One Hundred Eighty Five

We played, not hard, more like enthusiastic. I know Zero’s body well, I’ve been over all of it, yet our sex never seems ordinary or habitual. I credit her lesbian side, in the sense that she has intimacies with the others, variety adds spice, like habanero hormones. 
We semi-nap post play, then shower together, I wash her white hair, Janah has white hair as well, it’s quite striking.
As we step out and proceed to towel, the bedroom door opens, Alice comes in.
‘We’re home, guess you figured that out,’ Zero sits on the vanity stool, I brush her hair, Alice leans against the counter, ‘Zero’s looking content, have fun?’
Zero, ‘What do you think?’
Alice moves next to Zero’s shoulder, she’s in a micro mini, must have been an interesting shopping trip. I see Zero’ s hand slide up the inside of Alice’s leg, fingers stroke the soft, Alice squeezes her legs together, bites her lower lip. 
Alice, ‘Oohh, that feels nice, and check it Zero,’ Zero turns, my shaft is straight, just over Janah’s shoulder.
Alice wraps her fingers around my cock, ‘I think I’m going to be content pretty soon,’ she strokes the shaft.
Zero giggles, ‘Geez Commandant, I thought it might need a rest, considering what you did with it.’
‘We had a nap.’
‘Alice is levitating it, her brain getting your man brain to obey?’
Alice, ‘I love to make it stiff, Commandant can’t do a thing about it either.’
Zero, ‘You’re like mental Viagra.’
‘Just for Commandant, but I’m not doing it now, he’s hard happy watching you fondle my fondelable,’ she gets breathy, then quivery, then goes off, ‘ahhhh, yeowch that’s soooo…’
Janah licks her fingers, ‘Lavender.’
‘CC got me a few lotions, and tonight she’s giving me…umm, lessons.’
‘You’re becoming a first class slut.’
‘I have a long way to go the catch up to you and CC, for that matter Fin and Zoe.’
Alice leans over, kisses the tip, releases me, it begins its slow descent to normal, she changes the subject, ‘Phaedra got sneakers, a couple of shifts, light and clingy, for nine she has a cute figure. Misha got shorts and two skirts, one is short, the other is shorter. For a mixed breed, she has rad legs, most annoying.’
‘Anything for you?’
‘No, CC keeps me in outfits, I only get new things because I outgrew the things I have, Misha and Micha take them over. We don’t dress much at home, t-shirt, socks, so it isn’t like I have a closet stuffed with clothes or shoes. I suppose now that I’m as old as I’m going to get I could add more, I don’t want a ton of clothes though.’
Zero, ‘You sound like me, I don’t care about fashion, that’s CC’s department.’
I finish Zero’s hair, it’s nearly dry from my brushing. I slip on fresh slacks and a casual shirt, socks, we only wear inside shoes in the house, the girls generally just wear socks or go barefoot. I have a couple pairs of slip on sneakers I only wear inside, one black, one white. Tonight is black.
Zero left her shirt on a kitchen stool, she goes out to locate it. Her coming from my bedroom nude is not unusual, none of the girls are shy anyway, Alice strolls around nude when the mood strikes, a thing she got from CC, they love the attention.
Fin and the twins are already at the table with Zoe, Misha and Micha, ‘Where’s CC?’
Zoe, ‘Putting things in the dryer, she uses those dry cleaning cloths to set colors on the new clothes.’
Cc comes from the garage, where we keep the commercial washer and dryer, so many girls, lots of towels, t-shirts, socks, at least there aren’t bras and panties, nobody uses underwear except Misha and me. Not sure about Phaedra, she’s new, Zero will ask, it’s her choice, she wants panties, she gets panties.
Over tea, Zero tells them about our upcoming Arizona trip, ‘Nikita, do you know of any work, inquires on the website?’
‘Nyet, we look forward to visiting the others, eef something comes up, we will decide.’
Phaedra knows about our abuse site, she contacted it, she doesn’t know about the murder for hire site. Eventually she will, but no point in bringing it up now, she’s only been with us a short time and she’s adjusting splendidly thanks to Alice and the others, Natasha has kept her busy with lessons, including Russian. Learning a second language is much simpler if there are native speakers around. The kids love it, Misha and Micha have become, if not fluent, close enough, now they will also teach Phaedra. Considering her brainpower, I doubt it will take long.
Nikita, ‘Natasha ees work wiz Phaedra, and she haf lesson een Russian, also learning alphabet, we haf Cryllic keyboard, she must type phrases and sentences een Cryllic as well as English.’
Zero, ‘Thank you for that Natasha, she keeping you busy Phaedra?’
Phaedra giggles, ‘Very, I like to be busy, plus swimming, trampoline, tumbling and yoga, the day shoots by. Alice says you have a gun range, plus a racetrack and dirt bike track, can I learn to shoot?’
Zero, ‘Don’t ask, say what you want.’
‘I want to learn to shoot.’
‘Better. We should go tomorrow, weather is supposed to be pleasant, no rain, what does everyone think?’
Fin, ‘Let’s do it, need to move the RV anyway, it’s been sitting nearly a month.’
We’ve chatted ourselves to the cocktail hour, Zoe is stirring gumbo, I make vodkas for me and the twins, ‘Seafood gumbo, do you want white or red?’
Zoe, ‘Gumbo needs the support of a healthy red I think.’
I dig out a muscular cabernet, pop and pour, half and half for Phaedra, Misha and Micha used to get it watered, now they want it undiluted. 
An hour later, we’re demolishing bowls of gumbo.
CC, ‘Marvelous Zoe, shrimp, crab, and a rich sauce, what’s this, okra?’
‘Yes, it gives the gumbo a creamy texture, I wanted to try it in place of filé (pron. feelay).
‘I know you’ve used it, but what is it exactly?’
‘Ground or powdered sassafras leaves, like okra, it’s a thickening agent.’
‘Well, it’s delicious either way.’
Zoe, ‘Thank you, a pleasure to see you enjoy it.’
I go for seconds, and another chunk of buttery French, ‘Anyone want another spoon?’
Phaedra, ‘Me,’ the others want more, we wipe out the pot.
Zoe, ‘That was a hit.’
Fin, ‘We like everything you cook, but some dishes are toppers, like tonight. We go to the range tomorrow, so it’s Chinese or pizza for dinner, but anytime after you want to grill filets or rib-eyes, I promise to make a pig of myself.’
Alice, ‘With the sauce, marchand du vin.’
‘Yeah, that too.’
Zoe, ‘Day after then, Alice is the grill master, I think I’ll make sweet potato casserole, marshmallows toasty on top, alternative to baked or mashed.’
Alice, ‘How is it made?’
‘Mash boiled sweet potatoes, mix in butter, brown sugar, orange juice, and nutmeg. It goes in a pan to bake for maybe thirty, cover with marshmallows halfway along so they get melty and brown on top, that’s it.’
Fin, ‘I’m in, just say when.’
Nikita, ‘That does sound good, haf you made before?’
‘Nope, we’re going to test it, some recipes call for cinnamon instead of nutmeg, I’ll go with nutmeg first, if it’s a keeper maybe I’ll try cinnamon, even saw a recipe that added chopped pecans.’
CC, ‘Misha, come and help me with the clothes, get them out of the dryer and onto hangars and in your closet. What’s for tonight’s entertainment?’
I make a suggestion, ‘Have any of you seen The Professional with Natalie Portman, her breakout role, she was twelve.’
Looks like I’m the only one, great movie and I haven’t seen it in years.
‘Good, you’re in for a treat.’
The movie clips along, no wasted space either, no soulful looks into the distance, no car chases, no long drives with scenery that chews up time but doesn’t advance the story one jot.
Fin, ‘Gary Oldman made another thing, well after this one, Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy, I saw it a bit too young to appreciate it.’
Zero, ‘Geez, I looked up his history, they call it filmography, he’s been making movies since eighty two, at a two to four films a year clip, plus TV, plus voices on a few video games.’
CC, ‘If we watch them all, do we get a Gary Oldman merit badge for each one, like boy scouts for tying knots or whatever it is that boy scouts do.’
Alice, ‘Based on the news reports, boy scouts are for scout leaders to screw or blow job swap.’
CC, ‘They have a game called swallow the leader.’
We laugh, CC is bizarre.

One Hundred Eighty Six

We land at Prescott Municipal, Janah’s place, I say Janah’s to keep it simple, I’m told everything belongs to everyone in her put together family and, like us, all under the umbrella of a corporation with several sub-corps. Murakami Sylk is the holding company for the dozen or so companies it controls.
Danika, ‘Welcome, our drive to the compound is a bit over a half hour, the property is between Prescott and Flagstaff. The compound is surrounded by rail fence with chain link attached. It’s not paranoia, well, maybe a little, the chain link keeps local wildlife on one side, us on the other. You won’t have to concern yourself with your mastiff, she’s perfectly safe wandering the property. One minor wildlife warning, there’s a cat named Burma, a Burmese.’
Zero, ‘Those are adorable, she have golden eyes?’
‘Yes, with mahogany fur, she’s an adult but Burmese retain their playfulness no matter what age. The warning is her cat tree. She thinks it’s a grand idea to hide near the top, then pounce on anyone passing by. She won’t hurt you, won’t claw you, she just likes the game. After she’s bonked you, she races up the tree which has levels with hiding spots, you are supposed to look around until you spot her, a quick scratch behind the ears is her reward.’
CC, ‘Sounds like my kind of cat girl.’
‘Does your dog have cat issues, or do you know?’
‘Morshchiny is laid back, if Alice tells her the cat is okay, the cat is okay, it won’t be an issue.’
‘And introducing her to thirty people?’
‘Same thing, she won’t even growl, much less snap at anyone, not unless she’s given a command and the command has to be from one of us.’
‘Where did the name come from if I may ask?’
‘It’s Russian for wrinkles. Wrinkles sounded lame, Morshchiny is more dignified..’
Danika laughs, ‘We have a gaggle of little girls, she may be the center of attention.’
The bus turns off the main road onto what, at first glance, doesn’t appear to be a road. It soon proves to be well groomed and smooth, after a couple of miles there’s a gate, Danika clicks a remote and it opens to a concrete drive, not asphalt, must have cost a bit to lay down. A tree lined half mile farther, a ninety degree turn, the house appears. 
Fin, ‘Get out! It’s a Victorian mansion, Gothic even, spires, vaulted windows, is it three floors? Whose idea was it?’
 ‘Amaya’s doing, she started out thinking castle until Daphne talked her down. There is a fourth story attic, which isn’t an attic really, half of it is Eloise’s workshop, the rest is creative space for the children, there are windows but they face the rear.’
CC, ‘Is it impolite to ask the size?’
‘Seventy five thousand square feet not counting the basement and attic, there are stairways beyond the main one you see when we go in, and hidden hallways some of which connect to rooms, others lead nowhere or circle back on themselves, like a maze.’
‘So anyone can creep through to someone else’s room?’
Danika, ‘All the doors can be locked from inside, if you aren’t intimately familiar with them, you risk getting lost, they are lighted, but barely, candles are too smoky, we have electric candles made of real wax, from any distance over three feet they look quite real and they won’t set the house on fire.’
Fin, ‘Just delightful, and what is the stone on the exterior?’
‘Basalt, volcanic rock, extremely hard, I have no idea what the place weighs, the basement is primarily the laundry, thirty girls, you can imagine the laundry. Thank goodness for Eloise, Daria, and their bots, Emma B and Kota B do all the laundry, folding, delivering to rooms. Grace B is here as well but if we ask her to do laundry she tells us to piss off.’
The drive circles in the front, she pulls up to the door, Janah and Daphne come out, ‘Welcome, welcome, dismount and come in, the bots will deal with luggage, there are a variety of slip-ons by the door, find a size that works, you will see a shelf in the cabinet on the right to park your shoes. I’m not sure why we worry about it, the place is constantly cleaned, but Amaya wasn’t having street shoes inside.’
Grace B comes along, ‘Welcome, now get out of my damn way if you want your crap to wind up in the right room, luggage hauling should be for cleaning bots but the stupid things are busy cleaning,’ she looks at me, ‘a man, who invited him? Geez he’s a big bastard,’ she picks up four suitcases, spots Morshchiny, ‘Fuck me, is that a dog or a horse? Never mind, don’t expect me to feed that beast.’
She strolls off like the cases weigh nothing.
Janah, ‘So, you’ve met Grace B, the others are better behaved, and Grace will do whatever you ask, she’ll just bitch about it, but it will be done and done properly. Feel free to tell her off.’
Alice, ‘I like her, we shall be great pals, you’ll see.’
Inside, swap shoes for slip on sneakers, they all look new, Daphne says, ‘We intentionally didn’t line up the girls for you to meet, they are going about whatever it is they go about and will introduce themselves as they show up. Most appear for tea though, which is in a half hour. I’ll take you to your rooms. Commandant, you have a single, I don’t know how you want to divide up, there are four rooms with two queen beds, all rooms have a private bath.’
We go up the main staircase, which leads to a hallway left and right. If either hallway has an end, I can’t see it from here. At each side of the landing, there is another set of steps to the third floor, we take the left set.
Daphne, ‘There are exit signs about halfway down each hall, the stairs only go down from here, the attic has a separate stairway and a service elevator for hauling equipment which runs from basement to attic, with stops on each floor. You find it here,’ she taps a red spot on the wall that looks like the wall, no sign of a door. Then a section of the wall slides open and damned if there isn’t a sizable elevator compartment.
‘That’s neat, if you didn’t know about the dot, you wouldn’t know there was anything there.’
‘And you only need touch the spot, it’s not a button, it’s a sensor.’
We head down the hall, ‘This is your room Commandant, I’ll explain the windows, they work the same in each room.’
My room is roomy, not so huge as to be a hotel suite, but besides the king bed, there’s a sitting area, a refrigerator-freezer, bathroom on the other side of the bed, no curtains. 
‘The windows can be clear, tinted, or frosted over completely. Just touch here to adjust, once the tint is black, no one outside can see in, no sunlight either, and if that’s not enough reassurance, just touch here and the window will frost over, even God can’t see inside.’
I drop off, she takes the others to their rooms, which are in a row down from mine.
My suitcase has mysteriously arrived ahead of me, I open and unpack, take my toiletries to the bathroom and find there’s already toothpaste, toothbrush in a wrapper, hair dryer, a selection of bath soaps and shampoos, enough towels to dry a regiment. I briefly wonder how much they spend on towels for thirty, then I realize I haven’t bought towels in years, CC does that, I have no idea what towels cost.
Zero comes in, ‘Place lacks for zip. I have enough bath towels to open a store.’
‘Your room like this one?’
‘Except for two beds, the sitting area is different, not in size, in furniture, none of which came from a discount outlet. The bed linens must be zillion count threads, soft cotton, not the slippery satin stuff.’
I notice a thermostat on the wall, flush with the wall, not something that is attached.
‘How do I adjust the temperature?’
Zero, ‘Tell it what temperature you want, you don’t even have to speak directly to it, if you get cold or warm at night, just say, adjust temperature to X and it does.’
‘Criminey, anything else I need to know?’
‘If you need anything, ask one of the bots, just say one of the bot names, and she, it, will bring it to you, anytime day or night.’
‘I don’t have to press any button or tap a sensor?’
‘Nope, you will hear a knock on the door, say open door, the door will open. As you see, doors are like ours, they slide into the wall. To close, you can probably guess what to say.’
‘We need to move into the twenty first.’
‘Eloise did all of it, with Daria and one or two others. There is no internet involved, nothing outside tracks movements or requests, everything is on their own servers, backup on their own drives. The house has wifi throughout, there are laptops and tablets all over the place, pick one up and surf all night if you wish.’

One Hundred Eighty Seven

Alice comes along with Misha and Micha, ‘Is this awesome or what? Fin is in heaven, a Goth mansion with hidden hallways, mahogany everything, oak floors, old fashioned toilet tanks, above the toilet with a chain pull, marble countertops, we have a claw foot tub as well as a shower, whoever put this together is a design genius.’
A voice from the hallway, ‘So true.’
We turn to see a fifteen or sixteen year old, who can’t be that young, I recognize her, it’s Amaya, bestseller author, screenwriter, Chloe Sylk’s agent, and did a bit part in one of Chloe’s movies as a pole dancer so hot you wanted to be the pole.
In a houseful of gorgeous, mine or Janah’s, Amaya is exceptional. Most people, even young girls, have a feature or two that’s off center, like a pointy chin, or a bit of hook in the nose, perhaps a distracting mole, little stuff. Amaya hasn’t a feature out of place, her face is proportionately perfect, her skin is flawless, cobalt blue eyes. She’s in a pair of snug cotton shorts, tight everywhere, thighs proportional to calves, as if designed by a tightly wound perfectionist architect.
To fall back on cliché, jaw dropping.
‘You’re Amaya, I suppose you know that, I’m one of a million or so fans, this is Zero, CC, Alice, Zoe, Misha and Micha, Phaedra, Fin is someplace. We’re headed to tea, except we aren’t sure where that is.’
Amaya, ‘Zero, adorable name,’ she hooks her arm in mine, ‘is he always this hunky, or is this a special occasion?’
Zero, ‘Yes, and yes.’
‘Then come along, we shall make a grand entrance,’ we head to the stairway, ‘Fin, she’s Infinity One yes?’
‘That’s her.’
‘I’m going to come up with neat names for my next novel, why should everyone be Tom or Annie?’
Zero, ‘Amaya is Japanese for Night Rain.’
‘Good catch, almost no one gets it, Nikko of course, brilliantly insane samurai.’
Now we descend the grand staircase, the entranceway is empty, Amaya guides me to the right, ‘In here, the great room, great because I designed it.’
‘Humility is overrated.’
She grins up at me, not that up, she must go five eight, ‘I shall be humble as soon as I discover what it is about which I should be humble. I say that in no humility whatsoever.’
‘You sound like CC.’
‘Is that the annoyingly long legged creature behind us?’
‘Reminds me of Oceane, languid and willowy come to mind.’
CC, ‘So true.’
Amaya laughs, turns to CC, ‘We shall be besties, juvenile term, but still, she looks at Misha and Micha, ‘which one is the trannie?’
Misha, ‘That’s me.’
‘We have one of our very own, I’m told you met Sloane when you came to train with Nishiko.’
‘Yes, she’s sweet, and damned athletic.’
‘Sloane is a wolf, did she tell you?’
‘I know she can run faster than humans are supposed to run, at least that’s what Daphne said.’
‘Forty miles per, and she can keep it up for a half mile, and here we are.’
Alice, ‘What a perfect setting, it reminds me of something…I know, an old style hotel lobby, the kind I’ve seen on TV, one of those British hotels built when Christ was a Corporal.’
Amaya laughs, she even laughs lovely, ‘Great phrase, may I steal it for my next book?’
Alice, ‘Feel free, I didn’t make it up, heard it someplace.’
Phaedra has been quiet, taking in the vast space and the vast wealth that makes it possible.
Alice, ‘Where’s Morshchiny? She came up with us then disappeared.’
Amaya, ‘Daphne took her to meet the children. I happened to be with them when you arrived, you may never get her back, or alternatively, you may have eight sprites to take home with your dog.’
The room is filled with girls, none appear older than mid twenties, most look like teens, but I know better, in part from my own experience with our girls and myself, in part because Janah told me. It’s a houseful of immortals.
Amaya, ‘I’m going to steal CC, the girls will introduce themselves, but not in a parade, casually, after tea, we may take it in here or outside by the pool. The pool was a concession by me, it’s hardly in keeping with the house, but Oceane requires water nearby.’
I walk to the open double doors, they must be twelve feet high and four feet wide each, the pool is Olympic, with two boards, a one meter and a ten meter. A nude girl is on the ten, walks to the end, leaps in the air and down to the edge of the board, then is propelled up and out a few feet, she does a double reverse gainer, opens up and enters the water with so little splash it could be called a ripple.
Janah comes alongside, ‘Oceane, our water baby, swims at least an hour a day, then dives when the mood strikes.’
‘She could win a gold.’
‘Yes, never happen, she’s not a people person, not a misanthropist, just less than outgoing, don’t be insulted, she’ll say almost nothing, her companion Cassie doesn’t talk at all. They are silently inseperable.’
‘Where’s Cassie?’
She points up, I look up, a girl is floating over the pool near the deep end, sitting cross-legged in the air. She straightens to a dive and drops in the pool.
‘You put something in the water.’
Janah giggles, ‘She can levitate, God knows how, I sure don’t.’
They have outdoor showers, the two girls go to one, crank it up and rinse, if they’re shy about nudity it doesn’t show. In fact, I get the sense that I don’t even register. They wrap in dry towels and go to an exterior stairway, of which there are two, one left, one right.
Janah, ‘I don’t know how things are at your house, we don’t have questions about who came from where or why. I mean, I know, Daphne, Nishiko were from the beginning. For most of them we pretend life began when they came to us. They are free to tell you, we aren’t the Chinese government, better don’t ask, they will likely ignore you.’
‘We have a similar rule, unspoken or maybe whispered, nobody in my group will probe, Phaedra is new, but Zero’s has spoken to her.’
Janah nods, ‘Good enough, and it isn’t like the end of time if she does ask, some of the girls might answer, most will change the subject.’
A girl I haven’t seen before comes up, ‘Hi, I’m Sarah, you are Commandant, I found one of your tribe lost in the halls, Fin. She tried the hidden hallways and got turned around, easy to do. Anyway, she popped out of a doorway at the end of the east wing, I happened to be passing.’
‘Thank you for the rescue. Fin leans Goth, this place is nirvana for her, I would not be surprised to lose her again, I trust it’s okay for her to explore, if not, Zero will let her know.’
Sarah, ‘It’s fine, it’s just that the halls are a maze, dead ends, alleys that circle back to the start but don’t exit anyplace else.’
‘We all carry a GPS, not just a phone, a separate GPS, a necklace or a bracelet, if she goes missing we can find her.’
Sarah looks at Janah, Janah says, ‘We’ll tell Grace B to turn off the Faraday if we lose Fin in the walls,’ she turns to me, ‘we block GPS in here, as you can imagine, we have dozens of phones following us around and there are any number of people who may have an unfriendly interest in where we are.’
‘I get it, we’ve managed to piss off a few people ourselves, not to mention Shadows.’
Janah, ‘Yes, we need to have a confab about Shadows at some point, you, Zero, Daphne, Nikko and me. A general discussion, I don’t have an agenda, I think we are probably on the same page, but there may be gaps in our understanding.’

One Hundred Eighty Eight

We meet the star of the family, Chloe Sylk, not bio-related to Daphne but took her surname when she came to them. At first she seemed like someone who had never known adversity, always a smile, a genuinely infectious smile, but after reflection it wasn’t that at all. It was the smile of someone who knew ugliness first hand, survived it and came out whole, an inner strength neither false nor improvised for an audience.
Zero, ‘Amaya’s aura tells of supreme confidence, confidence based on performance, earned self assurance. When Chloe appeared, Amaya’s aura sparkled, she is utterly devoted to Chloe despite being one of the most gorgeous creatures on the planet, maybe in the universe. She’s self-absorbed like CC, a ruse, something to play with, to make people believe she’s all about her when in fact she’s all about everyone else.’
‘You don’t mean in any we are the world sense.’
‘No, in the immediate family sense, neither CC nor Amaya gives a rat’s about outsiders.’
A stunning Japanese woman comes up, accompanied by a stunning Chinese woman, ‘I’m Nikko, this is my companion Zi, you are Commandant and Zero,’ she sticks her hand out, ‘a pleasure.’
I shake it, ‘All mine, I don’t usually but I think I speak for Zero as well.’
Zero, ‘You are the financial brains behind the empire.’
Nikko, ‘Overrated, we work it, despite my ancestry there’s nothing devious or particularly brilliant, along with Daria, we run numbers, evaluate the personnel, are wary of gift horses and politicians.’
‘Understood, effort and attention, of course, are a form of brainpower, intelligence if you will.’
Nikko nods, Zi says, ‘I met your twins, I thought it was interesting that we wound up with two sets of Russian identicals, now there are three. Although Katya and Katja had a smaller family, Ellen, Sarah and Mani, they met Daphne and Janah and we were fortunate enough to have them meld seamlessly into ours. They came with solid business experience, experience they earned by creating a business, not some university.’
I smile, ‘My experience is that university business profs have a limited appreciation of actual business, more theoretical than practical.’
Zi, ‘Quite, I recall that the man who created FedEx was told by a professor his idea  for overnight delivery would never work.’
I grin, ‘And Jobs, Zuckerman, and Gates never finished college, if they had they’d be drones in one or another corporation instead of billionaires, too bad Jobs ignored proper treatment for his cancer.’
Zero, ‘None of the principals of Murakami Sylk went to college, or am I mistaken?’
Zi, ‘Nope, quite right, Nikko built it from diligence, fair play, and work, lots of work, a trait she inherited and honed.’
Cups are already spread around, bots ask if we want black or green, pour the requested, they don’t spill a drop doing it.
A waif is across the room, tiny girl with big glasses, close cropped hair, in a short denim skirt, plain white t-shirt, and work boots. Zero goes over and introduces herself.
The waif pushes her glasses up her nose, they immediately slide back down, ‘Eloise.’
‘Just the woman I’m looking for, Natasha says you are a whiz with hardware, and you’re responsible for the bots.’
She speaks in a near whisper, ‘I had lots of help.’
‘Even so, they are as close to human as nothing I’m familiar with, maybe in Sci-Fi movies, but not in fact. I’m afraid to ask how many lines of code went into the project.’
‘Millions, but not all written by us. The bots are AI in action, the trick is setting the feedback loop. Once that’s done, the bots teach themselves and share what they learn. Whenever one learns something, it’s automatically uploaded to the others.’
‘Take a long time?’
‘Not really, I mean they only did simple stuff at first, pick up glass, set down glass. Amaya spent hours putting a vocabulary in place, and the accents were a bitch. But most of the learning came from them, they don’t need to sleep, they can surf the web all night, they can during the day. While Emma B is pouring tea, she may also be playing GO online or communicating with Kota B or Grace B. They speak a dozen languages, have access to any sort of journal.’
‘They’re smarter than we are.’
Eloise shrugs, ‘That wasn’t the idea going in, but…’
‘Of course, collect enough data, far more than any human can retain and draw on, match it to other data, observe what happens between humans and mimic it.’
‘You have the general idea.’
‘You have to repair often….no, duh, they fix themselves.’
She nods, ‘Or if it requires going inside, one of the others does it. Doesn’t happen much, the external shell is titanium, not much affects or breaks titanium, it doesn’t look like metal because the shell is coated with a flexible and rugged polymer, obviously to resemble skin, it’s also inflammable.’
‘What’s the power source?’
She hesitates.
‘If it’s secret, don’t tell me.’
‘We can’t make any noise about it, the power source hasn’t been approved, not necessarily illegal, but still, it’s why we won’t market them.’
‘Graphene then.’
‘You seem to know a good deal already.’
I read graphene batteries are under development, but how they perform over long use is unknown. Besides, most people would go bonkers about AI bots, I mean, I know bots can be AI, self trained, but they don’t look like people. At this point, you can’t patent them anyway, because of the graphene.’
She nods, ‘I have to get to the shop, enjoy your stay.’
‘Is it possible to visit the shop, not that I know what I’d be looking at.’
She stares at the floor, ‘I’d like you visit….will you…um, come alone?’
Her head tilts enough to glance at Zero, who says, ‘That was my plan, perhaps now, or in a few minutes, or later?’
Eloise grins and walks off towards the elevator.
Zero comes back in my direction, ‘Going up to the shop.’
‘Sudden interest in metalwork and electronics?’
‘Sudden interest in a cute little engineer, did you catch that curvy tush?’
‘Didn’t notice.’
‘Liar. I need to stop by my room, then I’m going to visit Eloise’s domain.’
‘Wonder how she likes it.’
‘I’m going to find out, despite her apparent wallflower timidity, her aura was radiating dominance, I know just how to submit.’
Zero didn’t recap until later, in my room after dinner. Dasha and a couple of helpers made shrimp cocktails, followed by chopped cabbage with peanut sauce, then trout amandine with scalloped potatoes. I met a few more girls, Lauren, Katya and Katja, Britt and Mani. A girl named Ellen was across from me, legs that give new meaning to die for.
In my room, Zero and I are having a nightcap.
‘I’m telling tales out of school, but it was genuinely erotic, and I learned something about myself. When I went in the shop, Eloise was bent over a bench sorting wires and chips, her little skirt revealed a length of tight legs, I took initiative when she turned her head to catch me admiring, came up behind her and rested my hands on her thighs.
She didn’t waste time, told me, ‘Get on your knees, you know what to do.’’
‘And you did.’
‘I did. After a few kisses to perfectly curved tush, I wet my finger and slid it along her tiny pink button hole, then leaned in to tongue tease. Her whispered moan of pleasure told me I done exactly what she wanted. I used a finger to play with her puss, which took no time at all to moisten. I alternated swiping her puss lotion on the pink, then licked it off until I had her in a lovely quiver and shimmy, she got off while my tongue was in her butt.’
‘That was it?’
‘Hardly, she turned and grabbed a handful of my hair, yanked my head back and spit in my mouth, followed by her spitting in her hand and wiping it on my lips and cheeks. I was instructed to lick the bare bald puss. After a second O, she pulled my head back and slapped me. Not hard, more for humiliation than pain, stuck her thumb in my mouth, I sucked it, she spit on my lips and used the thumb to push it into my mouth. I was steaming by then.’
‘There’s more?’
‘Uh huh, she told me to strip and lay on the work bench. She found a long handled screwdriver and used the handle to tease my puss, when it was glistening with my wetness, she eased in inside, I was fucked by a screwdriver handle. Then she left it in me, lit a candle and when it started to melt she dripped hot wax on my tits, down my torso and on my legs. That was followed by her putting an ice cube on the slit just above the screwdriver. I was frenzied, by then. She told me to sit on the edge of the bench, tossed the screwdriver aside, pulled my legs apart and went at it. She’s quite talented, I exploded after a few, one of the more violent orgasms I’ve ever had. She made me leave my clothes and told me to get lost, that one of the bots would drop my things later. I had to walk past a dozen girls completely naked from when I got off the elevator to the stairs up to my room.’
‘Like it?’
‘Yes, stared at by women I barely knew, I wanted to park myself on one of the couches and display me, but I went up, figuring enough was enough.’
‘Where was I?’
‘Still outside I think.’
‘So you discovered a submissive streak.’
She smiles, ‘I did, I think it’s an Eloise thing though, she’s bluntly inspiring, her small stature bossing me around is tingly.’
‘You want to sleep here? I presume you’ve had enough stimulation, we can just sleep.’
‘That would be welcome.’

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