One Hundred Seventeen

Everyone goes back to the hotel except Zero and me, we take the boy to a Walmart. Shadow hadn’t gotten around to undressing him, maybe she did that as part of the video, heighten the anticipation, sick fuck.
He has nothing in his pockets and he’s too dazed to answer questions, he might have been drugged enough to keep him zombie’d. In any case, I make a SAT phone call while Zero walks him to the edge of the garden department. As happens at Walmart, there’s a fire truck, fireman buy supplies there, groceries, other items they need at the station. Zero comes back.
‘We out of camera range?’
‘Yes, even if I missed one, we’re too covered up to make an identification.’
We wait, firemen come out with a kart full of whatever, one stops and talks to the boy, another fireman joins them. Then two more surround the kid.
‘He’s safe, let’s go.’
On the road to the hotel, three lit up police cars zip past heading to the store.
At the hotel the girls have already figured out we aren’t sticking around. They drop me at a different rental car company, I get the biggest SUV they have, drive it close to the original rental company. CC and Nikita come along with Zoe and the dog.
CC, ‘We figured it better not to turn in all three cars at the same time. Fin and Zero are doing one now, then Natasha will do the other in ten. I’ll find us an airport and call Blue Sky. It’s only one o’clock, want to get a flight today or a hotel and fly home tomorrow?’
‘Today if it works. If we get a plane for five or six o’clock, it’s a near five hour flight, but we gain three hours, we can be home by eight.’
Which is how it goes, the girls nap on the plane, but we mostly stay awake so we aren’t up half the night.
We’re cooked when we finally get to our temp home after a stop to pick up a couple of pizzas, stick them in a warm over and head to showers. It’s near nine when we finally eat. I click on CNN in time to hear about a gruesome double murder, it’s early going, they don’t mention torture videos, nothing about the boy we rescued.
‘Maybe a good sign, they got the kid home without the media sticking its nose in. And the cops have kept the basement part quiet.’
Zero, ‘Only a matter of time before that leaks, which is good for us, nobody cares who killed them, we could fly back for our awards banquet.’
Zoe, ‘Morshchiny is too dignified for awards,’ she pats the giant head, ‘aren’t you girl?’
The dog is asleep, she huffs and curls up.
Zoe laughs, ‘See, she’s totally unimpressed.’
‘I’m impressed about climbing in bed, goodnight girls. I’ll be up early, pass by the house to see how things are coming along. I got a text from the inspector, simple and direct, everything is proceeding as planned.’
I brush, flush, crawl in and disappear, if the girls have energy for playtime, my congratulations.
When I wake, the house is still, not even Morshchiny searched me out. I do morning things, dress and make coffee. When it’s ready I pour myself a cup and start for the door, not a peep from the troops. There is a short grocery list stuck on the door, I’ll pick up the things on the way back.
At our place, I walk the house, upstairs is off limits to the contractor, a door at the top of the circular stairway is locked with a key code. The hidden gun chamber hasn’t been discovered, nothing amiss in my bathroom, I don’t keep things in there worth stealing anyway. There are no stray boot tracks on the floor, I told the contractor the inside is a shoe free and that he needed to get a portable toilet for the workers to use outside. I’m pretty sharp-eyed, they’ve followed the instructions and kept to working on the addition, not wandering the rest of the place. The exterior is complete, as is electrical and plumbing, the pipes anyway. One interior wall for the new addition is the other side of the exterior wall, filled and rebar reinforced concrete block, just like the rest of the walls.
I speak to the contractor briefly, thank him for a good job. He grins, tells me the inspector comes everyday and goes over every inch.
‘That’s why I pay him a fair amount of money, and why I pay you top rates.’
He nods, if the place passes the final inspection with no faults, he earns a substantial bonus, he wants that bonus. He could buy a sixty grand Mercedes with it and have change left for gas.
‘Completion in a month?’
‘Less if I can, we aren’t rushing anything, it’s a matter of coordination, bring in the subs soon as they can work on their bit. The plumber is Polish, nothing will leak, ever. Electrical is a guy with an electrical engineering degree, very fussy. The others are Hispanic, they give me more than a fair day’s work for fair pay, and nobody is paid by the hour, no incentive to foot drag to extend hours.’
I’m more than satisfied and tell him so, get in the NSX and scoot to the grocery. It’s a short trip, a few staples, we like Trader Joe’s frozen tilapia and cod, both battered and get crispy crunchy in the oven. The best part is there’s more fish than batter, something other frozen fish purveyors have yet to figure out.
Zero, ‘Good, got it all, want breakfast? We did croissants and cut fruit, but Zoe will crack eggs if you want.’
‘Yogurt and fruit is fine, another coffee.’
‘Just made a second pot. I knew you were on the way,’ she smiles.
How she reads my mind is unknown, but she does.
Nikita, ‘News this morning mentioned boy, they make assumption he ees victim of abduction, but he does not tell them much.’
CC, ‘He told them he was rescued by angels, how not much is that? At least he saw me for what I am, divine.’
Nikita rolls her eyes, ‘Da, sure, okay, he anyway was not assaulted, we got lucky, spotting Shadows at hotel.’
‘Success is persistence and luck, the more of one you have the less of the other you need.’
Our days are spent quietly while we await completion of the addition. We don’t have the trampoline, girls make do with tumbling and yoga, I join in the yoga, my frame doesn’t tumble, I can hand walk, which is a bitch workout for arms and shoulders. We took a ride to the gun range, the twins break in Fin on the Glocks, she’s good enough at twenty five yards, the others practice on the star, a more difficult target. Then Natasha and CC used the Ruger Precision for long range, worked their way from one to five hundred yards. Anyone in their sights is dead, they don’t miss.
Aside from that, reading and online courses fill the day. Zoe can trade stocks, she can log in to the Bloomberg terminal anywhere. It’s not important in any financial way, money isn’t an issue. For her it’s mostly a hobby. When she makes a few thousand, she quits for the day and some days doesn’t trade at all.
We think about a trip to Canada, decide to wait until the addition is finished. The weather is turning anyway, maybe we’ll go skiing in Colorado across the holidays.
Finally, it’s time to return to the house, work done, workers gone, the new bedroom is as designed. The old downstairs bath remains the same, my new bathroom is almost identical. I like the rainfall shower heads, the stall itself is wide and deep, no reason for a curtain or a door. The bedroom is basic, we move the super king from the living area, creating more open space.
Zero, ‘You aren’t putting anything in the extra space?’
‘Not unless you want something, a dining table maybe, the kitchen island is crowded with seven of us.’
‘Yeah, I like that, I’ll find a table for eight, be more comfortable than stools at the island.’
CC comes from the new room, ‘Nice, no more clothes racks in the main room, a sizable walk-in closet you’ll never fill. Can I use a portion for my stuff? We’re getting a bit cramped with Zoe, Zero, Fin, and me in two closets. Just coats and jackets ought to free up enough space.’
‘Fine by me, my stuff takes up less than half the closet.’

One Hundred Eighteen

We will fall into the cesspool of our underworld, among the rubble of all the centuries in us.
Carl Jung, Liber Novus

Zero, ‘I found a nasty piece of work up the coast, drivable, around six fifty. The twins have a conflict resolution inquiry, they may need to travel in a day or so, a flight, it isn’t nearby. I’m thinking of sending CC and Fin up to terminate a trafficker, his specialty is eight to twelve year olds, all snatched white girls.’
‘Why is he out of jail?’
‘He was never in jail, the information came through the abuse site. Whoever contacted us provided quite a bit of detail.’
‘If they have evidence, why not call the cops?’
‘Cops are customers, it’s a smallish town, not more than a half dozen on the force. According to the source, they all participate, the contact said break them in, meaning the girls, then they’re shipped up and down the coast.’
‘Still, why not go up the chain, state cops, even FBI?’
‘One of the abducted girls is our contact’s daughter, I get the impression it’s a woman. She wants the men dead, not on trial.’
‘Where’s the daughter?’
‘She’s either smart or lucky, escaped, ran for miles in the dark. Called home. She’s safe now, was repeatedly raped though. Contact understandably doesn’t want her kid involved in testimony, even under promised anonymity. Don’t blame her, promises are one thing, leaks are another.’
‘She wants something clean, raw vengeance.’
‘Yep, and we get to kill six rotten cops, the trafficker and any associates. Killing the trafficker is fine, but the others need to go as well.’
‘Can’t send just CC and Fin if you’re going to take on the whole pile. You’re going to need everyone. Have the twins accepted the other job?’
‘No, haven’t got that far yet.’
‘Ask them to come down, or have you told them any of this?’
‘No, I mean they know about the potential conflict resolution, not the other. I’ll get them.’
Zero returns with Nikita and Natasha. I fill them in.
Nikita, ‘Kill ees kill, we will feex traffic cop pervert persons, conflict resolution can wait.’
Natasha, ‘They must not get the girls locally, missing white girls get a fair amount of media coverage.’
‘Right, the one that escaped could have been from anywhere. Zero looked, there is no local news about missing girls. She must have spunk, she took note of where she was, who was involved, kept her head, and managed an escape.’
‘Zero, rent us two SUVs, plain as toast, darkened windows. Pack up the guns, including the Precision, the drugs, vests, the lot. And don’t skimp on the ammunition, I don’t want to have to buy more in a small town. And color your hair, even with caps white stands out.’
‘I’m also bringing wigs, girls can swap up looks. I’ll tell Fin to ease up on the Goth, we want to be so ordinary as to be invisible.’
‘Tell Zoe it’s time to grill, I got a hunk of filet cut into twelve ounce chunks, they’re resting in marinade. We’ll make garlic mashed and spinach. You want to leave in the morning?’
‘Yes, longer we delay the greater the chance of more girls getting caught up in this crap,’ she goes off to find Zoe.
Zoe comes down with Zero, ‘Time to make dinner.’
‘Fire up the grill, I’ve got the potatoes cooking, spinach I’ll do at the last minute, its quick and simple. I got an extra steak for Morshchiny, cook it bloody, she’ll like that.’
Zero hands me a vodka, pours red for the rest, the twins have an icy vodka shot first, they don’t sip, it goes down in one gulp.
Fin, ‘Twins are too funny, is that a Russian thing?’
Nikita, ‘Da, Commandant haf only Russian Standard, best vodka, you should try.’
‘Okay, I will,’ Zero gets another frozen shot glass, fills it, we keep vodka in the freezer, it’s best cold.
Fin downs it, gasps, ‘Wow, that hits you where you live.’
Nikita, ‘Too much?’
‘No, I like the bite, can I be an honorary Russian?’
‘Da, you are now Russian in temperament, which is all that ees required…except for later when you will make sister feel good.’
Fin smiles, ‘Moye udovol'stviye, spasibo.’
It will definitely be her pleasure, the twins are matter of fact in daily life, succulent and sensual in bed. That’s according to Zero, I’ve never had the udovol'stviye.
I make creamed spinach, a few minute process, Zoe brings in the steaks, buttery mashed out of the warm oven. She swipes each steak with soft clarified butter.
CC, ‘Steak is amazing Zoe, charred out, red in, I’m part vampire, we are immortal after all.’
‘Great grill, prime filet, tasty marinade. Next time Zoe will make marchand du vin.’
‘Has the third person given you a different perspective?’
‘A bit, nothing blisteringly insightful, it’s more like standing outside herself, observing this other person. If her behavior has changed as a consequence, she can’t tell. Although she finds herself taking a few beats to examine it, her behavior she means.’
CC, ‘Weirdo. I examine myself all the time, I find me delightful.’
Every time I examine CC, I get the same feeling.
Zero’s reading me, she grins.
After a couple of episodes of Trapped, an Icelandic thing with lots of well done drama, a few murders and a strange looking Chief of Police, we yawn, stretch and head for bed.
I’m settling in when CC shows up in her nothing.
‘Zero got a jones for Zoe, so I kicked myself down here to make the fun stick do my bidding, you up for me?’
‘Everybody’s up for you, climb in, tell me what you want.’
She does, and does, I do, and do again.
CC, ‘Now do that thing Zero loves so much, we’ve turned into cum bunnies.’
I straddle her chest, she opens her mouth.

One Hundred Nineteen

There is no action, no matter how small, that doesn’t wound another soul, that doesn’t hurt someone, that doesn’t have aspects we can’t help but regret.
Fernando Pessoa, The Education of a Stoic

Well, yeah, unless you’re a psychopath, we don’t grasp regret. Regret what?

Up early, in the shower, CC joins me, then she goes upstairs after a quick dry, we need to caffeinate and get moving. To the kitchen, the twins are ahead of me, coffee’s ready. 
‘The others up?’
Nikita, ‘Da, coming now.’
Fin comes down, good mornings all, gets a coffee. She has a look of fierce contentment, the twins must have sent her libido to alternate universes.
Then Zoe and Zero, Zoe hums an unfamiliar tune while she makes cups for Zero and herself. I’m not going to ask, no need, expressions tell me the anticipation of dealing with the boys up north got hormones inflamed. Now it’s time to drain the septic tank of toxic child rapists.
‘CC, Zero, come with, I want to get the rentals and bring our car back here.’
That done, the girls pack up the two Ford Enormities, the biggest SUV available. Fin drives one, me the other, we’ll swap drivers in three or four hundred when we pit stop.
Passengers occupy themselves with audio books or quiet chat, it’s the interstate, mostly nothing to view. Based on the exit signs, the entire country lives on fast food and coffee. I’m not being judgmental, when we travel we frequent the fasties like everyone else. Our first rest stop is just after noon, while they deal with giving Morshchiny a break, and use the facilities, I order seven crispy chicken sandwiches, fries, diet sodas, and a burger for Morshchiny. Then it’s in the cars again. By six, we’re where we’re going, the hotel at least, our business is about twenty miles further on, off the interstate and down a state four lane.
Deadwood Inn, we have two, two bed suites, four bathrooms and enough seating area for the Boston Symphony, including the guy whose job is to ding a cymbal twice over the course of two hours of boring music. Symphony music has, for me, the dissonant capacity to both annoy and sedate. 
CC and I do a grocery run while the others organize rooms, guns, knives and drugs. Zoe is Zero’s drug assistant, learning the various combos, dosages and how long to take effect, how long before it wears off. Some targets we want out for a few minutes, some we want talking with no inhibitions, some we want hallucinating, all we want dead.
We had chicken sandwiches for lunch, CC and I roam the prepared food and pick up a variety of full dinners, meatballs and spaghetti, meatloaf with mixed vegetables and mashed potatoes, sliced roast beef in gravy with macaroni and cheese. We brought wine and vodka with us, I add two bags of ice, hotel ice machine ice goes to water too fast.
We’re back at the Deadwood in thirty, haul the groceries up, I leave the heating and drink making up to Zoe and Zero.
‘We didn’t get nibbles, CC did get a mixed selection of ice cream and a box of cones if you want dessert.’
Zero, ‘There’s enough food here for a dozen people, for grocery prepared, it all looks good.’
‘There’s a Sprout’s three blocks up.’
‘Ah, reliable and good quality, lucky us.’
‘Zoe, you take Morshchiny out?’
‘Yep, she’s refreshed and having her dinner on the balcony. She likes it out there, it’s cool tonight, light breeze, I may not get her in.’
Nikita, ‘What ees plan, or maybe better to think about in the morning.’
‘The mission is to take out the trafficker, his associates and the six man police force. First we verify that this is happening as described in the message. That means listening devices, creeping around silent and stealthy, and not all of us showing up in one place. Zero has maps of the area, first order of business tomorrow is to study them. While you do that, I’m taking one car to what we believe to be the trafficker’s place, two of you drive the town, scope out the police station, get a feel for the layout, how long it takes to get from A to B. In other words, reconnaissance and surveillance. Get video and photos. When we return, we go over what we saw and recorded. That will determine what we do next.’
Evening rolls past, to bed is me. shortly after I settle in, Zoe comes along with the beast. Morshchiny flops at the end of the bed, Zoe flops next to me.
‘CC and Fin were plotting sexcapades, Zero went with the twins. I decided sleeping next to a naked hunk was the best thing for a good night’s sleep. 
I lay on my back, she likes to put a pillow next to my shoulder and lay on her side scrunched next to me.
Her hand slips down to my cock, ‘Mind if I hang on to this ‘til I crash? It’s comforting, like a lifeline.’
‘Of course, long fingers feel good.’
She doesn’t want sex, she wants intimacy, got no issues with that, and her long auburn smells of lavender and sage. Our might be a fashion model is always a delight.
Morning rears its ugly head, I get up reluctantly, Zoe is like a warm shower, you just want to stay and let the water soothe you senseless.
Morshchiny, on the other hand, wants to take a walk. I can tell by my unique sense of animal communication. She sticks her snout in the side of my face and huffs.
Zoe’s head pops up, ‘I can take her.’
‘Chill, you are a superb sleeping partner, no wonder CC spends most of her nights with you.’
Zoe giggles ‘CC frequently has other activities in mind before we snuggle and sleep. I’m not complaining, I’m bragging.’
‘It not bragging, it’s reporting.’
I roll out, leash the monster, she doesn’t need a leash, she won’t go anywhere but with me or another family member. It’s necessary to keep the other guests from whining, I can’t really blame them, she’s big enough to eat a toddler.
Business concluded, I took her to a small wooded area. I’m capable of a lot of fairly nasty things, I draw the line at collecting dog poop in a plastic bag. Call me irresponsible.
We have morning coffee, Zero wants to ride with me, CC and Fin will cruise town, twins happy to hang at the hotel with Zoe and Morshchiny.
‘The girl who escaped did quite a job for a nine year old. Part of it I’m guessing at, but she had to remain clam enough to hatch a plan, then sanguine enough to carry it out.’
Zero, ‘I’m beginning to think she was the one on the site, not mommy.’
‘Not sure, at the least she was sitting there when mom sent details, the kid has a near photographic memory. That or we’ve been pranked.’
‘Always a possibility, isn’t like we ask for names and a copy of their driver’s license.’
We find the house, two story, upper and lower windows barred, a clue. It isn’t unheard of for the paranoid homeowner to put burglar bars on windows, it is to include the upper floor.
‘The bars are to keep people in, not keep them out.’
‘What I’m thinking.’
‘I know, that’s where I got it from.’
‘I never feel you in my mind.’
‘That is nothing to do with me, I’m not trying to sneak. I never dial in when you’re having intimacies, for instance. In fact, your thought usually pops in my head unrequested.’
‘I didn’t know that.’
‘At first I thought I was making it up, I did try to get access through intention, that doesn’t seem to matter, I get a vibe and the words just come.’

One Hundred Twenty

Innocence is freedom from the burden of experience. It is the memory of experience that corrupts, not the experiencing itself.
J. Krishnamurti Vol II

The house isn’t in the middle of a gated community, or a common neighborhood, it’s in the middle of nowhere. We got off the blacktop road and backed the SUV into a stand of trees. I got out and checked, can’t see us from the road, good enough. We take the listening device, the video camera, the cam on a phone isn’t as versatile as we want. 
I’m peering through binoculars, ‘Iron fence all around, rails are spaced too wide, a slim nine year old could slip through sideways. It was three miles from the turnoff to here, any idea of what’s behind?’
‘I looked on Google Earth, at least four miles of forest, not wilderness, then a public area, camping, a lake. Message didn’t explain how she got out or where she went before she found a phone and called home. She saw the local perv cops, no point in calling them for help.’
‘Love to meet the kid, she’s slick. When this is done, maybe you message her and ask, out of curiosity, not an interrogation.’
‘Let’s get a stack of dead people first, we still haven’t verified the story, we only have an anonymous message. I believe her, she did know the house, but the police involvement and a puppy mill to train child prostitutes are only what she wrote, she didn’t send proof.’
‘Agreed, I don’t mind shooting people, but killing six cops is dicey business, and we don’t know much about trafficker’s associates. Look, someone is coming out the front door, take video.’
A casually dressed man walks to the gate, pulls out a cigarette and lights up. Three minutes later a van comes up the road, cigarette opens the gate, nods to the driver, the van proceeds to the house. Cigarette closes the gate, it’s locked with a simple chin and padlock, simple to pick or snip with a bolt cutter.
Zero, ‘A delivery, three girls, under nine I’d say, one looks five or six. Got a lot of brass, bringing girls when one escaped recently.’
‘Banking on local cops.’
Since Zero is doing the video, I have headphones on to hear any conversation the listening device picks up. It’s quiet up here, don’t want to risk someone hearing.
Cigarette, ‘Nice bits of fresh blood, you did a good job.’
Driver, ‘We’re fucking bushed, thousand mile drive, finding a place for them to pee, crying. The Russian finally had it and drugged them for the last four hundred. Should have drugged them in the first place.’
Cigarette, ‘They look okay now.’
‘He was careful with dosage, just a tiny hit to make them drowsy, put a dash of Rohypnol in their soft drink, fifteen minutes later they’re in the back staring at the roof.’
‘You taking the product today?’
‘Yeah, but after we crash for awhile. If I had to drive another seven hundred right now I’d wind up road kill.’
‘Russian can drive.’
‘Russian did drive part of the way. It’s not just the driving, both of us have to pay attention, we’ve got product in the back, we can’t get stopped for speeding and sticking to the limit makes the whole bit tedious. Who’s here today?’
‘Malcolm, Jason, the boss and the nigger, scary fucker that one.’
‘Hal not around?’
‘Don’t ask about Hal, boss caught him sampling product again, this time the nigger took him for a ride. Two went out, one came back, not Hal.’
‘Fuck. You better watch out, with that nigger shit, he’s Jamaican, not Detroit.’
‘Yeah, prob-ly right, no more nigger, I don’t need to take a ride with his black ass.’
‘Let’s go in, I really gotta shut down for a while.’
I slide the headphones back, ‘They call them product.’
Zero, ‘I heard, what next?’
‘Is that new, you hear what I hear, I thought it was only my thoughts?’
‘Yes, don’t know where it came from, I could hear the conversation, for a second I thought you turned on the speakers.’
‘I have to think it over, if they’re transporting girls elsewhere, we need to stop it.’
‘Or get the twins to follow them, that way we find out who’s on the other end.’
‘Not a bad idea, then we need another car, I still want two here.’
Zero calls Nikita, explains what we want to do, she hangs up.
‘Nikita will rent something, take a taxi to collect it, Natasha will wait at the hotel with Zoe.’
‘See if CC and Fin are done, we need to stick here, they need to go to the hotel before the twins leave. CC can call us when they’ve gotten that far. Do the twins know where we are?’
‘We’re all on GPS with each other.’
‘We should be okay, the driver said they were going to get a couple hours rest before they got on the road again.’
We wait, I tune the listening device to see what I can pick up from inside the place, disconnect the headphones and put it on speaker.
An unfamiliar voice, ‘Thought they had four girls.’
A familiar one, Cigarette, ‘Nope, they wanted to try for four, Driver said they didn’t see a good enough prospect and didn’t want to have to keep the three in the van another day.’
Unfamiliar, ‘Good sense I suppose, the longer you hold a hostage in any situation, the greater the chance of a fuck-up. Why we get ‘em here, break ‘em in and turn ‘em out to the pimps.’
‘Speakin’ of, what about Chollo? He’s ruined another girl, sadistic fuck. He gets caught, he’s gonna give us up faster than sudden.’
‘He’s a doper, got no discipline. I’ve seen similar shit, pimp fucks his own product, then he wants something more exciting. I don’t know why fucking a smooth tight six year old isn’t enough excitement. Tell Driver and the Russian to take a couple fingers, tell him if he does it again, his balls go next.’
Zero, ‘Why don’t they just take him out permanently?’
‘Who knows what these relationships are? The twins will follow, when they get to this Chollo punk, he’s dead. In fact, take Driver and the Russian while they’re at it.’
‘What if Chollo isn’t the first stop?’
‘Even better, twins note the location, return when the other three are dead.’
The twins show up, get in our car.
‘That’s the van, now here’s the issue,’ I explain what we found out.
Nikita, ‘Ees no a problem. Sisters will figure out Chollo peerson, we will get names and location of every peemp, then we hunt.’
I nod, almost feel sorry for the cast of child rapists, they have no idea how much pain our double delights can inflict.
‘Make sure you keep one of the phones on in case we need to track you. We won’t call, if you need to tell us anything, call or text, they’re encrypted, but be vague anyway.’
‘Da, sisters know.’
‘Being overly cautious, this is going to be a long slog and we have to make it up as we go.’
‘You are good making-up, Commandant. Sisters will do our part.’
It’s been near two hours since Driver showed up. The front door opens, the Russian followed by four girls, Driver behind them. A walking wall comes out.
Zero, ‘Must be the Jamaican, he’s six eight if he’s an inch.’
‘And a meter wide, when you shoot him, use half the magazine, bullet could bounce off that thick brick head.’
‘I take a knee, doesn’t matter how big he is, he’s in the dirt.’
Nikita and Natasha disappear to their car, I can’t tell much, it’s a sedan, black, mid-size, nonthreatening.
‘Call the girls, we need to get inside and deal with four men. At least the twins are doing their thing way down the road, it won’t get back to the local cops for a while.’
Zero calls, ‘All of you, we need all the shooters we have and we can’t leave Zoe alone, even with Morshchiny.’
She listens, ‘Sounds like her, see you in a bit.’
‘Zoe insist?’
‘Of course, she’s not going to sit in a room watching TV while we’re having all the fun.’

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