid?’
‘They get angry.’
‘We have a winner. Fear is the birthplace of violence. Most people keep it contained, or escape through drink or drugs, sometimes sports or religion. But the seed of violence is planted, which they nurture by thought, I am this, I want to be that, or caught up in how society should be rather than seeing what is.’
CC, ‘We’re violent.’
‘Yes, it seems I am my own contradiction, as are you and our pretty benefactor.’
They aren’t trying to keep their conversation private. I’ve been called a lot of things, I don’t mind. Maybe she’s sending a message.
Touchdown, rental SUV awaits, a Ford Dreary, bland as a Lutheran.
Our routine is to drive by the target’s workplace, then his home. He’s a corporate lawyer, not a defense attorney, keeps regular hours as a partner. Days of drudge work and eighty hour weeks are done, that’s for interns and junior associates. Time zone changes mean it’s seven here, the office has lights on, but his car isn’t in the building garage. 
He’s got a mini-mansion in a gated community. It’s simple enough for us to follow a resident in, then turn off to the target’s street. If he’s home, we can’t tell, both garage doors are closed. It’s gotten dark, lights are on in the house, no activity.
‘Zero, sneak down the right side, you’ll have to haul yourself over the wall.’
Each house is separated by a brick wall but they’re only five feet high, enough privacy for a single story.
Zero exits, tumbling has resulted in powerful limber legs, strong shoulders and arms. It’s an easy leap, then pulls herself up and over.
She’s gone five, then ten, CC, ‘Where is she? She’s taking too long.’
‘Zero knows what she’s doing.’
‘But she didn’t take her gun.’
‘She has the same knives you do, and she knows how to use them.’
First hands, then her head, she clears the wall and comes to the car.
‘He’s there, occupied, giving a blow job to a black monster. I had to wait, wanted to see if he spits or swallows.’
CC laughs, ‘Wonder what his wife thinks?’
‘She was sitting across from them, cheering him on, she was masturbating, as naked as the black guy, I assume Blackie did her first, then unloaded in his mouth.’
CC, ‘Would love to have seen that.’
She holds up her phone, ‘You can, at least the last bit.’
CC watches the video, ‘God, he must have a ten inch cock. If he stuck that thing in my puss it would poke out my mouth.’
‘Imagine Mrs. is a happy girl, I don’t imagine she wants lawyer dead, she’s having too much fun.’
‘No, it wouldn’t be the same if the black guy just came over for a fuck. Looks like a humiliation thing.’
Zero, ‘You would know.’
CC muffles a giggle.
‘What I enjoy is different, I don’t want to suck a dick, certainly not have one shoved up my ass. Our fun doesn’t involve extras.’
‘What if I wanted you to fuck a woman while we watched?’
‘I suppose I’d do it, but you don’t want that.’
CC, ‘How do you know?’
Zero, ‘He knows me.’
‘Wait, the stud is leaving.’
The man gets in a mid-range BMW, drives off. We assume the woman is the wife, not a sideline entertainment. He’s married, while we have no photo of her, it’s a safe assumption.
‘Doesn’t appear either of them are going anyplace.’
CC, ‘Why don’t we tap them both?’
Zero, ‘Policy. We kill who we’re paid to kill, the only exception is if there’s a surprise witness or if we’re in immediate danger. Our mystery employer wants the guy dead, no mention of wife. For all we know, our employer wants the husband out of the way, what’s the wife look like, she wasn’t in the video.’
‘Attractive in a full figured way. Bleach blonde, heavy on the Maybelline. She’s not exactly fat by common standards, especially today when most of America is a tub of butter.’ 
‘Give me directions to the hotel, you have something with a kitchen?’
Z, ‘The Druid Inn, there’s a replica of Stonehenge out front. Full on suite, including full size refrigerator, stove, oven, the works. Shall I cook?’
‘No, let’s get ready made, wine, vodka, nibbles,’ we shop, wind up with fried chicken, seafood salad, nuts, cheese, crackers. 
I check in, the desk clerk and concierge are in robes with hoods. A clear plastic case has pamphlets for Pagan Druids, Christian Druids, Zen Druids, Hasidic Druids, if they have Muslim Druids, there’s no pamphlet for it. 
Girls wait in the Dreary, then up to the room. The place is busy, lobby full of faceless nomads, we’re just three more. The girls know to dress plainly, like the children of Jehovah’s Witless, nobody gives us a glance.

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