One Hundred Twenty Nine

Our society does not accept that all men and all women are different. It believes, rather, that everyone should think the same or at least abstain from doing what the majority deem reprehensible. Society knows all about hatred, envy and revenge, but prefers to clothe itself in virtue and pretend ignorance and, for some reason, it hates not only those who do not pretend and thus remind society of the truth about its past, but also those who harbor an undying hatred or choose to take justice into their own hands. Perhaps we live in an age so pusillanimous (timid) that it cannot even tolerate serious stories from another age, when men were less respectful of the law and less obedient and less fair, but also more complex, more contradictory and more profound.
Those Who are Still Here; Between Eternities, Javier Marias.

A car turns into the lot, newer than the rest, two or three year old Saab Sadistic, Saab’s answer to the Mercury Masochist. Whenever the Saab passes the Merc, the Masochist stops and cringes while the Sadistic squirts dirty water from the windshield washer onto the windshield of the Masochist. Humiliated, the Masochist leaks oil and shudders all the way home.
Zero, ‘Shadow four, if there are any more we’ll need a drone strike.’
Natasha, ‘I was thinking of buying a drone with video, it sends the feed live to our phones, avoids obstacles, can track from behind or in front, half hour flying time. Also returns to base when battery is low.’
‘Geez, I got to catch up, what do they cost?’
‘Top rated, two thousand.’
‘Get one, and a spare battery. If we find it useful we can try different models.’
Zero, ‘What now? The two of them are planning another family fun fest.’
‘We’re on them, they can plan all they want, not happening.’
Nikita, ‘Robert ees also Shadow person. We haf them here, we can kill them all.’
I can’t fault the logic, we’re armed, they aren’t expecting us.
‘Do we knock on all four doors at the same time?’
Zero, ‘Let’s get the others here, then each of us has backup.’
‘Call CC.’
She does, brief explanation, disconnects, ‘Twenty minutes.’
‘Keep the listening device engaged.’
There’s little sound from Honda’s place, Orange Ugly must have gone to talk to Ali and Robert. Ten minutes, then there’s conversation in Honda’s apartment.
Ali, we know it’s Ali because he has that Indian lilt, ‘You have a plan already, a family with darling daughters.’
‘Hilda found one, we just need the black stud.’
Different male, must be Robert, ‘There are several at the gym I go to, lovely boys.’
Honda, ‘Faggot, that’s the only reason you joined a gym.’
‘I suck hot dick, you fuck children, Hilda licks little pussies, Ali likes to fuck goats.’
They laugh.
Ali, ‘Sorry, no goats. I don’t like sex, I like to watch sex, pretty white sisters are the top of the list, even better if mommy gets involved, mom and son has its attractions. Dogs and little girls, not for me, no animal anything, disgusting.’
Robert, ‘One man’s disgust is another man’s dream.’
‘You say it like it’s a bad thing. We’re all perverts in society’s eyes, what society pontificates about and what actually happens in families are diametrically opposed. I can’t prove it, but I’ll bet lot of little girls get the family mutt to lick their little precious, and a fair number of grown women do it as well. Look at the popularity of beauty and the beast, werewolf movies, how women go for men with scruff, or full beards, hairy chests. It’s a short step to other animals.’
Hilda, ‘You have a point, makes me glad I prefer bald tiny snatches, soft and succulent.’
Zero, ‘I hope the troops arrive soon, these people make ordinary psychos look like solid citizens.’
CC pulls alongside, rolls down the window, ‘We’re ready, how do you want to play it?’
‘They’re all in one apartment, this side, second floor.’
‘There’s a front door and a back door, if we go in both, we have a potential target problem.’
‘You mean we could wind up shooting each other.’
‘Right. Here’s how I see it. Two of us go in the front, two wait on the balcony. The rest are near the back stairs, in case one of them tries to escape. That could be troublesome, we’re exposed out here, it’s not a busy street, but cars pass now and again.’
‘So then what?’
‘Wait, they aren’t going to sit there all night. I think it’s safer to tag the other two cars with trackers, either get them alone in their apartment, or someplace else. That could take longer but it isn’t like we have day jobs.’
Fin, ‘I’m for number two.’
Nikita, ‘Give me trackers.’
It’s getting dark, lighting along the parking slots is minimal, she’s out and back in a half minute. Neither car is visible from the apartment, no reason to walk the block.
‘CC, take your car and go around front, find a spot where you can back in or back up near another car, keep the plate from showing. I’ll move ours farther down the block between street lights.’
We situate and wait. Zero can still pick up conversation.
Honda, ‘We know with all four of us that we can easily control a family of four. I think we make a practice run for the bank project. You are as tired of nickel and dime money and free shit at the stores as I am. I looked into it, most branch banks these days don’t hold large amounts of cash, even in the vault. But there are some banks that have a lot of customers in need of cash, supermarkets, large employers nearby whose workers still get paychecks instead of electronic payments. We take a run at a small branch, get whatever from tellers, then the manager opens the vault, he brings us what’s there. I figure maybe ten or twenty thousand. Do a couple more, if it works well, then we get to a bigger branch, just the manager and the vault. There will be cameras in all of them, get your disguise down. You need to be unrecognizable but not look disguised. We aren’t going in with stockings over our heads. A fake moustache or beard, sunglasses, hats with brims. Cover fingertips with something, but no gloves, gloves are too obvious. No identifiers, like those ridiculous rings Hilda wears. Plain clothing, nothing fashionable but nothing homeless either. If the big haul works, we can do that shit anywhere in the country. Oh, and when we get the cash, stick it in heavy plastic bags, if we get stuck with a dye bomb, it doesn’t dye us. We’ll review all this again before the first job.’
Ali, ‘When?’
‘Family fun first, one last practice, I have a small branch picked out, fifty miles down the road. Robert will find us a black stud, the rest of us at the home of the soon to be seriously fucked up family.’
Hilda, ‘That means five people, not four.’
‘Not to worry, if we seem to be losing one, I have drugs to slow them down.’
Zero, ‘He’s not stupid.’
‘No, and it makes him dangerous, I think Honda needs to be first.’
Back door opens, Orange Ugly comes down then in her apartment, the other two must have gone in the front door.
‘Zero, text CC and see if the other two left as well.’
Just then, a text from CC, ‘Two Shadows to their apartments.’
‘Tell her to take out the other upstairs place, Nikita, you and Natasha up the back stairs, put Honda in the Valley of the Dead.’
‘Zero, take Orange Ugly, I’ll go to Robert, I’m tired of these people.’
Suppressed Glocks do what they do, we hear nothing from the front, the twins are coming down as Zero and I walk up. We don’t acknowledge each other, twins keep moving. My soft pop left swipes Orange, then Zero is walking towards me, holstering her gun.
I drive to the front street, CC and Fin are in, I can just see Zoe and Morshchiny behind the front seats. We don’t need to talk, we need to go. Twenty later we’re deconstructing in our suites.
CC, ‘That was simple. We’d never make much of an action movie.’
Fin, ‘We’re the perfect assassins, who worries about young girls?’

One Hundred Thirty

The highest purpose is to have no purpose at all. This puts one in accordance with nature, in her manner of operation. 
John Cage

It was a loooong day, nobody wanted to recap, or play, or do anything but get a shower, have a bit of chicken and go to bed. Our flight leaves at ten, we gain a couple of hours on the return. 
We pack it up, put our toys away in their travel cases, I tell Natasha to find out who the local DA is, put together the audio with the photos I took of the fourplex. There would be no confusion about why four people are dead.
‘Natasha, construct a story that exonerates the families, like drugs, hypnotism, it’s not ironclad, but with the audio and photos, it will be hard to stay on the families case. They have enough problems, they saw the videos of themselves, bad enough, also sent to people on the victims contact lists. No matter what comes out or doesn’t, the victims will be tattooed forever. ‘
‘We will make a good story, it will be more effective than you think, three families and a plot for a fourth is better than if it had been only one. We also can send video from the traffic cams, which shows the Honda and the plate.’
‘With all that they have to step away from prosecution. Not perfect, better than if we hadn’t gone.’
A couple of weeks slide by, we’re able to enjoy routine, meditation, exercise, study, read, Zoe and I concoct meals, the only elaborate ones are dinner. 
Natasha, ‘Parents released, children returned, no mention of coerced therapy, as in part of the release deal.’
‘That wouldn’t clear the slate, it would be suspicious. They didn’t do anything of their own accord, but they have to get therapy for what they were helpless to prevent?’
Zero, ‘Not normally a fan of counseling, in this case it could help the kids understand they aren’t guilty of anything, and neither are their parents. We don’t know enough about the families, as a guess I would say it will be a while before they settle down, realize nobody died. Well, Shadows did, that may help, evidence they were manipulated. Probably have to move anyway, people will claim they would never be coerced into such behavior, no matter the drug or hypnosis.’
‘Everyone’s a tough guy until confronted with a tough situation, then they cringe or run away. In this case, leaving town isn’t running away, it’s exiting an impossible situation.’
Zoe comes down, ‘Zoe had a good trading day, thirty thousand.’
‘A record?’
‘Yes, Zoe thinks so.’
‘Anything different?’
‘Zoe used a combination of stock options and stocks, better leverage with options, for a day trade anyway. Options are a losing game longer than that.’
CC, ‘Why?’
‘Options expire, a stock doesn’t, not generally, not as a built in factor like options. You have to be right twice, not just in direction, higher or lower, but in time. With a stock you only need to be right about direction. Every day that passes means the option is losing value as it approaches expiration. You could buy an option on a stock, and the stock prices stays the same, but the option will deteriorate.’
‘You’re getting pretty savvy about the stock market.’
‘Natasha explained it to Zoe, she’s just looking at a stream of letters until one goes green or red. It turns out, the option symbol turns colors as well, same as for stocks.’
‘So you could just trade options?’
‘Yes, or commodities, leverage there is great. It varies by the type and volatility of the futures contract. I haven’t tried commodity futures yet. Zoe and Natasha will pretend we made a trade, then see how it works out. They call it paper trading.’
If Wall Street finds out a twelve year old girl is making big bets and never loses, the place would close. Or the SEC would nose around looking for insider trading.
‘I want you to throw some smoke on the account, lose money occasionally, we can write off the losses against your gains and avoid capital gains taxes. All your trades are short term, which means they’re taxed at ordinary income tax rates, higher than long term capital gain rates.’
Natasha, ‘The simplest way is to make a few trades opposite to the signal, go short on green, long on red. When it loses a few thousand, we get out.’
‘Good enough, if you lose ten or fifteen percent of what you make it won’t attract attention like an unbroken string of gains. I should have thought of it earlier.’
Fin, ‘On a different note, I’m making no progress on telekinesis, not surrendering though.’
Zero, ‘Of course not, you’ve only been at it a few months, there’s no instant gratification.’
CC, ‘Woman speaks truth, wisdom of the divine feminine.’
Natasha, ‘Drone is in, need to get it from the mailbox.’
‘I’ll get it, we need grocery items too.’
Zoe, ‘Zoe will take a ride, she forgot to add Morshchiny’s food to the list, it’s running low.’
We go off to forage, pass by the mail shop and get the drone, there’s a couple of other boxes from Amazon.
Zoe, ‘CC ordered cosmetics and a couple of books.’
Then to the supermarket, ‘What’s for dinner?’
‘Now that it’s getting cold, Zoe thinks chili would be fun, but it needs to be prepared today and sit in the refrigerator overnight, much better when the spices have time to mingle. I can do burgers on the grill, get them premade, they have ground sirloin in fat patties, we need buns, how about baked beans and fries to accompany.’
‘Just get frozen steak fries, keep it simple, use canned baked beans, cover beans with bacon and let them heat in the oven.’
Basket full, check out, get home.
Fin comes out, ‘Give me a couple bags, Commandant can wrestle the dog food, I gave the monster a bath while you shopped.’
‘Not outside.’
‘No, too chilly, in the downstairs shower, it’s the size of a cathedral. She’s so good, sits patiently while I scrub, shower wand takes care of the soap, then a big shake, three bath towels, she’s fresh and lavender scented.’
Zoe writes up the dinner menu on the board, Zero comes from upstairs, ‘Burgers, fries, baked beans, yum.’
‘And chili tomorrow, I’m using pork pieces, not ground, onion, diced tomato, chili powder, masa to thicken a bit, adds a bit of corn flavor. We’ll have nachos to start, avocados looked good, Commandant can make guacamole, plus shredded cheddar, black beans and sour cream.’
Zoe starts browning the pork, when she has it just charred, dump it and the other ingredients in the crock pot, let heat and time do their thing.
Fin appears, ‘Starting to smell like dinner in here.’
‘Tomorrow’s dinner, chili needs to sit with itself overnight, meditate, contemplate its place in the universe.’
‘I see, and the board says burgers tonight, goody. I’ll search out something for after dinner entertainment, anyone have a preference?’
‘Don’t care, as long as it isn’t one of those Marvel atrocities or anything smacking of rom-com.’
‘When have we ever watched a romantic comedy?’
‘Never, and that’s still too soon.’
‘Here’s one right up our alley, American Psycho.’
Something we can all agree on.
Zoe makes perfect crusty charred outside, just red inside burgers, sliced tomato, chopped onion, bread and butter pickle slices, we aren’t much for lettuce.
Nikita, ‘Zoe and Commandant ees best restaurant, sisters are thanking you.’
Zoe, ‘Most welcome, Zoe likes cooking for girls better than making money in the stock market.’
‘So it’s not that much fun?’
‘There is nothing fun, I get a signal, I trade, it’s like working on a money assembly line. Commandant said we need to lose some in case regulators come snooping, but that’s just making a trade the opposite of the signal, drop a couple thousand, get out. Watching the symbols go by is like meditation, no room for thought. Natasha wrote an algorithm to make the trades automatically, the winning trades, we have to manually enter the losers. But she thinks she can add code that says for every X dollars profit, reverse the signal to create a loss of Y dollars.’
CC, ‘Cripes, does it work?’
‘So far.’
‘Wait, how does it see the colors, only you see those.’
‘The trade is for a certain amount of money, right now we’re using a hundred thousand per position. We still have to enter the symbol for the stock or option but don’t have to enter anything else. Sometimes Zoe sells in a less than a minute, other times she lets it sit until the profit is three percent, the algorithm automatically closes the trade.’
‘Three percent doesn’t sound like much.’ 
I chime in, ‘It’s three percent in a few minutes, less than a half hour. Three percent of a hundred grand is three thousand bucks. She gets three or four signals a session. Nine to twelve thousand dollars. Option trades can net even more.’
Zoe, ‘And we’re still testing commodity futures, paper trading. If we had used real money, so far we would have made a half million.’
CC, ‘If you keep this up, you’ll have all the money in the world.’

One Hundred Thirty One

One hundred percent of people born will die.
We simply shorten the expiration date.

Fin, ‘The twins have a conflict to resolve, I’m going with.’
‘They need another hand?’
‘Sort of, I think they want me to relax them prior to and post murdering someone.’
‘Pleasant duty.’
Fin grins, ‘They are creamy dreams, then both of them grilling me to a slow burn, concluding with a lightning strike that vibes body and brain.’
‘They do that at home.’
‘Well, they may have an ulterior motive, the conflict is with a gang, I guess it’s a gang, a mini drug empire in the south. There will be more than one dead doper.’
‘What’s the fee, did they say?’
‘Quarter million.’
‘How many bodies?’
‘Two, a hundred thousand each and a fifty kicker for any collateral damage to underlings and gofers.’
‘Healthy payment, still dangerous, I assume the targets are armed to the teeth and have actually fired weapons before, at human targets that return fire. Much different than popping an unarmed whoever.’
‘Could be extra compensation. The twins figure there’s a warehouse, house, whatever, where they count the take. It must happen someplace. If we can find it, we steal whatever’s there.’
‘Did the contact mention that, or suggest it?’
‘Nope, I have no idea what the contact plans, aside from hiring us to eliminate competition. It’s possible it isn’t even a competition thing, maybe the dopers killed someone they shouldn’t have, like a wealthy person’s son, daughter, or spouse. If that’s the case, we’re the revenge, like the Justice League of Lesbians.’
‘Could be, when do you travel?’
‘Morning, fairly early since we lose three hours in time zones. Flight is for seven, can you haul us to the airport?’
I check with Nikita, ‘You have enough help? One or two of the others could go, not everyone, this isn’t a thing for Zoe and the dog.’
‘Nyet, we might need a sniper.’
‘Then take CC as well.’
‘Da, okay.’
The twins never argue a position, they agree or they don’t.
Nikita goes upstairs to find CC, she’ll need to pack things, her stuff plus the Precision. She’s using boattail hollow points with a heat shield tip developed by Hornady. Apparently the polymer tips on bullets tend to melt slightly during flight, throwing off the bullet over distance and increasing drag. We liked the performance at our range, she hasn’t used the new ammo to left swipe a human target, the only animal we hunt.
We have a quiet evening, enjoy Zoe’s chili and nachos, accompanied by tequila shots and beer. Then one of the Sherlock things. Travelers in bed by ten, Zoe takes Morshchiny out for a final pee, then they go up as well. Teens are supposed to stay up til two and sleep til noon, but ours don’t. A late night for any of us is eleven-ish.
Zero, ‘Let’s get to bed Commandant, I want to shamelessly use you, it always insures a lovely night’s sleep.’
She’s right, it does.
Morning, coffee, take the four to the airport, remind Nikita that if they need more help I can be there in a few hours. She nods, they board, I return home.
Zoe, ‘Making eggs, how do you want yours?’
‘What are you and Zero doing?’
‘Over easy, bacon, cheese grits, toast or English muffin.’
‘Over easy is good.’
Zero, ‘Zoe has turned into quite the chef, tonight she’s making osso buco, one of our favorites, up there with veal marsala, fried fish with meunière, steaks with marchand du vin, and the various Italians, lasagna, rotini and meatballs, cannelloni, those killer sausage and pepper po-boys, fried vegetables, even homemade pizza.’
Zoe, ‘Zoe enjoys it, cooking is methodical, meditative even.’
‘We find our own personal nirvana.’
Zero, ‘Most people think of nirvana as a place to get to, a reward for meditation for instance. I think nirvana comes when we lose our self in one or another activity. Real happiness is when you don’t know you’re happy. Then again, Zoe is always happy.’
‘She lives nirvana, we only glimpse it occasionally.’
Food appears, we eat. I always think of breakfast as a fun meal. It’s basic, uncomplicated, not fussy, excepting maybe when we do Eggs St. Charles, poached egg on fried fish topped with hollandaise. 
Zero, ‘What shall we get up to today?’
Zoe, ‘Zoe can trade for an hour or so, then she needs to have a run around the property with Morshchiny. Big girl is good for one circle at a moderate pace, then she’s done. Zoe can make a couple more laps at a faster pace, her giant baby will find a shady spot and recover from her exertions.’
‘Good, I’ll check the website for messages, if there’s nothing interesting, maybe search for a child rapist to delete.’
‘I may get called to join the others, like if Natasha thinks the job requires more hands.’
‘So we shouldn’t travel?’
‘Traveling is fine, but if she calls, I have to drop whatever and fly south.’
‘I think we wait a couple of days, they’ll have a better idea of what’s what. After I check the site and do a perv search, I’m going to wear myself out on the trampoline.’
‘Any lunch requests?’
‘I’ll have a protein bar, Zoe’s making a rich dinner.’
‘You guys get going, I’ll clear and clean.’
I make fruit smoothies with yogurt and soy protein, stick the blender in the refrigerator. We can have that with protein bars.
I follow Zero out to watch her bounce, she’s wearing yoga pants and top. Sometimes they trampoline in nothing, but it’s chilly today, nude won’t work. Zero’s gotten good, flips front and back, often with a half or full twist.
Zoe chugs up the slope, a dash for the last hundred yards, she’s sucking air.
‘Zoe loves to run here, lots of up and down, she can hop a few boulders, works the crap out of her legs…whew…she’s in need of a shower.’
She and Morshchiny use the outside stairs, there’s a covered landing with a key coded lock, she taps in the digits and goes in. 
Zero pops up and down a few more times, then stops, sits cross legged on the trampoline, ‘My legs are shaking, time for a yoga session.’
I join her inside for a half hour of bend and stretch, she’s much better than I am, the flexibility of the young, I do okay, figure if I can do a handstand and hand walk, front and side full split, I’m about as flex as I need to be. I won’t be holding my ankle over my head like Zero. I wrap with fifty pushups from a plank, my feet elevated on a chair makes it a bit more difficult. 
She goes up to shower, I go to my room for the same. When I’m done, to the kitchen, add ice to the blender and turn the fruit/yogurt mush into a smoothie.
Zoe and Zero come down together, Morshchiny thumping along behind. I pour some of the fruit mix in her food bowl, she surprised me, she also likes dried cranberries and frozen fruit right from the bag, particularly blueberries.
I lay three protein bars on the counter, fill glasses with smoothie. We sit at the kitchen island.
Zero, ‘Wonder how the girls are doing. I don’t want to text or call, they have a fair amount of surveillance to do first.’
‘One of them will call when they have something to say. They took the drone, be interesting to hear how they use it.’
‘Yeah, it will be useful on our other projects, we won’t have to park down the block then creep around.’
‘We have to get fairly close to use the listening device, the drone can help us decide if there’s anything worth listening to. With a bit of engineering, I think we might be able to get a mike attached and pickup audio.’
Zero, ‘When I looked for drones, the only audio capability was from the operator, or music to play on the video footage, not audio recorded by the drone. The main problem is interference, the common personal use drone is noisy.’
‘You and Natasha can figure out how to make it work.’
We seldom have to find things to do, despite no job, no school, things keep showing up. No school isn’t entirely accurate, they go to school online for subjects of interest or usefulness. They have no reason to know history, which is made up of lies told by whoever won the war. We’re only vaguely aware of current national politics, can’t open an online news site without politics being most of the front page. We haven’t a clue as to local politics. I don’t think any of us knows who’s governor, we won’t be registering to vote, we don’t care who’s governor.

One Hundred Thirty Two

If you look into living closely, you will find cruelty everywhere, for life feeds on life. This is a fact, but it does not make you feel guilty about being alive. You began a life of cruelty by giving your mother endless trouble. To the last day of your life you will compete for food, clothing, shelter, holding on to your body, fighting for its needs, wanting it to be secure in a world of insecurity and death. From the animal's point of view, being killed is not the worst form of dying; surely preferable to sickness and senile decay.
Nisargadatta, I Am That

Day two, mid afternoon, CC calls, I put her on speaker, ‘We’re doing surveillance, the first day wasn’t a bust, but we only saw the house, last night a couple of guests, they had drinks on the patio, went inside for dinner. We got clear photos, that’s something. The targets are Russian, Tarkov brothers, a few thug types standing around, Natasha found one of the guest’s photo on the net. A police captain named Weatherly. No luck with the second. Oh, and there were women, four quite attractive women, serving drinks, chat with guests. The Russians prefer sleek runway model types, if this was a Colombian operation the women would have bigger everything, hair, tits, bubble butts.’
‘Interesting, what else?’
‘We got a tracker on the cop’s unmarked, the mystery guest came with him. Target vehicles were in a closed garage. Guest must have taken advantage of the hostesses, they didn’t leave until two.’
‘What now?’
‘More creep and sneak, mostly waiting for one or both of the Tarkovs to go someplace, hopefully where they count the money. It won’t happen at the house.’
‘If you get a chance to take out the brothers at home, maybe with the Ruger, then the thugs are going straight to the money.’
I hear her pass that along to the twins, then hear Nikita, ‘Commandant haf good idea, there is a place where she can set up, see back of house.’
CC, ‘I’ll call when there’s news, how’s Zoe?’
Zoe, ‘Zoe is fine, take care of yourself, we want everyone home safe, give Fin and the twins kisses.’
Disconnect on that note, Zero, ‘It is a good idea, sounds like something Natasha would think of, take the targets and pressure the help.’
‘Wouldn’t surprise me if she did think of it and was being polite by not saying so.’
Zoe, ‘Now what?’
‘Now nothing, osso buco is simmering, need to baste the shanks again,’ I get up to do just that.
‘Zoe will cut the French bread into rounds, a swipe of clarified butter, ready for the oven.’
I poke the veal with a fork, ‘Put the bread in, this dish is ready to devour.’
Zero, ‘That smells so good, I swear I could dip the bread in sauce and call it dinner.’
‘Morshchiny will be happy to eat the veal you don’t.’
‘Not a chance, sorry Morshchiny.’
The mastiff huffs and lays on her side.
‘Sometimes I think she understands everything we say.’
‘Zoe, this is a beautiful presentation.’
‘Zoe is taking a photo and sending it to CC, let’s see, message,’ this is tonight’s dinner, you will recognize it, she taps the send arrow.
Reply, ‘h8u we did supermarket chicken when we return you will make veal marsala followed by stroganoff for the twins now go away just about to eliminate targets.’
Zoe giggles, sends a thumbs up emoji, ‘She’s going to kill the targets now.’
I raise my wine glass, ‘To clean kills.’
Zero and Zoe raise theirs, ‘Clean kills.’
After we clear the table, wash pots, rinse dishes and get them in the washer, it’s time for a second vodka and a movie, Prodigy, with a cast nobody ever heard of. A little girl, all freckles and vicious attitude, has remarkable intelligence, can move things with her mind, including tables and people, and is being interviewed by the psychologist of last resort. Unless he makes a breakthrough, she’s going to be executed and her brain examined for anomalies. It works out in the end.
Zoe, ‘Fin is working on telekinesis, the movie didn’t explain how the girl got the ability, apparently born with it, thus a prodigy.’
Zero, ‘I suggest we use and abuse Commandant before we sleep, what do you think?’
Zoe, ‘Who’s on top?’
Turns out, each of us are on top at one point or another. After they’ve drained me, they go upstairs together, no clue if they got up to post intercourse lesbiana, I toss and turn for fifteen or twenty seconds before drifting away on the sea of my good fortune.
As daylight sneaks in under the door, then more daylight as it opens, Zero comes in, ‘Natasha is on the phone, she wants advice.’
I take the phone, ‘What’s up?’
‘We have around fifty million, I do not think we want to try and put it on a plane, even a private flight.’
‘Is it in hundreds?’
‘A million in hundreds weighs about twenty two pounds, two mil to a box means twenty five boxes at just under fifty pounds each, a half ton. Can you get it boxed up, or buy something to put it in?’
‘Girls are stacking boxes now.’
‘Buy an RV in one of the corporate accounts, send a wire transfer to pay for it, don’t use the cash. Use your judgment as to size. Load it, then start driving. Go the speed limit, take I-40. You have about a two thousand mile drive, twenty six or seven hours. With an RV you can swap drivers and the passengers can sleep, or stretch out anyway.’
‘Da, yes, a good idea, maybe we will like RV.’
‘If we don’t we can sell it, hardly matters if we drop a couple thousand in the process.’
She disconnects, twins don’t say hi or bye.
I tell Zoe and Zero, ‘I figure they get here tomorrow, maybe noon.’
Zoe, ‘Fifty million? Going to piss someone off.’
‘Not really, the principals are dead, perhaps they left some of the cash, it’s all spec, we’ll find out when they get here.’
Zero, ‘And they get a quarter million for the conflict resolution.’
Amazing. I’m beginning to think money attracts money, like money is a magnet for more money. I don’t mean in the simple sense, making money on money, as in investing. I mean in the gravity sense, we’re a bog blob of money that other money passing by gets drawn in by the bulk of our wealth.
I suppose I need to keep an eye out for an even bigger blob of money that sucks ours in. But that’s the road to paranoia, so I won’t. Considering who we are, a pack of psychopaths, if we lost it all tomorrow, we’d just kill our way back to black.
I could write a self-help book, Murder Your Way to Wealth. Although corporate weapons manufacturers, which the Supremely Stupid Supreme Court says are people, have murdered their way to wealth for generations.

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