One Hundred One

The twins decided to take on the conflict resolution, they flew out this morning to the deep fried south. The target is a cracker mayor of a damp spot in the road near the Gulf Coast. He’s not high profile enough to merit a doubling of the fee, but fifty thousand in bitcoins hit the locker and off they went.
Zoe and CC came down and are parked at the island keeping me company.
Zoe, ‘Zoe’s not a virgin anymore Commandant.’
CC, ‘You lost your virginity to a vibrator a couple of years ago, what you mean is you had intimacies with a real person, not a latex toy.’
Zoe is all smiles, ‘It was spec—tac—u—lar, thank you CC.’
‘My pleasure, and I do mean my, you did a lovely job yourself, Mouse.’
‘Think Zero will be surprised Commandant?’
‘Zero knew what you wanted before you knew what you wanted, she’s not surprisable. She’s happy for you, her little girl isn’t little anymore.’
‘I think I’m going to go the twins route, wait until I’m fifteen or sixteen before the aging thing. Not for the puberty part, to get most of my growth, I like being tall for my age. Zero says I might get to six feet, I’m twelve, already five eight and a bit.’
CC, ‘You’re as tall as I am. You may be taller than the twins, they’re five eleven. Our Russian Dolls aren’t small.’
We’re wrapping breakfast when Zero returns.
‘I’ve got eggs ready to cook, you want scrambled or fried?’
‘Fried, is there bacon or whatever?’
‘Sausage links and bacon in the oven staying warm, a couple of biscuits in there too.’
‘We usually have toast, English muffins or croissants, what’s the occasion?’
‘Celebrating Zoe’s transition.’
CC, ‘Child to adolescent in one easy step.’
‘Americans think their adolescents shouldn’t have sex.’
Zero, ‘Americans are lame, they like one size fits all. Too bad, it doesn’t. Zoe won’t get pregnant, won’t get an STD and she has CC wrapped around her long skinny finger.’
Zoe’s grin goes halogen.
‘Twins have any idea how long they’ll be?’
Zero, ‘You know them, find target, kill target, come home. Mayor Whoever won’t feel a thing, one second he’s sentient, the next he’s stardust. The twins are simply recycling him a few years early.’
CC, ‘Yeah, and for all we know he comes back as Governor, the twins may have inadvertently promoted him.’
Zoe giggles, kisses CC on the cheek, ‘You’re insane.’
Zero, ‘We’re all insane by society’s standard, as if society is any standard of sanity.’
CC, ‘There are too many people on the planet, our job is to cull the herd, it’s a calling,’
Zoe rolls her eyes, ‘The Philosophy of CC, you should write a book.’
‘I thought you were writing a book.’
‘She is, it’s slow going, not her primary activity. If Zoe joins the ranks of the immortal, she has forever to finish it.’
‘So you procrastinate.’
‘Well…yeah, you could say that.’
‘I did say that.’
‘Zoe prefers to think of it as marinating, she throws ideas on paper and waits for them to mingle flavor and texture.’
‘Do you have a theme, or I should say plot?’
‘No, stream of consciousness, high on dialogue, low on description, Zoe does not care about furniture, fixtures, the color of the sky, or style of dress. It is sort of a character study, but she didn’t set out to do it that way, just how it seems to be turning out.’
Zero, ‘Excellent, characters are marinating, a plot will develop as the characters take one action or another. Or, hey, maybe plotless. Be careful of too many characters, it’s one of my peeves, authors who introduce twenty characters in thirty pages, then add at least one, often more, per chapter afterwards. By the middle I don’t know who’s doing what to whom.’
‘Zoe gets it, she has read books like that, annoying. Right now she only has three, two that do what they say they will do, the third never does.’
‘Sounds like our current Prez-o-dunce, tweets some inanity, then tweets something diametrically opposed. He’s obviously ADHD and a delusional narcissist, but nobody calls him out on it.’
‘Some do, they get fired and replaced by someone more submissive, low self esteem is part of the job description.’
CC, ‘I am completely unqualified then. Not that I would have anything to do with politics, Washington is a mixture of maggots and slime mold. The state of Washington should change its name, avoid guilt by association.’
I finish clearing the dishes, Zoe rinses and puts dishwasher stuff in the washer, I hand job the frying pan and coffee pot.
‘What’s on today’s agenda? I’m making a grocery run this morning, any requests?’
Zero, ‘Everything is on the list in your phone, I better go with, it’s not extensive, but more than a couple of bags. We need Cokes, milk, okay on wine but more Russian Standard. Let me throw on jeans and sneakers.’
While I wait on Zero, CC says, ‘Zoe and I are going to walk the baby, then park on our big meditation rock for an hour. Morshchiny has a shady spot she likes, she can stretch out and protect us from invading immigrants and zombies.’
‘All I ever see her do out there is sleep.’
‘You don’t understand, she appears to be sleeping to throw off the zombies, her walking dead antennae are always twitching.’
‘Oh, well then, she must be doing something, I never see any zombies.’
‘We don’t watch Fox News, a fake network loaded with zombies. You could say Fox is the Zombie Apocalypse.’
Zero comes along, we’ll take the Hyundai, it doesn’t stand out and there’s plenty of room to stack groceries. Zero stands out in a micro mini and platforms.
Zoe, ‘Wow, check the babe.’
‘I was overwhelmed by a desire to go slut.’
CC, ‘You have succeeded, I like slut, slut myself frequently. Besides, slut is what girls who wish they were sluts call girls who like sex and aren’t ashamed to admit it.’
‘Maybe they believe in true love, Mister or Miz Right.’
‘Love is a manipulative word people use to corner people into relationship exclusivity; except as hormonal impulses, love is imaginary, like religion.’
It brings joy to my heart, the girls are manipulation proof. They manipulate, but it’s to distract a target in order to kill them. They love that.
I hand the keys to Zero, ‘You drive, I’ll stare at your skirt, which I would do if I drove, but the consequences might not be so happy.’
Zero, ‘Then my plan is working.’
‘Want to share?’
‘CC is going to follow around Zoe like a puppy. I thought that, since it was Zoe’s opening act, it might be the other way round. But I was wrong.’
‘Something in CC’s aura?’
‘A little, kind of pinkish girly. The more interesting is Zoe, a fiercely hot orange and red, with silver streaks like lightening.’
‘My knee jerk answer is dominance, but I have a hard time connecting that to Zoe.’
‘You’re close, what does the dominatrix have and the submissive give up?’
‘What I see in Zoe’s aura is emerging power.’
‘Power over what?’
‘Remains to be seen.’
‘So, what is your plan?’
‘CC is obsessed with Zoe for now, the twins are traveling. I have you and the fun stick to myself.’
‘You don’t need a short skirt to prime my pump.’
‘I know, the skirt is for me, I’m feeling exhibtionisty. With any luck, lots of eyes will wonder what the inch above my hemline would reveal.’

One Hundred Two

Zero’s wish is realized, all eyes linger over the luscious. When she reaches for an item on the shelf, the skirt rises to half-butt. A clerk stocking a bottom shelf, kneeling three feet from her, has a dazed expression, not quite believing the vision. She turns, faces him, then puts one foot on the shelf and pretends to examine the label on a can she’s holding. I maneuver the cart past, I may as well be invisible, he’s fixed on only one thing. She steps to him, leans down and gives him a kiss, then moves past towards me.
I’m scanning the meat section, I look down the aisle, Zero’s in a conversation with two teenage boys. I keep my distance of course, but since I know Zero so well, I can see she’s less interested in what they say than what they stare at when she raises the hem a few inches. More gaping mouths, her finger does a slow swipe, lingers a few beats, then slips the moist digit into her mouth and heads to the checkout.
On the way home Zero says, ‘God that was erotic, I’m damp, drive slow, I have to take care of me.’
Her fingers go to work, as we turn to the two lane that leads to our drive, she gasps, her hips do the shimmy and she sighs an orgasm. She shifts towards me and puts two lotioned fingers in my mouth. She tastes of vanilla.
While CC and Zoe put the stuff away, Zero tells them about her grocery adventure.
CC, ‘That’s funny, three boys are going to use up a lot of tissue paper reliving their good fortune.’
Zoe reaches between Zero’s legs, hand slides up one trim thigh, then a gentle squeeze and a kiss, ‘For inspiring lust, which makes the world go round.’
The girls laugh, Zero pulls off the dress, which is actually a t-shirt with a waist chain.
CC, ‘You must stay nude the rest of the day, but keep the waist chain, it’s sexy.’
Zoe, ‘Yummy…speaking of, what’s for dinner?’
‘Tonight, meatballs and pasta, we cheated and bought premade meatballs, simmer in a tomato sauce recipe I’ll concoct, serve with rotini.’
CC, ‘Yay! An excuse to empty a bottle of Chianti.’
Zero checks her phone, ‘Nikita texted me, they found the target easily enough, it’s taking a bit to get him alone, he’s one of those glad handers that requires a posse of sycophants. She’s glad they thought to take the long range option.’
‘Did they take the Ruger Precision?’
‘Yes, Natasha is good five hundred, a thousand if pressed. While they prefer the simplicity of a close kill, it may not be an option.’
‘So their return is open ended for now.’
‘Yes, I’d be surprised if it’s more than another day though, the twins are efficient, they’ll figure it out.’
We do an hour’s worth of physical activity, me on the treadmill, the girls yoga a half hour, then trampoline, they’re still at it when I go to shower. When I’m done and dry, to the kitchen to prep tomato sauce, garlic, chopped onion, paprika, black pepper, sliced mushrooms, pour it into a crock pot and turn it on low. I’ll brown the meatballs then dump them in the pot as well.
Girls have finished, they must be upstairs. I move to the couch with a book, this one non-fiction, quantum physics for dummies. An hour passes before I realize my housemates haven’t come down. I get up to stir sauce, it’s getting on to tea, open four gunpowder green, I’ll micro the water when the girls appear.
To the garage/laundry room, one of them started the washer, now that’s done, I move the clothes to the dryer and press the button.
The girls are coming down, ‘Want anything with tea?’
Zero, ‘Protein bars, we skipped lunch.’
Over tea and protein, I ask, ‘Zero, you said that it’s possible the past, present, and future are all happening at the same time. Any more thoughts on the subject?’
‘I’ve been reading The Secret Oral Teachings of Tibetan Buddhist Sects, by Alexandra David-Neel. The book was first published in 1967, but much of the content is about ancient commentary, observations made long before anyone ever heard of quantum anything, even before classic Newtonian physics.
She says the teachings state that the future cannot be seen except under the aspect of probabilities, never under that of certainty. Like a seed which will probably sprout, without there being any certainty of it. I think, speculate, that the glimpses of the future I get are only glimpses because everything is a matter of probability, not certainty. Everything is possible until the wave function collapses. In fact, the book you’re reading posits a universe of many worlds, where all possibilities happen.’
‘So there are worlds where our future is their past, like light from distant stars.’
‘Yes, their present is our future. It’s also why we haven’t heard from any other life, if another life form exists in a solar system a million light years from Earth, it would take radio waves, which travel at the speed of light, a million years to reach them, and another million years to wait for any reply. The three closest stars to our own sun are over four light years away, that’s more manageable, but we haven’t heard from any of those solar systems. One of those stars is a white dwarf anyway, not conducive to planets with life.’
‘Think there’s other life out there?’
‘Of course there is, that doesn’t translate into beings walking around thinking about what’s for dinner, or even sex. Maybe plant life, or little bugs swimming in methane, they won’t be sending us any interstellar texts.’
It’s quiet for a time, we sip and absorb our vast insignificance.
Zero, ‘I’m casually doing a study of ancient texts, Buddhism primarily, and comparing the insights to the current thinking on quantum physics. For instance, returning to commentary by David-Neel, ‘The tangible world is movement, not a collection of moving objects, but movement itself. There are no objects in movements, it is the movement which constitutes the objects which appear to us; they are nothing but movement.’
‘And it applies to quantum physics how?’
‘All there is to atoms and the component parts, protons, neutrons, electrons, are packets of energy interacting. Even the smaller parts, neutrinos, gluons, bosons, mesons, and strings, are packets of energy. There is no energy without movement, and vice versa for that matter. The tablet on the table appears to be still, but everything it’s made of are atoms in motion. The universe itself is motion, planets circle, comets and meteors zip around, galaxies spin while all the stars and planets in the galaxy spin within it. The galaxies are moving away at faster and faster speeds. No movement, no anything.’
Zoe, ‘Everything that is, is the result of everything that was, there is no simple this happened causing that to happen, because something else had to happen first.’
‘Exactly. Even our most mundane activities are a consequence of innumerable happenings that preceded it. Notice how when you go to do something you always have to do something else first. If I do the laundry, I have to collect it, put it in the machine, pour the detergent in. But before that, I had to wear clothes that need to be washed eventually, which I had to buy before wearing them. You could make the same chain of events for anything, taking a shower, making dinner.’
CC, ‘In effect you might say nothing happens until I’m born, which is a consequence of my parents’ behavior, on back to the first thing.’
‘So I can’t wash the clothes if there was no big bang.’
Zero, ‘Yes, and it begs the question of what happened before the big bang.’

One Hundred Three

Almost everything is shallow and soon comes to an end, only to begin again with a further shallowness. The inexhaustible is not to be discovered through any activity of the mind.
J. Krishnamurti, Commentaries on Living vol. II

Our dialogue continues while I stir the meatballs and sauce simmering in the crock pot, ‘I’m getting brief flashes of…something…during our meditation sessions, but maybe I’m making it up, or my brain is having its own playground.’
Zero, ‘I visit your mind sometimes when we meditate, you aren’t making it up. I can’t say what it is, but it isn’t a result.’
Zoe, ‘A result? What do you mean?’
‘Commandant isn’t trying for anything, or making any effort whatsoever. He’s grasped wu wei and is letting it do its work without any direction from him.’
‘We talked about that before, effortless action. What do you sense Commandant?’
‘Not sure, Zero says if it can be described it isn’t the thing , I dig into her Krishnamurti books on occasion, he says the word is not the thing, the description is not the described.’
Zero, ‘Which is true, all description is limitation, putting a label or building a container around it. He’s getting glimpses of the real, not the transient, the causeless cause which does not act on anything, rather enables all things to arise and subside.’
CC, ‘Dang, you can’t disappear into the Void, Commandant, we still have uses for your…stuff.’
Zoe giggles, ‘You needn’t dance around it CC, I know what a dick is.’
We laugh, time to back off the high plane of enlightenment and deal with the shallow ordinary.
Zero, ‘Right, a good stopping point, let the brain marinate. I’ll open Chianti, a great marinade, and fix Commandant’s vodka. Haven’t heard from the twins, I don’t want to distract them with a text or phone call.’
CC’s phone dings, she reads the message.
‘Just wrapped the conflict resolution, at the hotel, be in tomorrow at one.’
‘Great, one less thing on our minds. I’d like to think the twins capable of handling anything, but I still like to know they’re okay.’
‘Getting compassionate in your immortality?’
‘For our Zero created family.’
‘How about the people we save from abusers?’
‘I have no feeling for victims, they won’t stand up to their tormentors even when children are the victims. Knocking off abusers and sex offenders is a hobby, an excuse to kill. We could kill just for fun, but it seems too random and it’s hardly a challenge to walk up to just anyone and put a bullet in their brain.’
‘The girls in our family were all victims of abuse.’
‘We were children. Only the twins took action as children, they are a special case.’
‘True, if there are degrees of psychopathy, the twins are a few standard deviations from the mean.’
‘Ready to eat?’
Zoe, ‘Zoe is.’
CC, ‘You’re always ready to eat. You go through twice the calories I do and you’re still a beanpole. You have the metabolism of a blender.’
I pull out the warmed ciabatta, cut it in ovals and swipe each piece with clarified butter. We fill plates with rotini and sauce, a couple of meatballs.
CC, ‘I’ll say grace….rub-a dub-dub, thanks for the grub, yay Jesus.’
Zoe giggles, hand over her mouth, ‘You almost made Zoe choke,’ takes a swallow of wine, ‘where’d you come up with that?’
‘Beats me, heard it someplace, I didn’t make it up, maybe the Simpsons.’
Zoe, ‘Who are the Simpsons?’
‘You haven’t seen it have you? It’s got something like thirty seasons, it’s funny.’
Zero, ‘Good job on the food Commandant, tangy sauce, mushrooms are a nice addition.’
‘Thank you. I checked the abuse site, an inquiry that may be unrelated to abuse, it sounds interesting.’
‘What’s the message?’
‘Husband ran off with sixteen year old daughter, the contact says they may have been intimate, daughter played daddy like a first chair violinist, anything she wanted she got.’
‘We don’t care about that.’
‘No, but daddy was found dead in a hotel room, daughter gone missing. The room had two queen beds, but only one was used.’
‘How’d he die?’
‘Still waiting on cause of death, speculation is suffocation, there weren’t any external injuries, although they aren’t ruling out natural causes yet, could have had a heart attack.’
‘She take the car? Must have been a car, people don’t run away in an Uber.’
‘Car was still at the hotel, no trace of the girl. That was three days ago. Aside from a photo of the girl and her name, that’s what we have.’
‘Did you look up the story? Must have made the news someplace.’
‘I did. Angela Morrissey, honor student, cheerleader, this and that club, resume building for college I suppose. No mention of a boyfriend, interviews with classmates, all girls, tears, hopes she’s okay, nothing about problems with other kids, no drugs.’
CC, ‘Sounds like the homecoming queen.’
‘Actually, she was.’
Zero, ‘Why do we jump in?’
‘No reason other than curiosity and we don’t have a full plate of anything else at the moment.’
Zoe, ‘Morshchiny.’
I smile, ‘Reading my mind?’
‘No, that’s for Zero, if you’re thinking the same thing, it’s coincidental.’
‘Cop shows always say there are no coincidences.’
‘Bullshit, coincidences happen all the time, not everything is some mystical connection, there are more coincidences than murders, or even abductions.’
CC, ‘Zoe’s right, and you’re both right about Morshchiny. There may be no trail to follow though, she didn’t leave the hotel and walk away leaving scented breadcrumbs.’
Zero, ‘Probably a lost cause, but Commandant’s right, we aren’t particularly busy, why not take a look?’
‘Where did it happen, the hotel I mean?’
‘Six hundred miles, hour and change on a plane, but the drive is mostly interstate.’
‘Then we can drive, we’ll take the Hyundai and a rental something. Talk to the twins in the morning, see if they want to be included. If so, maybe they fly to the site instead of home.’
We have a quiet rest of the evening, around ten Zoe and CC head upstairs, Zero stays with me.

One Hundred Four

And as they did eat, Jesus took bread, and blessed, and brake it, and gave to them, and said, Take, eat: this is my body. And he took the cup, and when he had given thanks, he gave it to them: and they all drank of it. And he said unto them, This is my blood of the new testament, which is shed for many. 
Mark 14:22-24

I wonder if Christians realize this is a form of cannibalism? Understand the subsequent scenario, on their knees in front of a guy dressed in drag, he puts a wafer representing a body in their mouth, followed by a liquid representing blood. Am I the only one who finds this strange?

Over morning coffee the phone dings, Zero answers, it’s the twins, Nikita anyway. 
‘Good then, we’ll drop off the Mercedes at the airport so you can get home.’
Then to the rest of us, ‘Nikita says they’re wanting home rather than more road. They had two long days of following around Mr. Mayor before they got a chance, and Natasha had to resort to the Ruger. She got a head shot at five hundred. I don’t know other details but the conflict is resolved.’
CC, ‘They made fifty thousand, good for them. They’ll have the place to themselves for a couple days, chance to get fully rested.’
‘Let’s get on the road then, Zoe, you deal with Morshchiny things, is everyone packed up?’
Zero, ‘I’ll get the gun case, I think Glocks only, do we need drugs? Never mind, doesn’t hurt to have something on hand in case we want to interrogate someone. We renting a second car here or at the destination?’
‘Since the twins aren’t going, let’s drive down in the Hyundai, if we need another car we can get it there.’
Rather than make breakfast, we opt for a fastie. I get a bunch of breakfast burritos, four Cokes and hit the interstate.
CC, ‘These things are good, they got the scrambled with the bacon nice and crunchy, touch of cheese.’
‘Maybe we’ll do a road trip with everyone, I mean a long road, road trip, like a month. I’ll rent an RV, not to sleep in, but it will have room for passengers to move around, Morshchiny included, we’ll check into hotels. What do you think?’
Zoe, ‘Cool, crisscross the country at ground level, I vote yes, so does Morshchiny.’
At the sound of her name, she rolls over and lets out a ‘huff’, goes back to sleep.
CC, ‘Count me in, we can tourist the things we never see flying.’
Zero, ‘You stumbled on a good idea Commandant, plan a route, or just make it up as we go?’
‘Talk it over when we’re home and the twins are there, however you guys decide to do it is good with me.’
Six hundred miles is about my limit for driving in one day, ten hours at the least, a bit more with restroom stops and coffee. Morshchiny is a big girl now, one thirty, she attracts attention, from a distance. Adults steer clear of her, kids love the monster and are full of questions, name, how much she eats, what kind of dog is she? The girl sits and patiently endures the pats.
I turn over driving to CC at four hundred, she’s an excellent driver, her sense of the absurd put aside while she concentrates on traffic. We’re going to stay at the same hotel as Dead Daddy and Daughter.
‘Where’s the hotel, Zero?’
‘The High Holytel, four miles further, take the Missionary Street exit left, follow the crosses to the Crown of Thorns Bar and Grille. We’re in the Glory Suite, comes with bottled water from Lourdes, flavored communion wafers, peanut butter, almond, chocolate chip, Holy Land dairy products including select Cheeses of Nazareth.’
CC, ‘Look! A crucifixion gym.’
‘Yep, it says here there are no machines, weight or treadmills, only a cross-fit area with actual wooden crosses guests can drag up and down Mount Sinai, which is called Mount Horeb in Deuteronomy, where Moses got the Ten Commandments all Christians ignore because it’s easier to get forgiveness than permission.’
‘Mixing up the old and new testaments, aren’t they?’
‘Christians don’t care about accuracy, they care about abortion and homosexuals, not in any merciful or compassionate way.’
Zero, ‘Says here the hotel offers an Olympic baptismal pool and Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse lounge. Bingo every Friday night.’
I go inside to check in. Sign above the reception desk says Get Saved or Get Gone. The clerk’s nametag says Mary Magdalene, she’s dressed in a nun’s habit.
‘Are the streets really painted in gold?’
Mary M, ‘Gold paint, real gold is too soft for streets.’
‘Do you have many mansions?’
‘That’s My Father’s House, our convention center down the block.’
‘Are there lepers?’
‘All healed, not to worry. Do you need extra keys?’
‘Two more will do it,’ she hands me the three keys, shaped like crosses.
‘And your passes to the Hell Hole Theistic Theater, exorcism and demon movies twenty four seven, Constantine and The Exorcist are big favorites. It’s located just past the Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil, the snake isn’t real, it’s just there to frighten the children. By the way, have you accepted Christ as your personal savior?’
‘Then you are absolutely absolved, requiescat in pace,’ she makes the sign of the cross, looks past me and says, ‘Next!’
Back at the car, Zero asks, ‘What took so long?’
‘I was receiving absolution from Mary Magdalene.’
‘I thought only priests could do that.’
‘They’re kind of loose on Biblical accuracy, like the cross-fit course and the mountain.’
We haul our luggage to the room, the elevators are just past Noah’s Arch, a sign says the hotel is flood protected unless it rains for forty days and forty nights.
CC, ‘I thought I was weird.’
‘Behind me in line were a half dozen Hassidic Jews, I heard the desk clerk say they were in the Wailing Wall Suite, next to the Money Changer ATM.’
Zero, ‘Did you see the pillar of salt sculpture when we came in?’
‘You’re kidding.’
‘Nope, Lot’s wife was sure ugly, he was probably relieved to have her turned into seasoning, it didn’t say whether it was Kosher salt or not. A placard on the base reads Don’t Look Back.’
Zoe comes from one of the bedrooms, ‘There’s a stack of Bibles in one corner, the sign says, swear on these for a free breakfast pass.’
‘How do they know?’
‘Zoe put her hand on it, said Zoe so swears, a machine next to the stack spit out a coupon.’
Zero, ‘I wonder how the menus read? Let’s see…ah, here’s one. The Last Supper Café, breakfast, Loaves and Fishes, lunch, Loaves and Fishes, dinner…take a guess. Includes Lettuce Pray salad bar.’
‘Maybe they change up the bread and the kind of fish.’
‘It sounds vaguely Japanese, they have fish almost every meal.’
‘I suggest we fetch takeout, look up something nearby, I’ll get it.’
Zero, ‘A KFC down the street, unless someone wants something else, just get crispy chicken and coleslaw.’
Zoe, ‘I need to feed Morshchiny, then a walk.’
‘Go with them Zero, CC take a ride with me.’
We get two buckets and coleslaw, return to the Holytel, it appears there are alternate universes, at least is seems that way. Now that it’s gotten dark, we can see the giant Jesus Holygram projected over the roof.
As CC and I cross the lobby, Mary Magdalene is explaining to recent arrivals that they will be in the Cowshed Room and, yes, it’s possible to get a second rollaway manger. Three Wise Maintenance Men will be up with it before the cock crows.
CC, ‘Good God.’
A deep voice over the intercom says, ‘Yes?’
CC, ‘Sorry, it was just an expression.’
Thunder rolls, Deep Voice, ‘Be careful how you use My Name,’ a bolt of lightning hits the Pillar of Salt with an ear splitting crack, nothing happens to the pillar despite salt being a great conductor of electricity, or maybe because it’s a conductor. The air smells of ozone and sulfur.
A card on the desk says, Join us for Sonrise Services, six a.m. every day but Sunday which offer Sonset Services. 

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